Kung Fu Factory’s Girl Fight to “lick the competition” this spring on PSN and XBL

By Stephany Nunneley, Tuesday, 14 February 2012 14:24 GMT

Executive producer Microprose and developer Kung Fu Factory have announced Girl Fight will be published on PSN and XBL by Majesco Entertainment.

“With hair flying, long legs kicking and the ear-piercing shrill of deadly vixens, Girl Fight is a unique all-female, fast-paced spin on arcade-style fighting games,” so says the press release.

Apparently, the game allows players to choose from “an array of sexy fighters to battle their way out of The Foundation,” which is a “shadowy, scientific organization” which is looking to weaponize the “psionic fighting abilities of the cast of gorgeous, all-female fighters.”

And here’s more from the press release: “With unlimited funding and no moral or ethical compass, The Foundation collects its test subjects from all around the world, often abducting and plugging women into their virtual construct known as The Mainframe. To make it back to reality, the women must utilize their fighting and psionic abilities in an all-out battle for survival.”

In other words, abducted, attractive females fighting in a ring for their freedom using their bodies as well as telepathy, telekinesis, and other workings of the psyche. Right.

Here are the game’s features:

  • Fighting Styles and Character Options: Players can select from a wide range of distinct fighters, each with their own fighting style. Players can even create their own experience by customizing their fighter’s appearance and abilities.
  • Unlockables and Customization: Players will find a robust set of unlockables to further customize their characters by proving themselves as the ultimate femme fatale in the ring. Points can unlock new character skins, more varied abilities and codex entries.
  • Arenas: Girl Fight takes the players all across a virtual globe in many different arenas, filled in by augmented reality constructs. From war-ravaged San Francisco to the rubble of demolished Foundry buildings, reality and fiction blur in the virtual arenas.

Get ready to “lick the competition” this spring.

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