Rime: Microsoft rejected Tequila Works’ game before it became PS4 exclusive – rumour

Rime is the PS4-exclusive title from Tequila Works, the same team behind 2012′s release Deadlight. A leaked document now suggests that the title was pitched to Microsoft initially, but that it was rejected by the company.


Rime headlines

  • Rime's lovely gamescom trailer has been released

    Sony has released the video of Rime it showed during its gamescom conference. The Tequila Works title announced has been announced for PS4 and is an open-world adventure game where players explore the ruins of an ancient civilization scattered about the game world. A release date has not been provided.

  • Tequila Works bringing Rime to PS4

    Tequila Works is bringing its colourful platformer Rime to PS4 and PS Vita.