Rock Band in Europe: “We’re not trying to rip anyone off”

By Patrick Garratt, Tuesday, 8 April 2008 21:26 GMT

Harmonix isn’t out to screw Europe, the company told Eurogamer today after the release date and price for the European version of Rock Band was announced.

“We’re not trying to rip anybody off,” said the developer’s Rob Kay. “Rock Band isn’t normal in videogames. This is an entirely new thing. What other game comes with three peripherals that are all different? It just makes sense for the experience we’re trying to deliver.”

Which is great, Rob, but doesn’t exactly explain why the game’s going to be £180 in Europe and £85 in America. Does it? Is it down to tax and VAT?

“These are definitely not excuses so much as contributing reasons,” Kay said. “I can’t talk to the explicit pricing – how it gets split down between retailers and distributors and the whole chain – because I don’t actually know that much about it.”

Expect this to run and run.

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