How Game of Thrones influenced Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

By Matt Martin, Tuesday, 10 June 2014 20:00 GMT

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You can level-up your exoskeleton

Advanced Warfare will feature a a light RPG element so you can increase your Exo stats at the end of each level. Sledgehammer reckons you’d need to play through the game about two and a half times in order to max out and see everything your character can do. Remember when Gears of War dev Cliff Blezinski said that the future of shooters was RPGs? He was right.

It’s still very much a Call of Duty game

As much as Sledgehammer is pledging to shake-up the Call of Duty format and give it new life, Advance Warfare still feels very much like a game you’ve played before. The mission we walked through began with your character stealthing under the feet of the enemy and using long grass to avoid confrontation. Sound familiar? How about the rappelling section that followed and the breach and clearing of rooms? From what we’ve seen so far, it’s definitely a Call of Duty game.

Grenades are getting an overhaul

Everyone loves a good grenade but apart from cooking them we’ve not seen a lot of innovation in explosives for some time. Again, that ‘realistic future’ thinking has been applied to the pineapples. Smart grenades are thrown into the air where they pause before homing in on a target. Threat grenades explode and highlight enemies in red on your Exo’s HUD. And there are more. Grenades are fun!

Advanced Warfare feels like a Sledgehammer game

Sledgehammer may have worked on Modern Warfare 3 but its best known (and loved) for the Dead Space games. And the most memorable parts of Dead Space are evident in Advanced Warfare. Storytelling. The steady upgrade of the character. Experiences that aren’t repeated as the game progresses. Clever use of gadgets. The cleanliness of the screen and smart use of HUD. All those cool things you got from Dead Space have seeped into Advanced Warfare.


It’s using a new engine

We’ve heard this one before so let’s take it with a pinch of salt. But honestly, it looks nice – a lot better than the PS4 and Xbox One versions of Ghosts. All new tech, rendering, shaders, physics and audio. But the new engine has been led by the creative process, according to Sledgehammer. It’s not new technology for new technology’s sake.

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