Special Report Division is Nippon Ichi’s second anniversary title

By Brenna Hillier, Tuesday, 29 May 2012 06:26 GMT

Nippon Ichi has put a name and date to its mysterious Vita title: Tokushu Houdoubu, or Special Report Division.

Andriasang reports Dengeki classifed the new game as an adventure, but said it won’t be like a text adventure, which presumably means “visual novel” in this case.

The “Special report Division” of the title is part of a fictional television station, and Nippon ichi even made a deal with a real station in Nagoya in order to get the details right. Players are said to be able to learn what really goes in in TV production as a result. At least some portions of the game will be played from the perspective of a camera viewfinder.

The new game is due in Japan in August, with no localisation announced as yet. It is one of a series of games produced by Nippon Ichi in conjunction with its 20th anniversary; the first, an untitled RPG, has yet to be detailed.

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Special Report Division

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