PC gaming hardware worth double console market value – report

Saturday, 12th July 2014 21:11 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

PC gaming hardware is valued at $21.5 billion (£12.6bn) globally, which according to Jon Peddie Research (JPR), is over double that of the console gaming market.


According to to the analyst firm’s PC Gaming Hardware Market report, sales of PC hardware and peripherals used for gaming remain strong despite the overall decline in the PC market.

“We continue to see a shift in casual console customers moving to mobile,” noted the firm’s senior gaming analyst Ted Pollak. “While this is also occurring in the lower-end PC gaming world, more money is being directed to mid and high-range builds and upgrades by gamers.

“Committed PC gamers are generally not interested in pure content consumption platforms. They are power users and pay thousands for the ability to play games at very high settings and then do business, video/photo editing, content creation and other tasks with maximum horsepower at their disposal in a desktop ergonomic environment.”

Jon Peddie, president of JPR, believes as gaming PC performance increases, the console market will struggle to keep up.

“Nvidia, Intel and AMD have enthusiast CPU and GPUs that are so powerful that, when combined with SSDs and fast memory, they absolutely trounce the computing power and gaming capabilities of the newest console generation,” he stated. “Being able to drive 3840×2160 (4K) is already a reality for the highest end configurations and the mass market is now able to push 2560×1440.

“PC gamers with good displays are able to enjoy millions and millions of pixels more than console gamers get on HDTVs. This translates into being able to see more and an overall better gaming experience.”

The PC gaming hardware market will be valued at $23.2 billion (£13.6bn) by 2017, according to the firm.

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  1. CyberMarco

    Hold on your butts… here we go!

    #1 6 months ago
  2. Panthro

    Well the UK executive of xbox has something to say about all those “K’s” and “P’s” and frame-rates you all argue and lie so much about.

    “I defy you to really see the difference.” -In framerate and resolution on a screen smaller than 60inches.
    He said it and he is a professional working in the gaming industry with more knowledge of how games work and look than any of us combined.

    This also gives us the answer of why Xbox are getting games at 720p/30fps when PS4 is wasting its time with 1080p/60fps when in reality the Xbox team and developers are spending there time and money properly by delivering experiences which work and are noticeable rather than trying to have bigger numbers for the hell of it, which in my opinion really shows who the shittier companies are (PS4, nvidia and amd)

    PC gamers have sat on there “throne” to long and have thought there resolutions and framerates they pay thousands for make a difference to the gameplay and give them better experiences when really they don’t and what they actually have is just shit ports, delayed games and companies who bleed them dry for hardware that doesn’t work as well as a console.

    The only reason PC makes more money is because offices buy PC’s and there is lots of offices, so there you have it, suck on that thick GAMING machine console dick PC fanboy bitches.

    #2 6 months ago
  3. Panthro

    There is also a reason why console games are more expensive and that is also the reason why a BMW costs more than a second hand poorly constructed caravan.

    #3 6 months ago
  4. Panthro

    …For any idiots out there who need enlightened by an industry professional who actually knows what he is talking about.

    #4 6 months ago
  5. OrbitMonkey

    Mobile, console & PC gaming… ita a bit like hetero, homo & bisexuality.

    Its not 3 separate camps, but one big whole, with most people falling in & out of at least 2 of the 3.

    But hey, ignoring simple truths makes us human!!

    Pc’s rule!!! Consoles succkkk!! I must defend my purchase!!!!

    #5 6 months ago
  6. Stephany Nunneley

    @OrbitMonkey “Its not 3 separate camps, but one big whole.” Precisely! You hit the nail on the head.

    #6 6 months ago
  7. Legendaryboss

    Oh dear.

    #7 6 months ago
  8. Opalauge

    “PC gamers with good displays are able to enjoy millions and millions of pixels more than console gamers get on HDTVs. This translates into being able to see more and an overall better gaming experience.”

    4k is great…if you own a display that is capable of delivering this resolution. So as a “stand alone” statemant this is bullshit!
    On the other hand…what would it cost to produce mass market compatible high-end consoles AND games for them?!
    The minority is either willing or capable of paying 60 bucks for a game…using all possibilitys of high end PC’s for game developement would jack up the production costs substantially.

