Say hello to Dragon Age: Inquisition’s first “fully gay” male character

Tuesday, 1st July 2014 11:32 GMT By Dave Cook

Dragon Age: Inquisition companion Dorian is – according to writer David Gaider – the first “full gay” male character he’s written.



Gaider has since responded to criticism over the term “fully gay” on Twitter:


Writing on the BioWare blog, Gaider introduced Dorian and said, “Dorian is gay—he is, in fact, the first fully gay character I’ve had the opportunity to write.

“It added an interesting dimension to his back story, considering he comes from a place where “perfection” is the face that every mage puts on and anything that smacks of deviancy is shameful and meant to be hidden. Dorian’s refusal to play along with that façade is seen as stubborn and pointless by his family, which has contributed to his status as a pariah.”

Gaider was asked if he was happy with how Dorian turned out, and replied, “I suppose this aspect of Dorian will make him controversial in some corners, but I was glad to include it. It made writing Dorian a very personal experience for me, and I’m hopeful that will make him seem like a fully realized character to fans in the end.”

As Eurogamer points out, Knights of the Old Republic character Juhani was written gay, but a bug allowed her to be romanced by male players while Mass Effect 3 NPCs Traynor and Cortez were both openly gay as well.

Check out Gaider’s mini-interview through the link above and let us know what you think.



  1. PenTaFH

    So it’s not Bioware’s first gay-written character. Actually, Gaider does not state that anywhere, he simply says that it’s the first gay character HE has written. Shouldn’t we take away from this that Bioware has multiple writers, and not that Bioware is fabricating fake hype around the game? I feel that that is implied in the article.

    #1 6 months ago
  2. OrbitMonkey

    Harry Potter is talking to Ron Weasley:

    Harry: Ron… I’m gay…

    Ron: Are you fucking serious?!

    Harry: No, his names Dorian…

    #2 6 months ago
  3. AmiralPatate

    Like Steve Cortez from ME3 wasn’t “fully gay”. And by the way, why is this important?

    #3 6 months ago
  4. Darkfield

    This is going to raise some controversy, and I LOVE controversy. :D

    But I think it’s cool, since it is a story driven game and your relationship with your companions always been an amusing part of the BioWare games, well maybe not so much in DA2. Anyway, I already decided on my romance option, it’ll be definitely Cassandra, she’s tough and dedicated, and now she doesn’t look like a barbie doll, she looks tough and a seasoned warrior. I like that about her.

    #4 6 months ago
  5. Dave Cook

    @AmiralPatate It’s important because it shows BioWare is still striving for diversity at a time where this is a big topic in the industry. It’s a positive story.

    #5 6 months ago
  6. Erthazus


    If there will be a mission where you need to sacrifice a character there won’t be a big dillema for me to choose one. I hate when you promote your game with this cheap controversial material.

    #6 6 months ago
  7. Booraz

    The story proves they move in better direction after horrible bisexual crap in previous games. However, i see absolutely no point in making a big deal about it. So he makes a gay character, good for him but so what? why he had to make a blog about it?

    #7 6 months ago
  8. Obernox

    He reminds me of Luigi.

    #8 6 months ago
  9. AmiralPatate

    @Dave Cook
    In my logic, diversity is when everybody can be different and nobody gives a fuck. If he’s gay, good for him. But that isn’t the thing that makes him a good character. Because you’re more than a skin color, gender or sexual orientation.
    Maybe what I’m complaining about isn’t they reached diversity, but they feel the need to brag about it.

    #9 6 months ago
  10. Froseidon

    @Dave Cook – just for reference, Sera is completely lesbian as well.

    #10 6 months ago
  11. Darkfield

    @Obernox For some reason he reminds me of Bruce from the Krodd Mandoon show.

    #11 6 months ago
  12. Obernox

    Instead of focusing on his sexual orientation, they should really focus on that magnificent moustache.

    My goodness.

    #12 6 months ago
  13. Froseidon

    @Erthazus – I wouldn’t have said they were advertising this. It was just simply asked and answered in an interview.

    #13 6 months ago
  14. Mike W


    So true, why is this important?

    Please don’t tell me gamers are going to start bitching about one the protagonist’s sexuality?

