The first trailer for the new Tomb Raider movie shows Alicia Vikander’s take on Lara Croft

By James O'Connor, Wednesday, 20 September 2017 07:28 GMT

We finally have a first trailer for the Tomb Raider cinematic reboot, which looks an awful lot like the Tomb Raider videogame reboot.

It looks less campy than the Angelina Jolie original, and seems to share many plot elements with the 2013 game – a young Lara’s stranded on an island while seeking adventure, encounters some clearly bad guys, and has to kill them all.

The casting is pretty solid across the board – Alicia Vikander is a great fit for Lara Croft and a very accomplished actor, Dominic ‘McNulty from The Wire’ West plays her father, and Walton Goggins is always welcome as a bad dude (and he’s been outspokenly enthusiastic about the film, for whatever that’s worth). Norwegian director Roar Uthaug isn’t known well outside of his home country, but his previous film, The Wave, was well received.

The main thing Tomb Raider has going against it right now, of course, it that it’s a cinematic adaptation of a videogame, and those things never go well. The talented Duncan Jones failed to impress most fans with his Warcraft film, and the truly great Justin Kurzel turned out a very tepid Assassin’s Creed film, despite having the most incredibly stacked cast of any game adaptation ever. Could Tomb Raider be the movie to finally break this trend?

Tomb Raider is due in cinemas on March 16, 2018.

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