Dragon Age II’s Hawke to be fully voice-acted, but no choosing his/her race

By Nathan Grayson, Saturday, 10 July 2010 08:52 GMT


Fully voice-acted? Human no matter what background you choose? Given a pre-selected name that everyone – especially giant amphibious frog aliens – will almost assuredly identify him/her by?

Sounds like someone’s been taking a few pointers from Commander Shepard.

GameInformer gave the world its first look at the second of BioWare’s new breed of RPG hero, revealing that Hawke will be fully voice-acted – unlike the hero of Dragon Age: Origins – and all human, all the time. Dragon Age II is still a game of choice, sure, but your hero’s race isn’t one of them.

Obviously, you’ll be able to choose your class and gender, but whether or not you’ll still be able to select your character’s origin is up in the air.

Click through the link for more, including a couple more tidbits about why, if Ferelden had a Time magazine equivalent, it’d choose Hawke as man of the year until the end of time. The gist of it, though, is this: he’s a big damn hero.

More to come soon, we’re sure. The game’s out next March.

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