    #14 6 months ago
  15. lexph3re

    It added an interesting dimension to his back story, considering he comes from a place where “perfection” is the face that every mage puts on and anything that smacks of deviancy is shameful and meant to be hidden. Dorian’s refusal to play along with that façade is seen as stubborn and pointless by his family, which has contributed to his status as a pariah.”

    LMFAO! So the only way he could fight his straight and narrow parent’s is to screw guys?lol I guess making him a mage/thief/murderer wouldn’t have made him interesting at all huh? Guess it has to be stated he likes dudes. You know I can barely think of any Protagonist in games that are legit Heterosexual. Kratos maybe and Max Payne, but none of which it was truly the driving point of their persona.

    But then again “It made writing Dorian a very personal experience for me”.

    He pretty much tells people the character is based on his experiences when stating it made it personal. So, this isn’t even about making a well thought out character it’s about him venting how he feels.

    #15 6 months ago
  16. Erthazus

    I will say to everyone why this shit sucks so you would understand.

    this is a game about saving the world at it’s finest and not about brothel/whorehouse. The first thing you do with your character is looking for partner that will be with you while you are fighting your enemy and “Sexual” criteria is always the last thing that should be in this game.

    When you are going for a work. Boss asks you for your sexual orientation first of all or maybe he aks about your knowledge? Maybe he is more interested in your education?

    This is the same thing. No one should give a F. about it and if someone like Dave Cook cares then he should not be in the industry. I’m sorry. That’s the truth. Diversity is not important for an RPG game where you are the Head of Inqusition, Fighting against dragons, bandits and war. If the player looking for some sexual interaction and sex as a prize in the end he is:

    a) Retarded
    b) Should look other game. For example Sims

    I want my story to be controversial or the battle system. Maybe gaming technology should be controversial and not THIS SHIT in the game where you are a BOSS of Inqusition.

    #16 6 months ago
  17. Legendaryboss

    Yeah this is a “big topic” @Dave Cook, it might be for all the wrong reasons but sure you’re right in that regard.

    These discussions also lead to something funny being stated, so thats a plus ;)

    #17 6 months ago
  18. KesMonkey

    @Dave Cook
    “It’s important because it shows BioWare is still striving for diversity at a time where this is a big topic in the industry. It’s a positive story.”
    Is it a big topic in the industry? I thought it was only a big topic on this site, and only because you guys made it so. I’ve seen little to no discussion of this topic on any of the other sites I frequent.

    #18 6 months ago
  19. infernalism

    Bioware tried writing LGBT characters many times (I’m not referring to the “fully gay” statement, I’m talking about characters written by that studio to date), and honestly, they should either try more, or stop trying, because so far they haven’t succeded in creating a compelling one.

    Their attempts don’t even come close to Arcade Gannon (F:NV), or Dethmold (The Witcher 2) in terms of sheer quality of writing and how multifaceted those “people” were, with their backstories, own motivations and character traits, quirks. Their sexuality had absolutely nothing to do with them being just incredibly fun characters to interact with. They simply were gay (Dethmold might have been bisexual), which was revealed as part of getting to know them, as a part of who they were.

    Nobody was bragging about having gay characters in their game, and those charactes were not fighting a war for their civil rights like this Dorian, who is supposedly making a stand against the mages order’s bigotry.

    That’s the “selling point” for the character? I certainly hope there’s more to him than that and some trademark Bioware “romancing” options, gay or straight.

    #19 6 months ago
  20. Darkfield

    @Erthazus You’re my pal Erth but I’m inclined to disagree with you on this. RPG is all about choices, diversity and player interaction. Romance doesn’t mean sex simulator. To me personally RPGs are equivalent of novels only they are interactive and more diverse and you get to change some aspects of the narrative according to your liking.

    When you’re reading a.. I don’t know let’s say a scifi novel and the main protagonist of said novel doesn’t have any meaningful interaction with characters he/she meets on his/her quest of whateverness would you read trough that? for me it gets instantly boring I’d just toss it out of the window. In RPG games, well mostly BioWare games you get to shape those relationships. You could be just friends, just boss, just whatever to everyone, or you could converse with them, talk to them get to know them decide if you like that guy or you hate his guts, decide if you love that las or you find her shallow.

    I didn’t like Shadowrun Returns in that regard, npc interaction was minute, you just got to hire shadowruners and use and dispose them according to your pleasure. Nothing you did on the conversation side of the game had any impact on the story whatsoever.