    #8 6 months ago
  9. frosty121

    @Panthro You are an idiot my friend. Xbone is at 720p/30 FPS because that is all it can handle. After skimping on hardware in order to afford to ship a kinect with it you are left with an inferior product. And thank you for sharing that Xbox executive’s OPINION. He must be blind like you because the difference between 30 and 60 FPS is night and day.

    #9 6 months ago
  10. Panthro


    eat dick pc fanboy, go touch your pencil penis over your indistinguishable 60fps 1080p unnecessarily overheating pc, while my xbox is nice and cool running at 30fps 720p, how games are meant to be played.

    and ever heard of soap opera affect? what difference it does make is negative and makes everything look like coronation street. I like my games to look like games, you like your games looking like 90210? good for you sahn.

    Now peddle away back to pc master race land and sit on your pc’s overclocked floppy penis drive.

    #10 6 months ago
  11. Panthro


    you are a drone to pc industry and thats how they want you, now that the xbox executives are finally coming out and telling you you are all wrong you are shaking in your basements while your mommy cleans out your shit buckets from that wow raid you did with all your online friends. lonely master race more like it. better go make yourself a new wow character to excape how poo your social life is, go pick up some girls on master race exclusive habbo hotel.

    #11 6 months ago
  12. Panthro

    and you master race probably dont even know difference between night and day anyway to make a comparison since your basements dont have windows, boom take that master turd, bow down to glorious console gamers, take some shitty ports pc pooheads.

    #12 6 months ago
  13. Opalauge


    Yeah…that is why Destiny runs equal on PS4 and XBO… -_-’
    No one (exept PC fellas) gave a shit about framerate and resolution for over 8 years…but nowadays it’s THE shit!!! Ridiculous!!!
    This is a matter of time and in 2015 you will barely notice a difference between PS4 and XBO games. Kinect is off the table and the hardware resources available…next step is the DX12 support, wich will make a noticeable difference.

    #13 6 months ago
  14. Legendaryboss

    Gained a lot context, in a relatively quick time period.

    #14 6 months ago
  15. polygem

    i am in it for the games. currently gaming on pc, wiiu, 3ds, vita, ps4…they all have their pros and cons…but yeah, pcs are becoming cheaper and more accessible day by day. consoles are outdated. we will see a shift to subs and services. consoles will become less relevant. maybe the dedicated, branded hardware will disappear sooner than many expect it.

    #15 6 months ago
  16. Opalauge


    Consoles are techically outdated and they will change…they already have, but they are not less relevant and it’s improbable that they will be in the near future. They have been for over 10 years…they are…and they will be for many years lead platform for the industry. A PC cannot offer a uniform basis. Consoles can and that is fundamental for high sales figures of multi million dollar AAA games.
    That’s what the PC market cannot offer for publishers.

    #16 6 months ago
  17. psychedelic ninja

    @Panthro I made an account to say you are an idiot and to tell you to ask yourself these questions.
    Why are Microsoft executives the be all and all?
    Why are EXCUTIVES even trustworthy, let alone the marketing boss? Executives ruin movies, games, everything they get their hands on. They do not know how to create a good experience or please fans, since they only care about profit.
    Why would you trust a guy who doesn’t specialize in hardware tech or optical science? All he did was read some fact that said the human eye can’t detect differences above 30 fps and thought “Why don’t I use this as a marketing scheme”. He doesn’t care if what he said was right or wrong, he wants to sell the console.

    I own all the nextgen to play with friends, but I’m an avid PC gamer because consoles don’t have good mmos or modding capabilities. You may think my opinion is bias, but I can tell the difference between 30 fps and 60 fps. However, I can’t tell the difference between 45 fps and 60fps, my eyes just don’t see the difference. Also, I have friends who can see the difference between 60 fps and 80 fps, so even 60 fps isn’t perfect for some people.

