The Division: don’t miss out on a fantastic weapon this week

By Brenna Hillier, Tuesday, 7 June 2016 01:10 GMT

Get your paws on this, like, now.

The Division: don’t miss out on a fantastic weapon this week

The Division has a bit of a surprise for players this week – a surprisingly powerful weapon. Stroll on down to the Base of Operations and you’ll find the special vendor has a Gear Score 182 AUG A3 Para XS on sale.

At 206 Phoenix Credits it’s pretty cheap, but why would you spend your money on a weapon that doesn’t have a 204 Gear Score? The answer is: because this thing is a little beast. As Arekkz demonstrates in the video above, the combination of Deadly, Responsive and Swift Talents make it an absolute gem, combining to out-perform many other “better” guns.

You really want to get your paws on this if you can. You only have until the vendor reset on Friday (US time) to take advantage, so start collecting Phoenix Credits now if you haven’t got the necessary cash on hand.

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