    Even in Diablo 3 you have some interactions with your companions, even though there are no dialogue choices there. It’ll be such a dull thing when the protagonist have so many companions and not being able to establish a relationship with them. Romance and NPC interaction are role-playing values, that is why they are in RPGs.

    #20 6 months ago
  21. Arcnail

    Why is this even news anymore?

    #21 6 months ago
  22. Game Hunter

    The devs can do whatever they want.however,if that guy tries to annoy me with his orientation (by that I mean flirting with my character )he’s good as dead.really,I don’t mind gay people,but if they try to approach me,they should expect to know my fists.

    #22 6 months ago
  23. jomac3db

    I pray God have mercy on us. This world is going to burn in hell. God made Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve. It’s abomination and Satan is loving it. I never did and I never will support homosexuality.

    #23 6 months ago
  24. jomac3db


    #24 6 months ago
  25. silkvg247

    @22 You’d punch someone for complimenting you? Are you batshit crazy or something?

    #25 6 months ago
  26. Darkfield

    @jomac3db I take it you where the witness to the whole event, amirite?

    God didn’t create jackshit.

    #26 6 months ago
  27. Game Hunter

    @silkvg247 lol are you crazy?I didn’t say “compliment” I said “flirt”.wear glasses ffs.

    #27 6 months ago
  28. Dog4life

    Controversy sells and cheap advertisement.

    Who cares if the character i play like to take Schlongs up his anus :)

    #28 6 months ago
  29. Game Hunter

    @Darkfield so you’re a mutated monkey,amirite?and robots were created by themselves and humans just watched them.

    #29 6 months ago
  30. Game Hunter

    @Dog4life swords work better lol jk

    #30 6 months ago
  31. Darkfield

    @Game Hunter See you don’t even know jack about evolution, that is hilarious. I prescribe you with a full dose of “The Ancestor’s Tale”.

    #31 6 months ago
  32. tezzer1985

    What is wrong with game journalist or writers, why do you need to write stories going after a guy, who clearly has no problems with gay people, I don’t get what VG247 are trying to do here, do you want gamers to rally and force him out the industry with abuse, cause he said fully gay, if I’m mistaken isn’t Gaider gay himslef.

    VG247, don’t try and fuel a witch hunt.

    #32 6 months ago
  33. Gheritt White

    @jomac3db Fuck of you god worshipper, nobody wants your kind in here. Your kind personally disgusts me. I think you should all be rounded up and dispatched on sight. You CERTAINLY shouldn’t be allowed to breed or have your so-called “values” anywhere near schools or children in general. You and your ilk are creepy in the extreme and lack the traits that define us *proper* humans.

    #33 6 months ago
  34. Gheritt White

    @Game Hunter The above goes for you too, you illiterate inbred,. Why don’t you go back to fucking your sister or something? It’d be more wholesome and productive than posting your vile garbage here.

    #34 6 months ago
  35. Game Hunter

    @Gheritt White I prefer fucking your mom to that anyday.

    #35 6 months ago
  36. Dendroball

    Well that escalated quickly …

    #36 6 months ago
  37. Gheritt White

    @Game Hunter The thing is, you don’t actually fuck my mother. But you do probably actually fuck your sister. Actually, that’s a lie – I bet your sister would find some pretty aggressive way to turn you down even if she was deaf, dumb, blind, paraplegic and had ninety seconds left to live. Which, lets face it, in your world is like triple the length it usually takes for you to spunk your toxic, rancid jizz. I’m sure even the prospect of being touched by a real human girl – musically one that you’re related to – would have you so overwhelmed with excitement that you’d cream in your pants before your pathetically minuscule excuse for a penis had even had a chance to go from it’s usually flaccid to at best slightly-not-as-flaccid state,

    And now, for a dose of reality. When was the last time you ACTUALLY had ANY sex? Was it this week? How about last month? At all this year so far? Now, quickly tally how often you masturbate. WOW that’s a lot. Don’t you think that’s a little too much? I mean, what with the chaffing and all? You know that you’re not meant to use your own blood for lube, right? Now let me tell you, being constantly spurned for your affections – be it by a relative or just somebody you have a crush on – is NOT normal and DOES mean you aren’t performing all that well as a human being.

