inFamous 2 releasing next year

By Joe Anderson, Sunday, 13 June 2010 12:23 GMT


inFamous 2 is set for a release next year, according to the game’s recent Game Informer cover story.

Developer Sucker Punch is aiming for a “more emotional, more personal, more physical, more visceral” sequel, according to game director Nate Fox.

The game picks up where the last one ended, with Cole taking on a new enemy named The Beast which arrives in Empire City, where the original takes place. Main character Cole, who has gone through a new look in the game, leaves Empire quicker then a thunderbolt (pun possibly intended).

He soon ends up in New Marais, a southern city inspired by New Orleans, which the developer describes as a “visually and physically diverse open-world playground.”

Cole will come with new powers such as the ionic vortex that apparently “creates a tornado that can even be used to take down helicopters” and there are also new weapons such as electrically charged pipes.

There is also the hint of multiplayer, although there was no actual confirmation of this.

Check out all the details over at Eurogamer, and get ready to learn a lot more at Sony’s E3 presser on Monday.

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