Dr Mario World: How to get more coins, diamonds and hearts guide

By James Billcliffe
12 July 2019 17:12 GMT

Like most mobile games, Nintendo’s Dr Mario World is based around different types of in-game currency: coins, diamonds, and hearts.

Managing these three currencies is key to getting the most fun out of Dr Mario World, which is probably the most stereotypically monetised mobile game we’ve seen from Nintendo so far.

We’ll explain more about each currency, as well as run you through how to earn more of each.

Hearts in Dr Mario World

Basically, hearts are your lives in Dr Mario World. You spend one each time you attempt a level, including each time you restart or fail.

How to earn more hearts

Hearts can recharge on their own, but there’s a maximum that you can accumulate. Each one takes 30 real-time minutes to regenerate, so you’ll be wanting to leave the game closed for about 3 hours or so to be fully prepped.

You also gain hearts by completing levels. Meaning if you complete a level on your first try you’ll always have enough energy to attempt the next one.

Hearts can also be bought with diamonds, which we’ll come onto in a minute.

Coins in Dr Mario World

Coins are the most liberally doled out of the three currencies, and are used to buy random items before a puzzle, or to welcome a random doctor or assistant to your team in the Staffing menu.

The former costs 200 coins, which doesn’t seem like a lot but can add up quickly, while a new staff member costs a mighty 4,000 coins.

When you complete a stage, you get 50 coins for each star you pass the level by – eg. 2 stars = 100 coins.

In the top right of the overworld screen, there’s a clipboard icon that you can press. Here you’ll find your daily “Orders”, which are objective quests that reward you with coins for completing them.

As you progress through the game’s levels you can also get coins from the overworld itself as well. As you pass the viruses that appear on the level map, they’ll be defeated and turn into coins. You can then tap them on the screen to collect them.

The most lucrative method of coin collection in the single-player though is to complete levels that have Question Mark Blocks above them. When you complete these stages you’ll get an extra large reward, ranging from around 250-1000 coins – well worth your time.

Amounts of coins also appear as daily gift login rewards that you collect from the shop.

For multiplayer fans, you can earn a small amount of coins by playing against other doctors in Versus mode.

Diamonds in Dr Mario World

Finally, Diamonds are the premium current in Dr Mario World, and can be used to buy both Hearts and new staff members.

A recharge of 5 hearts costs 10 diamonds (about £1), while an hour of unlimited attempts costs 30 diamonds (about £3).

If you’re heading into the staff menu however, each new member will cost 40 diamonds to recruit (about £4).

Each time you get a duplicate staff member the one in your inventory will go up a skill level and become more powerful. Once they’ve reached the max, they’ll be removed from the pool and you won’t be able to get them again.

There’s roughly a 2-3% of getting every doctor and assistant, and it would be a hefty investment to collect them all. They don’t make a huge amount of difference, so you’re not missing out a huge amount if you just grind them out with coins.

Diamonds are bought with real money from the shop menu.

For more on Dr Mario World, check out our page on the best doctors and assistants.

If you’re struggling with the colours, here’s how to enable your device’s colourblind feature.

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