    Seriously, if I didn’t think you were such an arrogant, ignorant perpetual masturbator and that you’d brought this all on yourself, I’d pity you for how much your life must suck.

    Because, lets face it, there’s not going to be much other kind of sucking ever going on in your shitty excuse for a life.

    #37 6 months ago
  38. OrbitMonkey

    Story about a gay mage & not one joke about the knob on the end of a wizards staff.

    Humourless cunts

    #38 6 months ago
  39. Game Hunter

    @Gheritt White go back and play Cod with your 12 years old buddies.that’s the right place for whoresons like you.

    #39 6 months ago
  40. Gheritt White

    @Game Hunter That’s it? That’s all you got? Dude, you got PWNED. For the record, I don’t even play CoD!

    Have fun continuing to not have any other human being ever touch your private parts!!

    #40 6 months ago
  41. fearmonkey

    Just be thankful that EA/Bioware didnt make this a day 1 DLC…….

    #41 6 months ago
  42. Legendaryboss

    Why do I feel i’ve just gotten a glimpse of what its like to be in a COD match full of loud(foul)mouthed individuals? I meant nightmare, not glimpse.

    #42 6 months ago
  43. Froseidon

    ITT: Homophobia and bandwagon Bioware hate.

    Get a fucking grip people.

    #43 6 months ago
  44. hitnrun

    That’s kind of ironic, given that it’s 2014 and Gaider has spent the last five years or so scolding people for being uncomfortable with having to dodge sexual advances from the genderless whore-mannequins Bioware has proudly presented as “gay.”

    #44 6 months ago
  45. Darkfield

    @hitnrun He made just one gay character and look at how people are reacting. Now imagine the backlash if he made more. Besides he does what they ask him to do. If there’s an irony somewhere it’s not with him.

    #45 6 months ago
  46. TheWulf

    Thanks for the article, Dave.


    Um. The article title is “Say hello to Dragon Age: Inquisition’s first “fully gay” male character“, not “Say hello to BioWare’s first “fully gay” male character“.

    So I’m a little confused.


    Dumbledore is gay. Rowling said so herself. So using Harry Potter as a base of reference to brown nose this is an oxymoron.


    But I think it’s cool, since it is a story driven game and your relationship with your companions always been an amusing part of the BioWare games,

    You have my respect.

    @7 & 9

    Gaider is gay (quite openly so). It’s a big deal for him to get to do write something that matters to him, from his perspective, rather than just writing the sexually fake and ambiguous characters that have been a part of Dragon Age since the very beginning.

    He’s just excited. You could be happy for him, or you could be a jerk! Your choice entirely.


    I… can’t disagree with at least part of that. :P It is a magnificent ‘stache. And so well groomed, too.


    If that’s all you took away from it, then you aren’t all that observant, frankly. You didn’t really process the information presented, either, and jumped straight to nasty homophobic remarks.

    ESFJ, right? Man. What is it with ESFJs and ESTPs being the biggest pricks of the world? I’ll never get that personality type, and unfortunately it’s the most common from what I’ve seen. Articles like this tend to prove that.

    [...] it’s about him venting how he feels.

    Which is another way of saying ‘I’ve never read a book in my life, at any point, for any reason, so I have no idea as to what motivates a good writer.’

    The greats were ALWAYS motivated by how they felt. Always. To create art you have to look within and take from inside of yourself, it’s necessary!!! Art, by its very nature, is an incredibly introspective thing. Whether it’s painting, or music, or acting, or writing. And given that writing itself is perhaps the most introspective art form of all, you’ll not be taking from the world around you, but your own life experiences, your imagination, your own creativity, your perspectives, and so on. If a book doesn’t possess and convey the writer’s unique perspectives at any point from cover to cover, it’s a bad book. Objectively, a bad book.

    For example: A landscape artist is only good if they photographically capture what’s in front of them, beyond that, they have to draw from within the find the beauty, the romance, and the idealisation of a location to portray it as being something better than it is by providing a personal insight. Otherwise it is just a photograph.

    As an introvert, I understand this profoundly. All good artists are introverts.

    As an ESFJ, you couldn’t begin to grok that.


    You’re an idiot. ESTP by my reckoning, so you lack insight. You have some smarts, but you’re not self aware. You’re more like a machine, you don’t understand the depths of people, frankly. I think that’s why you have such an obsessive PC hardware fetish, too. And this is coming from a PC owner!

