Why the No Man’s Sky devs aren’t talking about a PC version

Tuesday, 1st July 2014 10:56 GMT By Dave Cook

No Man’s Sky developer Hello Games is launching its procedural universe exploring romp on PS4, but what about a PC version? The team has explained why it’s not been talking about other formats.


Did you miss the No Man’s Sky PS4 gameplay trailer? Check it out for a glimpse of its ambitious, expansive universe.

Speaking with RPS, Hello Games managing director Sean Murray said, “Basically we’re doing a console debut on PS4. That’s all we’re saying right now. But that leaves open a PC version, which we really want to do.”

Sounds simple enough doesn’t it? RPS then asked Hello Games for further clarity on a PC build, and was told that the development team is small to preserve focus, and that it’s reluctant to expand at the risk of harming the project. It is reluctant to announce anything on a other formats until the team is sure of its plans.

However, this doesn’t mean that Hello Games isn’t thinking about a PC build. Alex Wiltshire talked mods with RPS, stating, “We don’t know yet whether we’ll allow mods or provide tools to support them. Our focus, though, is on features that support what for us the game is about – exploring a vast universe. That might inherently involve mods – we’ll know more as we continue making the game.”

Would you like to see No Man’s Sky launch on PC? Let us know below.



  1. Jonabob87

    Shame because when it comes to PC it’s going to shit all over the console versions from a great height. It’s just that kind of game that will work best on a more powerful CPU.

    #1 6 months ago
  2. undermyrules

    @Jonabob87 every PC game shit all over the console version of the same game even the shittiest console ports with no optimization….They cant do shit only on PS4 they are small studio they cant risk exlusive no name title they will release like 5-6 months after on PC/xbone

    #2 6 months ago
  3. Haydar

    #1 When it comes to PC, most PC gamers will probably pirate the game so they don’t need to care PC version too much like others.

    So you’re true that PC is going to shit over console versions when it comes to piracy.

    #3 6 months ago
  4. wamp

    “Basically we’re doing a console debut on PS4.”

    That’s Sony giving them money to keep it quiet for other platforms to make that game asscociate with PS4. Same as The Witness announcement.

    #4 6 months ago
  5. Mike W


    Sigh, do you PC guys feel like you accomplish something by stating the obvious?

    You guys are more foolish then these console fanboys, I think an average person could comprehend the fact that a piece of hardware that can be customize is going to outperform a piece of hardware that’s fix.

    So please stop stating childish and foolish comments. :)

    #5 6 months ago
  6. Erthazus

    @Haydar If that was true there was no need for PC version release. Console trolls just go away.

    Fact is No Man Skies on the PC will be in 1080p, 60 fps on max graphics. Don’t worry you will get your shoddy port at the PS4 as a debut.

    #6 6 months ago
  7. undermyrules

    @Haydar you just proved how retarded console people are

    #7 6 months ago
  8. Obernox

    1080p, 60fps? pffft, cheap 99 cent peasant PC.

    I shall be playing this on my GLORIOUS GOD PC @ 16k, 240fps!!!

    #8 6 months ago
  9. Erthazus

    @Obernox Oh god of the PC grant me 240 fps monitor please with 4K resolution and few titans aswell.

    #9 6 months ago
  10. Obernox


    #10 6 months ago
  11. OwnedWhenStoned

    I hope it does come to PC, as it’s still not worth buying a PS4 for this, even though it looks like it’s going to be amazing.

    When I can do all of the multimedia stuff that I currently do on the PS3, then I might consider it.

    #11 6 months ago
  12. Dog4life

    Those PC master race comments are really getting Kindergarten level.
    Such grown men with all the money to spend on high end pcs and expressing their superior intellect with such comments;)

    Consoleros are happy with what they have and there’s a great community. Are you jelly ?

    And well i have an asus gaming laptop that runs most recent games on high/ultra, but still have so much love for me ps4.

    #12 6 months ago
  13. Gheritt White

    The PC community of ’13/’14 = the PS3 community of ’07/’08 = GIANT chip on their shoulder.

    It’s almost as if they’re trying to make up for a lack of something…

    #13 6 months ago
  14. WaspHUN

    Probably they gonna make a PC version, but they also gonna have a harder time on PC… just think about it, this game will be available around the same time as Star Citizen/Squadron 42, Elite: Dangerous, Limit Theory, Enemy Starfighter, The Mandate and many other space games. Compared to those titles No Man’s Sky doesn’t bring any special things to the table. Sure you can land on planets and run around like an idiot, or shoot randomly spawn space bad guys. That’s nice and all, but feature and presentations wise isn’t really a big deal.

