Atari headlines

  • The infamous buried Atari cartridges have earned $107,000 so far

    The Atari E.T. cartridges, famously buried in a landfill in Alamogoro, New Mexico, are worth a lot now that they’ve been dug up.

  • This R2D2 droid is actually 8 consoles and a projector

    Star Wars fas have probably dreamed of owning their own R2D2 droid at some point, and one gamer is living that dream right now, except his robot houses eight game consoles and a projector.

  • Wargaming acquires Total Annihilation and Master of Orion franchises

    World of Tanks developer has purchased the Total Annihilation and Master of Orion franchises from Atari. The firm also announced it will be opening up a new office in the US.

  • Atari hit by dwindling revenue, files for bankruptcy

    The economic strain appears to be taking its toll on Atari. According to the L.A Times, the creators of Pong have filed a petition for bankruptcy.

  • Rollercoaster Tycoon 3D rolling to 3DS in October

    Rollercoaster Tycoon 3D has been dated for Nintendo 3DS in Europe, along with a list of console exclusive new features.

  • Baldur's Gate gets Enhanced Edition this summer, new content confirmed

    The wait is finally over.  Baldur’s Gate is back, and it’s… enhanced!

  • D&D Daggerdale trailer shows skills of the Fighter

    Dungeons & Dragons Daggerdale. Downloadable fantasy RPG. Out this spring. Developed by Bedlam. Published by Atari. All about the fighting.

  • Halo 2600 cartridge available at Classic Gaming Expo

    If there’s anything cooler than a downloadable retro remake of Halo, it’s the chance to own a really truly Halo 2600 cartridge for your Atari, assuming it still works and you can find it under the pile of board games in the attic.

  • Ghostbusters briskly moves one million units in North America

    After debuting little more than a month ago, Ghostbusters: The Videogame has already haunted one million North American homes. “We are very pleased with the performance of Ghostbusters: The Videogame, and credit the game’s quality as well as the incredible support from both the established and new fan-base all helping to make this a retail […]

  • Atari first quarter revenues rise, but future success still uncertain

    Gamasutra has the full scoop on Atari’s first quarter earnings, and things are looking pretty good. Boosted by the strong sales of games like Chronicles of Riddick and Ghostbusters, revenues soared 30% up to €54.5 million ($77.78 million). However, Atari isn’t popping the champagne and threatening to stop supporting the PS3 just yet. The future, […]

  • Ubisoft now publishing Heroes Over Europe

    Ubisoft has taken the reigns on Heroes Over Europe, a WWII flight combat game that was originally set to be published by Atari. The game is a sequel to 2005’s Heroes of the Pacific. Now it’s landing on consoles and PCs worldwide in September. Thanks, D’toid.

  • Geralt gets propositioned in new Rise of the White Wolf screens

    For some of us, autumn, and the console versions of The Witcher, can’t get here soon enough. There’s new screens of Rise of the White Wolf after the break. Sure, we’ve already played it on PC. Sure, it’s the same game despite a major rebuild. Doesn’t matter. It’s Geralt. The Captain Kirk of the medieval […]

  • Atari saving Brash’s Tale of Despereaux

    After Brash Entertainment shuttered its doors last month, a number of the short-lived publisher’s unreleased games were left teetering on the brink of obscurity. Fortunately, the newly emboldened Atari reached out a hand just in time to stop movie tie-in Tale of Depereaux’s fall. With a big-screen debut only a couple of weeks away, this […]

  • Atari officially announced as publisher of Ghostbusters and Riddick, release windows revealed

    So it was rumored; so shall it be. After a relaxing summer in publishing limbo, Ghostbusters officially has a new shuttle onto shelves in the form of Atari. The company gave the universal sign for “no comment” when asked about Ghostbusters’ release date, but Variety’s sources claim it’ll launch next summer, riding a wave of […]

  • Baldur's Gate III rumours emerge

    CVG reckons that a third instalment of the Baldur’s Gate series is in development, but it’s not being handled by BioWare. “Although it won’t be ready for at least another year, we’ve heard the RPG sequel is coming along at an as-yet-unnamed developer and Neverwinter Nights 2 house Atari,” says the site. It’s rumour Friday, […]