    If my words won’t sway you maybe this video will:

    #17 6 months ago
  18. psychedelic ninja

    @psychedelic ninja Need an edit button….. *be all end all*

    #18 6 months ago
  19. marporte

    Horsepower is great but it doesn’t lead to innovation and better games in every case. Most PC developers use graphics as a selling point for games and there are some who are the opposite. If you take a look at Valve and their source engine I could play their games forever vs the Cryengine games which were demanding and all graphics. The source engine is a minamalist engine that has had some great games that many of us has lost countless hours on for example and it is old and can easily be done on this and the previous gen. Nothing Crytech has done doesn’t match Valve even with twice the horsepower. First party developers like Sony and Nintendo can use the hardware they got and make AAA titles that may not look as good as Watchdogs on the max settings but are much more fun to play. Console developers have to bring more innovation and though into their titles to make the console market relevant. Consoles would have been done ages ago of all core PC developers focused on maximizing gameplay and fun instead of resolutions and frame rates.

    #19 6 months ago
  20. szu

    Panthro that was one of the best flame comments by you my friend. Bravo. Funny as f…! Ehehe
    Keep up good work. Always having fun reading comments after yours.

    #20 6 months ago
  21. Judicas

    complete and utter rubbish

    #21 6 months ago
  22. Duckvader

    @Panthro I made an account for this site (that I absolutely love) to show a different perspective from one of the master race and hopefully to encourage a change in your view.

    I understand that the “master race” loves shoving it in the faces of console gamers that PC is better because of “resolution this” and “frame rate that”. However, that is only some people. So I am asking that you not base your decision and/or opinions on the thoughts and views of some ignorant few at this moment. But let’s get it out of the way, PC is better; I will expand on this in a little.

    First let me give you information about myself. I primarily game on PC because the controls for me are better suited on the PC. But I do love eye candy as well and if the PC can achieve the eye candy that I want then I will play on the PC. However, I love consoles as well. The ability to see what developers can do with hardware is absolutely astonishing. Take the example of Ryse on Xbone (may I call it that?). Fact 1: Crytek did an amazing job making such a great looking game; gameplay, from reviews, is pretty weak. Fact 2: It was running at 900p. Yes I just did the resolution thing but you must understand that it doesn’t matter whatever the resolution is on the consoles, what matters it how great the game looks running at that resolution and the gameplay. I saw the screenshots and I almost considered trashing my PC just to play that game. However, I also understand the concept of spectacular gameplay. I am currently playing a game called Bardbarian. The graphics aren’t amazing or anything on the level of Bioshock Infinite but the gameplay is so much freaking fun. (I just stated that to prove that gameplay will always triumph over graphics). At this point, I feel like I am digressing so let’s move back to the issue at hand. You stated that you feel that PS4 (Sony), NVidia and AMD are the reason for these resolution and frame rate conversations and comparisons but these usually occur most often with multi-platform titles.

    You said, “This also gives us the answer of why Xbox are getting games at 720p/30fps when PS4 is wasting its time with 1080p/60fps when in reality the Xbox team and developers are spending there time and money properly by delivering experiences which work and are noticeable rather than trying to have bigger numbers for the hell of it, which in my opinion really shows who the shittier companies are (PS4, nvidia and amd)”

    As of right now, this is completely irrelevant. Neither Sony or Microsoft have brought adequate first party offerings. I personally am a sucker for launch material but reviews (which I could care less about) have shown that games such as Killzone and Ryse kind of suck as launch titles. Now if you are basing that comment above with games you saw at E3, then it indeed becomes relevant such as the Halo Collection for Xbone. The whole numbers thing was an overstatement because it has already been shown that the PS4 has more extra power than the Xbone. So using that extra power would be a plus for developers. But does that make it a better console? NO! Anybody who plays on PC will tell you that the fact that they can play something on PC and enjoy it, will enjoy it. My laptop can only play games at 720p. I would prefer playing at 1080p and 60fps but 720p and anything 30 or more is fine with me (even 25 is good for me but don’t go telling any of the elite or I’ll be shunned :P). You do have those who are arrogant buttfaces and like to impose the “Nothing 30 and under is fun! Institute 60fps or you suck”. Now I understand their point of view as well but only in this circumstance, never lock a PC game at 30fps because if the hardware is there, then let the hardware do its work. And this is where I segue into the fact that the PS4 has more power. Why not use the extra power to do more stuff? The Order 1866 is doing this. They are achieving 30fps for two reasons: a more cinematic and filmic style and to add much more effects. That showcases the power of the PS4 and the developer’s skillset. As is the Halo Collection for Xbone, 1080p and 60fps. To hopefully end this resolution and frame rates issue and to segue into a later discussion, people have 1080p televisions. Why not give them games that play at that native resolution to have that nice and crisp image?