    I’ll call nonsense out on either side, wherever I see it, because I find idiocy offensive. And extroverts are idiots, because they talk first, then think afterwards. If they had the insight to examine themselves, it would be a constant life of embarrassment for them at their own ineptitude. Without insight, you aren’t even self aware.

    Where’s Kirk when you need a machine talked into submission?

    Anyway, of course you don’t understand good writing, because you have no personal insight. As a Se, you can’t. You’ve likely not read too many of the great works, because you don’t get them, and you don’t understand what all the fuss is about, it all seems too pretentious for you. You prefer hard, grounded facts, taking everything entirely at face value. You have no capacity for subtlety or nuance, as such, you couldn’t understand the appeal of a character with actual depth.

    Very rarely do we encounter characters with genuine depth in RPGs, and that’s a crying shame, because I find them to be delightful. Raul, from New Vegas, was an unusually strong example of a character with depth. There was genuine depth, there, and the voice actor pulled off the feel of the character with aplomb. Raul was a masterwork, as RPG characters go.

    An introvert, like myself, is compelled by the depth of a character. So I want to know what drives them, what makes them tick, what lies deep below the surface. I want to really know them in ways that you couldn’t comprehend, to have memories of being enthralled by the writings of another, to the point where this fictional person could almost have been a friend.

    To you, people are things, human resources. You say it yourself with how you talk about being the head of the Inquisition. You just want your humans to be automatons, pieces on a chess board, serving the glorious you. They can’t have their own drives, dreams, ambitions, and motivations… no, they have to be flat, they have to be herd units to serve the cold, emotionless collective.

    So, yes, a person is important. Sexuality is part of a person’s depth, like it or not. In fact, sexuality is often the source of a person’s romantic inclinations, s it’s something that drives them, and a good writer doesn’t ignore anything that drives a character. And as time goes on, I’ve come to understand that more and more. Yes, there are definitely games where this doesn’t need to be present, not even those straight relationships that are all too common. But in an RPG, it’s important to have present and accounted for both intellectual and emotional depth. If a character is lacking either, they become a flat, one-dimensional cardboard cut out, or a stereotype.

    I’m GLAD to see Gaider doing this, because Dragon Age has had problems with one-dimensional characters, frankly. But now it seems he finally has the freedom to write the kind of character he’s always wanted to, and that could turn out to be one of the most interesting characters provided to us.

    Why does his orientation matter to you anyway? It’s just the thinly veiled homophobia of the ESxx personality type. All ESxx types suffer with it. ESxx types and homophobia go together like crackers and cheese. Thus Call of Duty’s multiplayer was born. And you do like Call of Duty, don’cha?

    Gods damn, the amount of ESxx people in this comments thread who’ve never read or appreciated a good book.


    Or, you know, it might be a big topic because it matters to people.

    You’ve never experienced gay bashing, have you? I have. Lovely thing, really, just extroverts exercising their general hatred for anything which exists outside of the status quo with their fists. Those are the kinds of people you stand with if you’re bothered by this, and that’s something to consider.

    As someone who did live through that, I’m actually glad that I live in a time where a gay character can be a positive thing, to reinforce it as natural to those who’re still suffering. There have been way too many suicides thanks to gay people being pressured into believing they’re sick, possessed, mentally ill, or whatever else have you. And that’s funny?


    That’s funny. To you.

    It’s funny, to you, that gay people commit suicide because of the masses who band up against them to make them feel inhuman. It’s funny, to you, that gay people have had to endure beatings just for being different. It’s funny, to you, that older gay people want a better world for the younger ones.

    That’s so funny. So, so funny.

    Well, I guess if you’re Dark Knight’s Joker. :I


    Never been to tumblr, have you? Tumblr is one of the most introverted social networking sites on the web, and it’s where people tend to talk about topics that matter to them on an emotional level, since it’s safer to do it there than in most places. There’s always a lot of support.

    I see stuff about this daily, there, and from sources that sometimes I’m not even expecting. I’m always proud to see someone take a stand and speak up for what’s ethical, for something that matters.

    And this matters to me, personally, so… yeah. I think it’s a big issue.

