Battlefield 4: Battlelog update drops – PS4 crash fix, new features & full notes inside

By Dave Cook, Thursday, 23 January 2014 09:10 GMT

Battlefield 4’s Battlelog service has been given a new update out of DICE, and the studio has listed all the new changes and features in a post. See it here.

It follows this gallery of photos that compares Battlefield 4’s multiplayer maps to real-life locations. It’s interesting.

Now, a post on the Battlelog forum explains that the update looks to address a PS4 crash that stops Battlelog from loading, among other things.

The official notes read:


  • – We are currently investigating an issue with the in-game Battlelog not always loading on Playstation 4. Please try to close and re-open it a few times if you experience this, as this sometimes solves the issue. We will keep you posted.
  • – We are currently investigating an issue with chat messages on disappearing (they re-appear on a page refresh)


  • – Selecting expansion packs in the Server Browser will now properly filter servers that contain content of the selected expansion pack(s)
  • – Improved how the Chrome approval of the plugin is handled, so it doesn’t require a page refresh to be detected
  • – In Loadout, the “Set active kit” buttons are no longer shown when viewing others’ soldiers
  • – Added a “Apply to all” button for knives, grenades, vehicle/weapon paints, and pistols in Loadout
  • – Many items in Loadout now properly display if they require Premium or certain expansion packs to acquire (support for all items coming soon)
  • – Added the ability to hide images in Loadout
  • – Various other minor tweaks to Loadout
  • – Various minor improvements and tweaks
  • FIXES:
  • – Fixed an issue with Suggestions, which could cause new Suggestions to randomly appear
  • – More tweaks and fixes for Custom Region in the Server Browser filter
  • – Fixed an issue with the Air Mail assignment, effectively replacing it with a new and fixed assignment in the backend
  • – Fixed an issue where every in Battle Report comments were named “Player” and had the default avatar, when using pagination
  • – Fixed an issue that caused date-based BF3 Premium content, such as videos and strategy guides, to disappear
  • – Fixed an issue with Loadout, where the active slot wasn’t displayed properly when viewing others’ soldiers
  • – Fixed an issue with Loadout, where the comparison stats bar didn’t update correctly when switching weapons
  • – Fixed the issue where the paint for QBS-09 (and some other weapons) in Loadout would always reset to default
  • – Fixed an issue where the details bar on Stats and Unlocks pages could collide with the footer
  • – Various minor issues fixed

Via MP1st.

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