Here’s the first Unreal Tournament concept art & mode details

Friday, 4th July 2014 15:40 GMT By Dave Cook

Unreal Tournament is in development right now at Epic Games and the team has just rolled out the shooter’s first concept art, along with some details on modes.


Over on the Unreal Tournament blog, Epic posted a new development podcast, in which Senior Designer Jim Brown and Cognitive Psycologist Celia Hodent discussed the shooter’s user experience.

You can listen to it here:

As it happens, Unreal Tournament will launch with Team Deathmatch, but will expand to Capture the FLag and Onslaught mode over time. It sounds like Epic will be taking it slow to make sure it nails each of the game’s components before moving on to others.

Here’s the new art. Let us know what you think below.

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  1. Kabby

    Those are not impressive at all. Conceptually or artistically.

    #1 5 months ago
  2. Dog4life

    Meeehhhh , look so clean, almsot like TRON.

    UT should be dark, gritty, gore & dirty.

    #2 5 months ago
  3. unacomn

    Looks better than UT3. Apart from the Halo-robot. Looks nothing like a UT robot. That better not be XAN.

    #3 5 months ago
  4. 4G

    Not quite the same UT aesthetic, but it’s early days yet, so there’s plenty of time for things to evolve. I don’t think it looks that bad, and I’m just happy everything doesn’t look like Gears of War/Quake this time round. Plus it’s good to see the characters aren’t stupidly bulky.

    #4 5 months ago
  5. Gekidami

    Thats some terrible art.

    #5 5 months ago
  6. Erthazus

    Yeah. I agree. this is not the most impressive art for a title that is UNREAL FUCKING TOURNAMENT

    #6 5 months ago
  7. TheGreatWhiteHerd

    Some of the art looks rather cell shaded….yuck!

    #7 5 months ago

    horrid looking designs and art. Does not have a UT feel at all from those concepts.

    #8 5 months ago
  9. yeoung

    This is student portfolio level, Plain and simple.

    #9 5 months ago
  10. Daodan

    Guys, for the record, this is not made by Epic.
    There’s some really exciting stuff going on over at the UT forums. I’m super excited about this project so I’m visiting the forums daily. A lot of people are spewing out concept arts and this podcast covered some of them – but honestly this is definitely not some of the best around.
    Check this topic. Its contents are of much higher quality. Gooba has been creating some amazing stuff.

    #10 5 months ago
  11. joannhopkins


    #11 5 months ago

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