    And we move on from yet another possible digression. I completely agree with your statement that PC gamers get crappy ports, delayed games, and companies that bleed us dry (i.e. Ubisoft and Activision). This idea of frame rates and resolutions is the same for televisions so you can’t just say that PC gamers are tossing money for expensive hardware when people did the same for 1080p and are doing the same for 4K televisions. This is just business at work.

    Now I would like to show you the difference between 30fps and 60fps because that Microsoft executive is biased and flawed in his argument. (And I wouldn’t trust anyone who says anything about frame rates from a company that has a console that has issues with reaching 60fps). Check out this website for yourself and if you can’t notice then good for you. And I mean that honestly, I wish I could forget the days where I didn’t know what anti-aliasing was because PC gaming does that to you.

    You said, “The minority is either willing or capable of paying 60 bucks for a game…using all possibilitys of high end PC’s for game developement would jack up the production costs substantially.”

    From what I have understood over the years, developers sometimes make a game on a high end PC and then scale. Apparently that is what occurred with Watch Dogs and Assassin’s Creed Black Flag (don’t quote me on this specific game but I do believe so since it has native 4K support). Development costs won’t go up at all, developers just have to tweak some settings and tada! And the one of the reasons PC gaming makes money is because the whole indie scene exploded. Steam’s Early Access is helping with this as well. Not all indie games are 2D sprites but full blown, and sometimes demanding, 3D games. For example, Witcher 2 is an indie title from an indie company that started on the PC. When they brought Witcher 2 to the Xbox 360, it was a terrific feat. That game looked good on the Xbox 360. Did it look as good as the PC? Well, no but that comparison is completely inappropriate because the game was built ground up for the Xbox and it’s just not fair. And here is where you might want to understand the PC gamers. I was disappointed when I saw some of the “next-gen” titles, save Ryse which I actually gushed at, because I was hoping that this generation was going to help out PCs with better ports and better optimization, since the consoles are closer to actual PCs. Boy was I wrong! The system requirements went up drastically and the developers don’t seem to want to optimize well to scale between PCs. So that’s +1 for consoles right there.

    Now this is where I end my argument (and not in the negative meaning). As you can see, I was calm through and used your quotes to back up my views, some contrasted and some agreed. I didn’t pull up sites for everything I said but I can at your request. I didn’t call you a rude name or say anything false about you. I looked from the perspective of yourself and myself. I don’t believe in assumptions at all and I tried to not make any about you. I could be honest and say that you were rude and that others were rude to you as well but maybe everyone was having a crappy day. So I hope that you have read this without any assumptions and that I will receive a warm and welcome response. It doesn’t have to agree but something that is appropriate as I have been appropriate to you. Thank you for reading and enjoy your Xbone, it’s a wonderful console that has a great future ahead of itself.

    #22 6 months ago
  23. lubu

    it is a bad day to be a console peasant

    #23 6 months ago
  24. TheWulf


    That no one realises that your post is a satire continues to confound and baffle me. You’re a PC gamer making fun of elitist console owners (who absolutely do exist, otherwise you’d have no material). How does no one realise this?


    Except I often see the opposite of that??? I mean, there’s Erth, sure, but… no one else does that. Meanwhile, there are tens of console owners on here who attack with exactly that. That’s where #2 is getting his material from.

    You’re making Erth look/feel more important than he actually is, because you’ve made him worth the equivalent of tens of console gamers. Why are you doing that?

    #24 6 months ago
  25. TheWulf

    Anyway, to repeat it again…

    Don’t hate the platform, hate the elitist pricks and herds who attack, ostracise, and excise entire groups of people for none other than making a different choice to them.

