This Jet Car Stunts trailer will spin you out

By Mike Irving, Wednesday, 21 May 2014 08:21 GMT

Grip Games has released a new trailer and more details on the Playstation ports of its racer-slash-platformer, Jet Car Stunts.

As detailed on the Playstation Blog, the game will first be available on Playstation 3 and Vita in July, and on the Playstation 4 in August.

The PS3/Vita versions are identical, and with Cross-Buy, one purchase will allow you to play the game on both platforms. So that’s nice. And with Cross-Play, leaderboards and player ghost data will not be bound by platform, either.

The PS4 version will need to be bought separately, but owners of the others will receive a “big discount” when upgrading. This new-gen edition will be “significantly upgraded”, running at 60fps in full HD.

More details on what else is to be upgraded for the PS4 version, as well as how big a discount existing players can expect, are still to be announced, the blog post says.

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