    Why is it so wrong for older gay men like me to want a better world than the one I grew up in? How fucked up does your average, extroverted, straight, white Joe have to be to not get that? This is exactly why I dislike your kind of person, because you still don’t get it. You still don’t get that the negative attitudes towards homosexuality are causing daily suicides.

    Even Stephen Fry almost committed suicide over it.

    There are days when I’ve come close.

    So, yeah, it matters. And it’s a big topic for a reason.

    And then, then… maybe shut up and have a read of this. Maybe then you’ll understand why I hate your type so much. The healthy, extroverted, privileged, straight, white, cis-gendered guy, generally the biggest conglomeration of horrid, genuinely awful, irredeemable arseholes the world has ever known, with too few exceptions.


    I agree with you in that prior BioWare gay characters weren’t that great. But the article shows that Gaider is getting more freedom to write as he pleases than he’s ever had in the past. That’s why he’s excited, and I find his excitement infectious.

    For the first time ever, I’m mildly interested in Inquisition.


    I agree with everything you’ve said. I was going to cover that at some point but now I don’t need to. You’ve done it better than I feel I could have, so I have to congratulate you for that. You’re a very perspicacious person, Darkfield. I’ll do my best to remember that.

    And I intend no irony, here. I mean that.

    I think everyone should take the time to read and parse your post. It’s a good post. The best of the section.


    Ooh. Ooh. An ESFJ! Bashed a few gays in your time, have you?

    Yeah, you’re exactly the kind of person I’m talking about. Given the chance, you’d beat the living shit out of someone just for being gay, and for absolutely no reason other than that. Just because you’d enjoy it. Because ESxJ types are cave men.


    No intellectual or emotional worth whatsoever. No self awareness. No individuality. Barely alive. And I use the word ‘alive’ loosely.

    How are you not in jail? …how many times have you been to jail?



    Now that’s a troll post. Not biting.

    I wish the one above you was.


    Nope. Just an ESxJ (not sure F or T). They think with their dicks and their fists. They’re filled to the brim with bullshit about testosterone, the manosphere, alpha males, bro nonsense, and other forms of idiocy.

    I’ve actually come to blows with his sort. Deeply unpleasant. Avoid. ESxx types all display varying levels of homophobia, racism, sexism, and worse. It’s very common for them, and it’s due to how they’re probably the least human of any kind of human you could imagine.

    Hitting shit and dreaming of killing shit makes them happy. It’s their porn. These are the wife beaters, the gay bashers, the scary nutty conspiracy theorists, the violent regressives, et cetera.

    And I’ve sadly encountered one too many real people like that to think it’s someone playing funny buggers. They really believe that stuff. :I


    That wouldn’t work. You’d need to read it to them, slowly, and in a mono-syllabic way. You’d also have to keep them bound so they wouldn’t lose interest and wander off to look for someone to taunt with their self-declared manhood.

    Yeah, these people don’t read books. Books are below them.

    I’m sorry to say it, but whilst I find your effort noble, you actually need a recipient that’s open to the knowledge that books offer before you can make headway. These are the kind of people that, left to their own devices, would kill each other until there was only one left of them standing.

    They’re the kind of person that Nietzsche was thinking about.

    And, again, I’ve personally seen them at their most horrible, so… yeah.


    Great logic there, slick. Or… you know, perhaps a gay person might actually be interested in this particular article of news? Not that gay people matter, though, am I right? The only ones that matter are The Great White Herd and their concerns.

    Really, only someone with personal homophobic issues would see this and try to spin it as a witch-hunt. I will say that you’re original, though. That’s rare.

    @33 / 34

    So, you’ve dropped to monkey-see, monkey-do political satire? It’s only relevant though if I’ve ever actually embodied those ideals. Very frequently I’ve said that I’d stand up for the rights of complete arseholes if I had to, because that’s my nature.

    Don’t think I’ve ever used ‘inbred,’ either! Nor have I once spoken of moralistic values (I prefer ethics) or children in general. So accuracy just isn’t your forte at all, which you really have to have if you want to be funny. Accuracy comes from insight, though, which tends to be an introverted trait. So all you can do is create a hollow caricature. I’d suggest trying a different approach. You’re not smart or in tune with your subject matter enough for the Don Rickles approach you’re poorly trying to ape, really, so I can’t recommend it.

    Here, have some rocks. Throw these at me. You’ll feel better.

