The modern PlayStation family is now over 100 million strong

Thursday, 10th July 2014 02:09 GMT By Brenna Hillier

Contemporary PlayStation devices have sold over 100 million units worldwide.


The figure comes from a promotional video produced by PlayStation Japan, which you can check out below, and what makes it even more staggering is that it includes PlayStation 3, PS4 and Vita only – not the PS2, PSOne or PSP.

The video is probably intended to woo business partnerships, but as IGN points out, it provides us with an opportunity to do a bit of backwards fact-gathering.

Since we know the PS4 has sold over 7 million units, and the PS3 had over 80 million under its belt at the end of last year, we can deduce Vita sales figures. Conservatively allowing for further sales of PS3 and PS4 since the last announcements, the Vita still seems to have sold about 10 million units worldwide.

Sony doesn’t like talking about Vita sales figures, so we’re not expecting official confirmation. The Vita has had a troubled life story so far but seems to be doing okay at the moment, with sales higher than Sony’s predictions, and may see a boost from the upcoming PS4 bundle – Vita Remote Play with PS4 really is marvellous.



  1. polygem

    great but one of those really needs:

    sonys best skeleton

    #1 6 months ago
  2. polygem

    #2 6 months ago
  3. Llewelyn_MT

    PS3 is “modern” now?

    #3 6 months ago
  4. Game Hunter

    They need Crash back!

    #4 6 months ago
  5. polygem

    @Game Hunter
    these have been such great games. i really really hope so much that sony will go full force and push some of their neglected old franchises (because the genre isn´t hip anymore) and give them the triple a big budget treatment for the vita and/ or ps4.
    sure, maybe other games sell better but it would benefit them anyway…their image. it would pay off in the long run.
    they did a great job with that on the psp with daxter and medievil and some other games but then the focus has been on different game concepts.
    they need to return to these classic adventure – platformer games.
    to me, that is what i love about sony. always loved about them and i truly miss that for quite a while now.

    #5 6 months ago
  6. Mike W

    I just want Sony to start embracing the PS Vita, it really is a great system. But now all they what to do is sell the damn thing as an indie machine and a second screen for the PS4 that is not needed.

    #6 6 months ago
  7. thegrimmling

    @Mike W TOTALLY! I want to play Diablo 3 on it and Broforce!

    #7 6 months ago

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