Kingdom Hearts DS has multiplayer mode

By Patrick Garratt, Wednesday, 19 March 2008 07:31 GMT


And it’s full 3D. Some new details on the DS version of Square’s Kingdom Hearts – titled Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days – have been ripped off a French mag. There’s still no release date – or any other official information, from the look of it – so this will have to do for now.

  • Made by Studio Hand (Chocobo Tales) and co-directed by Tomohiro Hasegawa (FFVIII and Kingdom Hearts)
  • Fully 3D presentation, smooth animation.
  • Shoulder buttons allow players to move the camera to explore levels/see enemies in better positions.
  • Recreated areas from previous games – including Illusiopolis, Twilight Town, Agrabah, and Wonderland, no new worlds.
  • Multiplayer mode sees players direct members of Organization XIII, independent of the main story.
  • Music written by Yoko Shimomura of the previous games.
  • Remixed/re-arranged themes from past games.
  • Like the PSP outing, 358/2 Days takes place during Roxas’ life – from being introduced into XIII to battling Riku, discovering parts of the story previously unexplored – fans demanded answers!

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