GTA 5 Online Heists guide: adversary modes, daily objectives, free roam challenges and more

By Staff
25 March 2015 10:11 GMT

Heists aren’t the only addition in GTA Online’s latest DLC – there’s a lot of content that can earn you big RP and cash payouts.


GTA 5 Online Heists guide: adversary modes, daily objectives, free roam challenges

While heists are the talking point and big payoff after more than a year of waiting, there’s a lot more content available in GTA Online that earns players significant cash and RP rewards.

The majority of these are great for players with some time to themselves, where you don’t need to worry about getting a reliable four-person crew together.

Adversary modes


Adversary modes are split into three types, and all are good, violent fun.

Hasta La Vista

Inspired by Terminator 2, two truck drivers must flatten cyclists before they reach the finish line. Only one cyclist needs to pass the line to win but there’s a time limit. Bikes are nimble but the trucks will flatten you in a second if you don’t look over your shoulder and use the environment for cover.

Come Out To Play

Inspired by The Warriors, a team of Runners on foot has to get to a certain location before Hunters run them over. Runners are better armed and nimble, but Hunters can take them down with four-wheels or a sawn-off shotgun. The home stretch is always on open ground so timing for both teams is key.

Siege Mentality

A small group of Defenders need to survive an assault for a set amount of time. They have only one life each, but the Defenders attacking will constantly respawn. Defenders have all the weapons so setting traps is crucial, as is communication to keep on top of the endless wave of Attackers.

Daily objectives


Daily objectives are small tasks for each player to complete that hand out a nice cash bonus and RP. There are three to complete every day and objectives are randomised for each player. Daily objectives update every day at 6am GMT / midnight PDT.

Daily objectives will be familiar to anyone who has played GTA Online. Some require you play a specific Job – Contend: Raid, Rally Race, Bike Race etc – and others add a little caveat on top of that, such as fly under a bridge during an air race.

Other daily objectives include: perform a stump jump, take some Bullshark Testosterone, do a wheelie for 10 seconds, capture a Bounty, go to the Movies, collect a crate drop and more.

Completing a daily challenge gives the player $25,000 and 3,000 RP. Complete 7 days of dailies and you’ll earn an extra $100,000 bonus and 15,000 RP. Increase that to 28 days of consecutive dailies and you’ll earn a whopping $500,000 and 50,000 RP on top of everything you’ve earned. That’s not to be sniffed at.

Free roam challenges


There are now more free roam objectives in GTA Online. In the same way that Simeon will text with a list of specific vehicles to steal, other characters offer random missions to anyone on the map.

Destroy vehicle

Gerald will highlight a vehicle on the map that he wants destroyed. Go nuke it.

Plane takedown

Make sure you have the homing missile loaded. Trevor wants you to take down a plane from a rival drug dealer.

Distract the cops

Lester wants you to cause a massive distraction for a set amount of time. Do this and escape the Wanted rating and you’ll earn extra dollars.

Gameplay challenges


There’s a bunch of neat gameplay changes that make the game more accessible and improve on some niggles. Here’s the most important:

Ammo & Armour refills

You can now buy ammo and armour refills on the menu screen and leaderboard screen.

Homing launcher

The homing launcher added as part of the Xmas update has been tweaked significantly. Reloading is quicker but at a reduction on the firing rate and it’s less effective against larger aircraft.


Nothing beats a headset for communication. But if you’re stuck you can try the new pointing gesture to guide your Heists crew. Aim the camera where you want to point and press the right stick down twice.

Colour coordinated invites

Heist requests are now green, to distinguish them from other job invites. This goes for the alert that pops up in the left of your screen and the text message on your phone. Much easier for scrolling.


Deathmatch time limits have been reduced to 20 minutes maximum.


You can now send emails to players and crew members whether they are online playing in the same session or not. Very handy for organising a Heist.

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