    On Rock, Paper, Shotgun there were too many PC elitists. I railed against that until I was banned, because I was sick of people attacking the odd console gamer who’d show up on the site to defend their hobby.

    On VG24/7 there are too many console elitists, and I’m now railing against that because I’m equally sick of it.

    People can be pricks. The platform they choose isn’t relevant.

    #25 6 months ago
  26. OrbitMonkey

    @TheWulf , Go back, reread. 1st part point, last part pisstake. Duh.

    #26 6 months ago
  27. Panthro

    I would just like to welcome my new friends Psychedelic Ninja and Duckvader to VG247 xxx

    #27 6 months ago
  28. CyberMarco

    Guys guys, it seems you went way over the board. To make it clear trolling Panthro is trolling…

    #28 6 months ago
  29. Game Hunter

    @Panthro I guess you are either sarcastic or you’re drunk,because you’re not the Panthro I know.

    #29 6 months ago
  30. Legendaryboss

    Much more context by now.

    #30 6 months ago
  31. Darkfield

    @Game Hunter “you’re not the Panthro I know.”

    I’m interested in this part, do explain, leave no intimate details behind. :D

    #31 6 months ago
  32. Dragon

    Pages like this give a good reason why there should be mods on comments side as well. Dont know why no one moderates comments here.

    #32 6 months ago
  33. Arcnail

    If this is true, and the numbers are indeed fact, what is there to squabble about?

    PC gaming hardware is twice that of consoles.

    OMG, what will I do with my life now!

    #33 6 months ago
  34. Duckvader

    AH MAN! That was trolling? Ah shucks, I’m still pretty new to this whole trolling thing. Well Panthro, you got me :P

    #34 6 months ago
  35. Panthro


    :D I sure did, brother.

    #35 6 months ago
  36. Duckvader

    @Panthro I tip my hat off to you sir :D
    But how did you feel about the argument?

    #36 6 months ago
  37. Panthro


    As good as an argument involving PC vs console can get really, well thought, well spoken, true statements, no offensive name calling, not even one mention of the word “peasant” (I’m on the fence about this actually, sometimes using it is deserved).

    All in all, one of the longest but well mannered argument post’s on this site that I have seen thus far!

    Will look forward to your future posts :D

    #37 6 months ago
  38. Darkfield

    @Panthro I think it is safe to assume this will make him think twice before posting anything on VG247 ever again. :D

    #38 6 months ago
  39. harr0w

    Did he actually say you can’t tell the difference between 30 and 60 fps and 900 vs 1080. I beg to differ with Mr clown shoes I’ve been gaming on my PC now for decades you can tell the difference that is a fact.

    Shit I can tell if my game loses 3 fps let alone 30.
    TV size has no baring what so ever you pick and game thats runs at 30 on one and 60 on another 900/1080 whatever you preference on any size TV/monitor the difference is night and day end of story.

    And as for value of course it would be higher have you seen the price of a decent gaming rig. But you get what you pay for, strange the value of each market even comes into it really.

    #39 6 months ago
  40. OrbitMonkey

    Well played panthro and a tip of the hat to Duckvader :)

    Fuck it, group hug for everyone!

    Nice thread.

    #40 6 months ago
  41. Duckvader

    @Panthro I definitely look forward to your posts as well.

    @Darkfield OH YES!

    #41 6 months ago
  42. silkvg247

    You know what? Back when consoles were consoles, I loved them. There was a reason for them to live alongside my PC. I’m talking back in the days of cartridges, up to and including the ps2. When you bought a game, stuck it in and simply played. You didn’t get a prompt to update the console itself, followed by another prompt to update the game, and then 30 minutes later maybe get to play.

    Back then, consoles also had pretty much exclusive content. Another strong reason for them to exist alongside my beast of a PC.

    Nowadays? I ended up getting a PS4 due to GF pressure but every time I look at it, or watch her playing it, I feel “what a fucking waste of money that was”. It’s literally like a poor man’s PC.

    #42 6 months ago
  43. sebastien rivas

    The true meaning is that consoles have difficulties due to non-buzzing decisions AT hardware level which results in profiting PC arena

    #43 6 months ago

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