Fallout 4 mod brings survival battles to Spectacle Island

By Sherif Saed, Friday, 22 January 2016 09:40 GMT

At the push of a button, you can bring some monsters in to fight you and each other in Fallout 4.


Monster Battle Royale is a Fallout 4 mod that lets you spawn all kinds of monsters on the spot to create one massive fight for survival.

Unlike the various AIvAI battles you’ve no doubt already seen, this mod aims to create natural encounters by spawning different monsters across different parts of the area. Monsters include super mutants, deathclaws, mirelurks, radscorpions, and others, and they spawn in groups of varying sizes.

You can only use it at Spectacle Island, and creator Thuggysmurf wanted to create big survival-style battles against these monsters, which will also fight against one another.

You can download the mod from here, where you can also find other mods Thuggysmurf thinks you should use in conjunction with it.

Watch the video below to see how it could go down:

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