    On PS4 there won’t be such competition, maybe that’s why the team focus more on the console version, also Sony putting money on the table.

    If they make a PC version with extensive modding tools, great, i’m gonna buy it, but until then i’m going back and wait for Elite: Dangerous.

    #14 6 months ago

    honestly i would like to have this on the PS4 ‘consoles only’. I dont think i would play it on the PC now that i have elite and other games that are coming out on PC. Lush idea and looks really good graphic style as well. but its nice to see its getting a console ‘PS4′ release first.

    #15 6 months ago
  16. Rat

    I’m not a Console fanboy but when this game releases first on PS4 I’m gonna get and I won’t wait for the PC port.

    #16 6 months ago
  17. Gheritt White

    @WaspHUN Can you take off from a planet, fly into space and land on another all without encountering a lading screen in those games? I’m not that familiar with those titles, but this feature – for me, at least – is NMS’ USP.

    #17 6 months ago
  18. Dog4life


    Elite Dangerous looks much less user friendly and more sim direction from the few vids i saw from the game.
    No Mans graphic style looks much more interesting and unique.

    #18 6 months ago
  19. Gheritt White

    @Gheritt White *loading (not lading or landing)

    #19 6 months ago
  20. WaspHUN

    @Gheritt White As far as i know seamles planet/space transition is planned feature for both Star Citizen an Elite: Dangerous. Personally i never understood why it’s a big deal, but sure it can look pretty. There was a few game which tried this kind of things but always turned out way to ambitius for small dev teams. I hope NMS manages to deliver on this front.

    @Dog4life: Sure Elite looks more “serious” and that is part of it’s charm. NMS looks a more simplified game which isn’t a bad thing at all. Personally i like complex games, but that’s just me. The art style of NMS is really good. Kinda Homewrold style which is great and timeless, also using as much color as possible is always nice.

    #20 6 months ago
  21. Dog4life

    i’m getting more and more busy life schedule, i like it more simple nowdays.
    I prefer games that are easy to pick up… leave em there 1-2 weeks and get back in action with ease.
    For that reason i didn’t even finish Dark Souls , and still feel guilty.
    But yhea it’s more personal preference.
    “back then” i’ve spent hours creating maps / missions in Operation Flashpoint and sequels.

    #21 6 months ago
  22. Gheritt White

    @WaspHUN “Personally i never understood why it’s a big deal…”

    Because it’s *never* been done before. Like, ever. That’s innovation in action right there, which is why it’s a BFD.

    #22 6 months ago
  23. WaspHUN

    @Dog4life Yea.. free time is a big issue nowadays so i can understand your point and as i said, we need the more simpler games.

    @Gheritt White: I was a little wrong with that. There were games that implemented seamless transition from surface to space. Games like Kerbal Space Program or Orbiter for instance but other example would be Infinite which is still in development (since 2009). I’m not entirely sure but there wasn’t this kind of feqture used in an earlier Elite game too ?
    I should keep checking… i’m sure ther was even more game that implemeted this kind of stuff in the past.

    Infinity Tech Demo from 2010:

    #23 6 months ago
  24. bradk825

    I could have sworn this was coming to Xbox as well.

    #24 6 months ago
  25. Gheritt White

    @WaspHUN That tech demo just shoes one planet though, not multiple ones – randomly generated at that. Nevertheless, it’s very impressive. I suppose whichever commercial game makes it market first wins the prize.

    #25 6 months ago
  26. LisciousOne

    Seems some people here are more excited that the PC version graphics will exceed console version more than they are for the actual game. Lame

    #26 6 months ago
  27. Panthro


    The peasant even spelt ‘Hodor’ wrong.

    Because that’s what he is, a Hodor.

    #27 6 months ago
  28. Panthro

    I would prefer it to come to PC mainly due to the friends I have on Steam along with the better controls but at least Sony have actually gotten my attention, I wan’t to buy this and it is on PS4 first, so I will buy it for their platform.

    #28 6 months ago
  29. Kalain

    @Gheritt White Didn’t Frontier: Elite 2 followed by First Encounters do Seamless planet to space transitions in the 90′s?

    #29 6 months ago
  30. Gheritt White

    @Kalain Perhaps, but they don’t count because of reasons.

    #30 6 months ago
  31. archaven

    It will be ashamed to not make this available for 75M users on steam to purchase it.

