Overwatch: here’s a look at Ana’s skins, emotes, poses, other fun stuff

By Stephany Nunneley, Wednesday, 13 July 2016 16:00 GMT

Ana Amari is the next hero being added to the Overwatch roster, and like the others, she comes with her own skins, emotes and sprays.

In the video above, Arekkz gives you a look at her skins and other additions to the character which can be purchased with credits.

The default skin is what you will notice in the screenshots and videos from yesterday. Her skins which run 75 Credits allow the player to switch out the blue trim on Ana’s default skin for another color. These include yellow (Citrine), red (Garnet), green (Peridot), and turquoise. Weapon skins are similar in color with some providing a different look to the sniper rifle.

The skins which run 250 Credits are a white cloak with orange trim with an eye-patch (Merciful), and Shrike which is base-grey with purple and bright blue trim and a mask.

1000 Credits will net the player Horus, Wadjet, Wasteland and Captain Amari skins.

Emotes are the classic hero pose, Disapproving, Protector which has a hologram of Pharah when she was a child, and Tea Time.

Elsewhere in the video you get a look at Ana’s intros, voice lines, and her Victory Poses.

A release date for Ana hasn’t been announced but she is currently available on the Overwatch PTR for PC. Patch notes are through here.

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