Pachter: GTA Gay Tony to hit 3 million units, BioShock 2 slip is “pretty big”

By Patrick Garratt, Tuesday, 14 July 2009 12:18 GMT


Wedbush Morgan’s Michael Pachter’s estimated that GTA 360 DLC The Ballad of Gay Tony will sell around 3 million units, with the PSP version of Chinatown Wars settling in the 1 million unit region.

“Both GTA games will do well, but only Gay Tony this year (fiscal year ends October 31),” he told VG247.

“I think both will do well, Gay Tony 2 – 3 mm units (1mm downloads and the rest discs), and Chinatown Wars at least 1mm.”

Pachter described last night’s decision to delay BioShock 2 into FY2010 as “pretty big”.

“They lowered guidance by $0.80 – 0.90, so that pretty much sums up the impact,” he said.

Gay Tony releases for 360 this autumn.

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Michael Pachter

The Ballard Of Gay Tony

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