The Division: here’s an in-depth look at all 24 Talents

By Stephany Nunneley, Saturday, 20 February 2016 19:10 GMT

The Division beta is going strong this weekend, and if you’re just hoping in or need a refresher, here’s a in-depth look at the available Talents in the game.

According to Arekkz, players can equip four passive Talents at a time, and each are triggered when certain actions are met.

Each one can be unlocked through mission progress and once unlocked, much like Skills, players can switch them out freely at any time.

There are 24 in total: eight medical, eight tech and eight security. In the video, Arekkz goes over all 24 Talents, so be sure to give it a watch.

If you’d like to know how each combination works, you should really check out this web based Skill calculator created by reddit user Miodec. It will give you a look at how each Skill and Talent combinations work, and Perks are in the works for the calculator as well.

Due to players killing a ton of Cleaners yesterday, everyone playing the beta today has been handed a fire kit filled with 3x Incendiary Bullet, 3x Explosive bullet and 3x Frag grenades.

Players have also been given a new objective: kill as many of the named Elite Cleaners in the Dark Zone as possible. Have fun with that.

The open beta for The Division is live on all platforms and goes offline Sunday, February 21. It releases in full on PC, PS4 and Xbox One March 8.

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