Reignite your love of Fallout 3 with these gorgeous mods

Tuesday, 15th July 2014 03:39 GMT By Brenna Hillier

Hanging out for Fallout 4? With a bit of spit and polish (provided), Fallout 3 can look almost as good as new.

Reddit user Creative_Circlejerk put together a gallery showing off just how good Fallout 3 looks after a little bit of love from modders.

The mods used to create these images are all available via NexusMods; you’re looking for F3ProjectRealityMKL, Fallout 3 Redesigned AKA Project Beauty, Realistic Interior Lighting, Enhanced Night Sky, NMC Texture Pack and Midhrastic ENB.

This is only a selection of the images on offer, so do head on over to Imgur to see the full set.







Thanks, /r/gaming.



  1. TheWulf

    Oh don’t you bloody dare. I’m still not done with my replay of New Vegas, and that took me forever to set up. :P

    Though, interestingly, did you know that New Vegas has a really weird bug? It was introduced with one of the latest patches. Bizarre thing, really. Basically, the hard mod limit is 255, like all Gamebryo games, but in New Vegas if you start to go about 130, you’ll start to get texture corruptions and the game will crash. It’s because of some odd memory leak that they didn’t notice, and since Bethesda pulled Obsidian off the project, they can’t fix it.

    And Bethesda refuses to fix it, of course.

    So, that’s why there are massive mods like New Vegas Enhanced Content which contain literally hundreds of mods. Of course, that means removing the bits I want is even more fun. It’s not just checking a box, oh no, I literally have to go into NVEdit and remove the records.

    But saying that, I’m used to doing that for every Bethesda game due to incompatibilities. Skyrim was horrible about incompatibilities. Man, the time I spent in TESVEdit just getting things to play nice with each other…

    So, I figure that’s useful for people to know, you know? Especially if they’re considering playing New Vegas as well as Fallout 3. Watch out for that 130+ mod limit. It’s going to vary from machine to machine, and the mods used. Some people got to 150, whereas my max limit was 137.

    Though it’s amazing once you get it working, because there are mods that add a lot more to New Vegas. I’m especially fond of NVInteriors which turns a lot of doors into nicely designed interiors. It’s always fun to poke one’s head into one of those. I believe Fallout 3 has a variant of this, too.

    It’s also worth noting that there’s a Tale of Two Wastelands mod for New Vegas, which combines Fallout 3 and New Vegas into one incredible adventure. I did play with that a bit, but it simply required too many files to be worthwhile considering the other mods I had. If I’d designed with that in mind from the ground up, though, I would definitely have included it.

    It’s also worth noting that those mods exist for New Vegas, too, since they both run on almost exactly the same engine. So, if you wanted, you could run those mods and a Tale of Two Wastelands. Just putting that out there for anyone who might want to do that, because those are some pretty screenshots.

    Sorry to ramble, anyway. Of course, the bonus of FO3 is not having to deal with the 130+ mod limit. But if you use compilations like Project Nevada, New Vegas Enhanced Content, and so on? It’s not that much of a chore. And the textures and stuff like that don’t count towards a mod, since there’s never an esp or esm included with those.

    In fact, I dumped a bunch of texture mods from FO3 and NV into the folders of NV to try and get as much retextured as possible. Since there are a lot of NV texture mods, but there are numerous FO3 assets within NV that they don’t touch — I guess they’re assuming that people will do as I did.

    Another lovely inclusion into New Vegas is that there’s now a Skyrim-style mod menu. FO3 doesn’t have that, yet, sadly. It’s the lack of a mod menu that’s kept me from replaying FO3, since I don’t want to have all of the inventory items in order to configure my mods.

    But this is a topic I could talk for ages on, so I’ll wrap that up here and say that, yeah, the Fallout games can be quite awesome with the right mods. If anyone does check out FO3, I have to heartily recommend everything by puce moose, his story mods are better than any of the writing you’ll find in FO3 itself by a long, long shot.

    #1 5 months ago
  2. harr0w

    These pics really give me The itch to reinstall Fallout3. Is fallout 3 steamworks supported I canny remember

    #2 5 months ago
  3. fearmonkey

    Ahh, this looks nice. I was playing Fallout:NV the other day and realized just how old and dated its looking so Ill have to install this and play Fallout 3 instead.

    #3 5 months ago

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