Street Fighter 5: Rashid moves list

By Alex Donaldson
15 February 2016 08:09 GMT

More complicated than he first appears, get to grips with Rashid.


Street Fighter 5: Rashid moves list

Rashid uses the power of the wind to bolster his attacks. As one might expect for a warrior with wind powers, Rashid has excellent mobility and though his walk speed is actually on the average size, a lot of his special moves are traversal in nature. He has a deceptively small number of special moves, but the number of unique attacks, his traversal nature and the nature of his V-Skill mean he’s more complicated than he first appears.


V-Skill: Front Flip (MP, MK Simultaneously)


Rashid’s is unique in that he has two V-Skills – one that sends him airborne and one that keeps him on the ground. Both have button-based follow-ups. Simply pressing MP & MK sees him perform a front flip that at around two thirds’ screen length or less will flip over the opponent and land on their other side. You can alternatively cancel this into another move before you hit the ground:

Airborne Eagle Spike (Front Flip >> Any Kick)

Rashid performs a diving kick. The kick button used determines how steep the kick is – a light kick version is almost vertical, while the heavy kick version travels most of the screen. This can be done at almost any point during the Front Flip.

V-Skill: Rolling Assault (Down + MP, MK Simultaneously)


Holding down and then pressing the V-Skill buttons makes Rashid roll forwards along the ground. This will pass through fireballs, and will bring Rashid forwards around half a screen from a full-screen distance. As with the Front Flip, you can cancel out of this into another move:

Nail Assault (Rolling Assault >> Any Kick)

Rashid extends his foot into a reaching kick at the end of the roll. This move always knocks down, and is a great way to punish projectile attacks.

V-Trigger: Ysaar (HP, HK Simultaneously when V-Trigger Gauge is full)


Rashid’s Ysaar generates a screen-high whirlwind that slowly advances towards the opponent across the screen. It’ll travel at least a full screen until it hits the opponent, but also only hits three times. The main idea behind this V-Trigger is to force the opponent to block – you can then use Rashid’s mobility to get behind them while they’re still blocking the whirlwind to launch a nasty attack.

Special Moves

Spinning Mixer (Quarter Circle Forward + Punch)


Rashid launches himself forwards in a whirlwind-like spin. The light punch version travels forwards across the screen, the medium travels diagonally up and forward, while the third is a hop in place. The first two can be combed into, while the heavy variant words well as an anti-air uppercut. Tapping the punch button while the move is in process will make it hit more times. There’s also an EX version.

Eagle Spike (Quarter Circle Backwards + Kick)


Rashid flies across the screen with a hefty kick. The button used determines how far the move travels, how quickly it starts up and its damage. Light kick is the fastest but also travels only a short distance and does less damage; heavy kick has a larger start-up but travels full-screen and does more damage. There’s also an EX version.

Airborne Eagle Spike (Forward Jump >> Quarter Circle Backwards + Kick)


Identical to the move above, except Rashid travels down and forwards diagonally with his kick. As with the Eagle Spike out of his V-Trigger, the button pressed determines how steep Rashid’s Dive is. The EX version has a follow-up hit.

Whirlwind Shot (Quarter Circle Forward + Kick)


A tiny whirlwind gets fired from a kick from Rashid and travels the screen – his projectile. These whirlwinds start low then curl skywards. The button used determines the speed and how soon the whirlwind twists upwards; light punch is the fastest and travels furthest, heavy punch is slowest and rises much sooner. There’s also an EX version which has the speed and travel of the LK version but the strength of the HK version.

Critical Art (Super) – Altair (Quarter Circle Forwards x2 + Punch)


The Altair kicks off with an initial close-range attack. If that hits, it launches into a full animation – so it’s important to land that first hit. The attack is briefly invincible on start-up, and so with careful practice can be used to punish opponents who get too close and press too many buttons while in your face.

Unique Moves

These moves are ‘normal moves’, but are executed when pressing certain button combinations or sequences, and often have specific uses and properties. Try them in training mode to see what they’re useful for!

  • Flap Spin (Forward + Medium Punch)
  • Beak Assault (Forward + Hard Punch)
  • Spinning Mixer (Forward Run >> Forward + Any Punch Multiple Times)
  • Eagle Spike (Forward Run >> Forward + Any Kick)
  • Wall Jump (Jump Near Wall >> Diagonally Up + Forwards or Down + Forwards)

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