You can shoot down Cabal ships in the Destiny 2 beta, although it is a big old waste of your time and super

By Brenna Hillier, Friday, 21 July 2017 06:11 GMT

Destiny 2 finally lets you shoot down enemy ships. There is no reward for doing so.

If you ever wanted to shoot down a ship in the original destiny, your time has come in the Destiny 2 beta.

You may have noticed during your time in the Inverted Spire strike that the Cabal ships near the drill site have health bars. Health bars implies the possibility of empty health bars, and Guardians have been popping shots at them in hopeful anticipation of carnage.

Redditor JAMeador13 seems to have been the first to find a guaranteed way to bring one down, popping a Golden Gun and dropping a Cabal ship in the Destiny 2 beta clip below.

You will notice that the ship did not drop, say, a stack of delicious loot. It doesn’t even award an orb of light, the usual reward for making a kill with a super. Shooting down Cabal ships, in fact, seems to be absolutely pointless – and the explosion isn’t even that dramatic or satisfying.

On the one hand it’s nice to finally be able to interact with ships in a meaningful fashion. On the other, that was fairly disappointing. Dare we hope destructible ships will have some more significant and fleshed-out role in Destiny 2 when it releases in September…?

I’m not holding my breath actually, but now that Bungie’s all about proper narrative in the campaign we’ll probably have to endure at least one turret section, if not a vehicle sequence. Dropping a fleet out of the sky seems a pretty reasonable prediction for mission six or whatever.

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