Pokemon Go players can catch Celebi through special research quests from next week

By Alex Donaldson, Thursday, 16 August 2018 16:46 GMT

Pokemon Go’s second mythical Pokemon Celebi arrives starting from August 20 – here’s how to catch yourself one.

Celebi is most famous as being the successor to the coveted Mew – and it fills that same role here in Pokemon Go. It’s the elusive ‘final’ Pokemon of its Pokemon generation (Gold/Silver/Crystal), much in the same way that Mew was the famed event-only download Pokemon in Pokemon Red, Blue, Green and Yellow. The rare Psychic and Grass-type Pokemon has actually appeared in Pokemon Go before in a very limited capacity, but now it’ll be available more widely to all players.

Celebi was first made available to the most dedicated Pokemon Go players via the real-world Pokemon Go events – specifically, it was made available to the 21,000 players who picked up tickets to the Chicago Pokemon Go Fest event. Players who already caught Celebi in that method will get access to Celebi candy from the new quest line, so it’s valuable to them too.

Celebi will be made available via Pokemon Go’s Special Research Quest Line and mission set – which is also exactly how Mew was previously made available. If you haven’t caught Mew yet, that’s all good too – so long as you got to the third of the eight stages of the Mew quest, you’ll be able to continue that quest at the same time as you begin working through missions.

None of this should come as too much of a surprise – it’s all identical to the experiences we had with Mew, though it’s good to see that Niantic aren’t outright removing the Mew mission and special research assignment from the game to make way for Celebi. Be sure to check out our page on Pokemon Go’s special research quests if you need to know more about the various missions and rewards you’ll net on your way to unlocking Celebi.

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