US News Wrap, October 1 – What Happened Today

By Stephany Nunneley, Saturday, 1 October 2011 22:14 GMT

It’s that time again, lads and lasses: time to get wrapped up on the US shift happenings. For a weekly look at the news, have a glance at Nathan’s wrap-up here, or for a bit of fine reading, have at Mike Bowden’s piece on his dying love affair with games. The premise sort of reminds me of a Graham Greene novel, but without the adultery and depressing locales.

Today also marks the last day I am posting header images of bands I like. Thanks for all the discussion over the month, I really enjoyed it. Perhaps my eccentric taste in films starting on Tuesday will promote some hearty discussion as well.

Likely, I will receive some flack for liking Led Zeppelin, and obviously saving them for last because I love them so much. Yes, Jimmy Page can be considered overrated; yes he and the record company thieved many a blues artist out of royalties; yes his obsession with Aleister Crowley is quite unsettling – but if you base your enjoyment of something based upon the morals of the artists or their particular lifestyle choices, you wouldn’t enjoy anything. Ever.

Led Zeppelin IV was the fist album I ever bought. I got it at a garage sale when I was around 11 for my Mother because she liked them so much. She, being a the sweet person she is, let me keep it because she knew I loved their music just as much as she did. I basically grew up with her blasting Led Zeppelin II when she cleaned the house, and I have to say that looking back on all the times I heard them: Robert Plant should have been jailed for his viking scream making a little girl feel things she would not understand or comprehend until she became older. It borders on the perverse. That primal wail into the mic, in Whole Lotta Love, Babe I’m Gonna Leave You, How Many More Times, etc. Still makes me giddy when I hear it. We won’t even discuss his low-rise jeans and how his hair was like the glorious mane of a African male lion.

So, between his vocal prowess, Jimmy’s rifts, John Paul Jones’ sheer awesomeness, and Bonzo’s talent – whether it was bestowed upon him by Satan or God I don’t know and I don’t care – they basically had me at You Shook Me.

Alright, enough. Read the news.

Have a lovely weekend fellas.

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