The Witcher 3: King’s Gambit

By Brenna Hillier, Saturday, 16 May 2015 03:29 GMT

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Hjalmar sets out without asking questions for the village of Fornhala, home of the Vildkaarls. Follow him at a gallop. When you arrive, you can talk to him about the clan – he suspects they are Berserkers, warriors who turn into bears.

Look around the area, including up the hill, and use Witcher Senses to find a corpse at a shrine, clothing from six men near a weird bowl, carvings dedicating the shrine to the bloodthirsty god Svalblod, and a scent trail leading to a few more corpses and a longhouse on the hill.

Inside, you’ll find dried mushrooms and a trapdoor under a bearskin rug. Re-apply Cursed Oil if you need to and descend into the lower regions, where you meet a man named Halgrim. He’ll attack you no matter what you do, transforming into his bear shape part way through the battle.

You can’t stop Hjalmar now; he’s livid. Follow him to witness a transformation ritual and begin a battle. Your focus here is the Druid; if you defeat the bear he summons, he’ll just bring in another one.

When you are victorious, check the Druid’s body for an unsigned letter, and return to Kaer Trolde to meet with the jarls. There’s not enough evidence to identify the real culprit, but the an Craite clan is cleared.

The quest is complete, and you can continue to Coronation.

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