    #31 6 months ago
  32. airsick7

    Proper response to this article: lots of PC chest thumping to make up for brief moment of anxiety in which I fear that my macho rig isn’t the center of the universe.

    Lemme give it a try…

    4k or gtfo… Console peasants suck! Have fun with your shitty port. Gabe is God. This is just Star Citizen for peasants. Grumble grumble grumble.

    #32 6 months ago
  33. Panthro

    Such a witty comment made by “airsick7″.

    I wish the internet shared his unique sense of humour and had the creativity to make such humorous post’s like that.

    Lets all stop and pause for a minute and give this guy a round of applause for his hilarious post.

    #33 6 months ago
  34. TheWulf

    Sounds like a timed exclusive. I’m okay with that.

    #34 6 months ago
  35. TheWulf


    You mean like me? >_> Oh… wait.

    The problem with elitist console pricks is that their Master Race fallacy only actually applies to a small number of vocal PC users. Most of them are like me and couldn’t give a shit. Enjoy the game! We’ll have it eventually, then we’ll all enjoy it.

    It’s not your platform I dislike. It’s you. For being a prick.

    #35 6 months ago
  36. BrahManDude

    jeezus these PC only guys are nasty, what’s up there ass?

    #36 6 months ago
  37. Opalauge

    1. Read…think…think again: “Basically we’re doing a console debut on PS4…”
    Iportand word: Debut
    If it’s successful, it will be released on PC and XBO.

    2. What’s up with you PC folks? Seriously!?!
    For how many years are you guys predicting the end of console gaming?
    Simple economical fact is: Consoles are the lead paltform for at least 90% of all AAA Titles in the last 10 years…at least!
    Consoles are generating more income. For many years MANY of former PC game-series are developed primarily for consoles.
    The console game-market could easily exist without the PC game-market…the other way around is nearly impossible.
    GTA, The Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Far Cry, Crysis, CoD, Bioware RPG’s and many, many others…what was their birthplace and what ist their lead platform now and that for many years?
    Nothing against PC gaming, but everytime I hear “Consoles are shitty and console-gaming is dead!” I feel like watching the pilot episode of “The talking dead” and there will be no continuation because the series has been discontinued a long time ago.
    It’s simply boring, contrary to any fact and this industry proves you soooooo wrong in any way, that it’s almost hurting reading such nonsense.

    I Like Mods and the possibilitys a PC is offering…I like better graphics…BUT PC-gaming is by far closer to death than console-gaming. The PC was no priority for nearly every AAA game of the last Gen (since fu**ing 2005!!!) and the sales figueres of the new Gen speak for themselves…just like the the fact, that almost every Developer and every Publisher focuses its efforts on this platforms.

    #37 6 months ago
  38. airsick7

    @the wulf

    I like all the consoles and my PC. I’m just having a little fun. Don’t worry, I harangue console doche bags too.

    Btw every one of those snarky comments were taken from real life posts by PC peeps. I specifically remember Erthazus calling this game “poor persons version of star citizen” after the spike reveal.

    #38 6 months ago
  39. airsick7

    @Panthro Dude, thanks for the props!

    #39 6 months ago
  40. Dog4life


    2.- ’cause they are butthurt. And they totally suck playing with a controller.
    But well fanboys are fanboys :)

    As a videogamer i love videogames, doesn’t matter on which platform.

    #40 6 months ago
  41. bugmenot

    PC user here. This makes me sad. Exclusivity pisses me off regardless of platform. I guess people on the fence have a reason to buy a PS4 now.

    #41 6 months ago
  42. Redh3lix

    I have two gaming PC’s and PS4. I think PC gamers should STFU berating consoles all the time. Maybe buy one and you will understand the differences between these two gaming platforms.

    Oh and yes, piracy still is rampant on PC and you’re a fool if you think otherwise :/

    #42 6 months ago
  43. Panthro


    …Oh watch out this guy has TWO gaming PC’s.

    #43 6 months ago
  44. LuigiX

    Waiting for playing it with Oculus Rift

    #44 6 months ago
  45. OneLifeCycle

    I still don’t understand the appeal of this game and I really want to. It looks like a tablet game.

    #45 6 months ago
  46. ArithonUK

    A worldwide market of 7M PS4′s sold to retail (not necessarily bought by anyone) vs 65M active Steam users (8M concurrent at any one time).
    Not the brightest business decision. But good luck to them anyway.
    Maybe an isolated market where they have no competition in this genre may be their main motivation for sticking with the PS4.

    #46 6 months ago

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