    I’ll try and explain. In order to successfully pull off a Don Rickles approach, you have to zing with a large amount of truth, which comes from an insightful understanding of your subject matter and their perspectives. You have a lot of assumptions about me, but those assumptions are fuelled by your own, shallow views of the world because you lack the imagination to try and put yourself in my place. So the zing just isn’t there, it misses the mark by light years (as in distance, champ).

    What this is is just you ranting about how I feel that you’re an unintelligent thug. But you don’t need me to say it. You’ve just proved it, again, without any effort on my part. Watching you is like watching a Neanderthal put on a pair of Groucho Marx glasses, attempting to imitate him by flailing around — all the while not really understanding what it is that Marx is actually doing.

    Or, you know, like that bear from that one Adventure Time episode, if you need a more contemporary example.

    All you’ve managed to do with your low brow ‘satire’ is show me one thing: You want me dead. You really want me dead. And you want to be the one doing the killing.

    Did you notice that your post was preoccupied with the notion of culling and eugenics? I knew your mind was a sick and twisted place, but I really had no idea. I mean, I was just prodding you, but I didn’t know the rabbit hole went that deep. Until today, I wasn’t actually sure of just how much of a complete psychopath you are. And yes, psychopaths are inhuman, just FYI. That’s why they’re psychopaths.

    And whereas it’s my nature to tolerate your ilk, and to want to see you alive no matter how deeply unpleasant I find you to be, all you can think of is just how much you want to… well, whatever sick murder fantasy you have. That’s your nature.

    I’ve never wanted to see anyone die. Yet look at your post. Look at it, White, look at it and have a good think on just how much you’re projecting your own violent murder-porn urges on me. You need to see a psychotherapist, White. It’s imperative that you do, before you really hurt someone, because you’re a deeply troubled person. You’ve just got so much man-rage boiling up inside you, and one day, it’s just going to burst and you’re really going to hurt someone.

    So, yeah, I think you need to be examined, and I think your psychopathy needs to be evaluated by a professional in the field.

    Culls, eugenics, and murder.

    Holy fuck, White. Go see a psychotherapist. Before something really bad happens. I worry about you, for others, for those you personally know. Just one slip into that psychopathic cave man mindset you hide from everyone, and that’s it.

    You are inhuman, because you’re a psychopath.

    I’m sorry to be the one to have had to tell you.

    #46 6 months ago
  47. Panthro

    Don’t see why shit like this has to be announced, I’m tired of it.

    Just have female characters in this, have gay characters in this. I don’t give a shit, make the story and game interesting and I will buy it.

    If anything I think there should be more dwarfs/ little people in gaming, those people are the real characters we should be building, seeing as I don’t think I have played one game where the central character is a dwarf, I want play as a dwarf for fuck’s sake, make it happen.

    I’m far more passionate about that than I am about these ‘FORCE A FEMALE/ HOMOSEXUAL IN THIS OR I’LL CRY’ bullshit, there a more pressing issues at hand, like including little people.

    #47 6 months ago
  48. Gheritt White

    @TheWulf Are you fucking kidding? I’m about as pro-gay rights and pro-feminsim as it can possibly get. Jesus CHRIST Wulf, why do you even bother posting?

    #48 6 months ago
  49. hitnrun

    @Darkfield Just one gay character? Dude, Google his name. Creating gender-blind bisexuals who flail for your crotch and then being sanctimonious about it upon reading customer reaction is pretty much all he’s known for.

    I’m just noting that it’s funny that BioWare is *just now* creating a gay character that isn’t a joke (allegedly), after all that transgressive wind they’ve passed.

    #49 6 months ago
  50. dazedonthemoon

    This thread took a dark turn, I’ve known for awhile how shitty many of the people on this site were but this is bad. You got your people that just think this shouldn’t be news at all, that want to turn a blind eye to everything gay and act like it doesn’t exist. Or at least not give it spotlight where people can talk about it. Which has been going on forever AND THATS THE PROBLEM.

    Then you have commentors that slander and attack others because their beliefs are different. There is no place for that in video games! Games are meant as a means of expressing creativity and should not be close minded and adhere to what one group of people think is right. Close mindedness is an ugly disgusting thing, whether it comes from a religious zealots mouth or a pompous arrogant evolutionists mouth.

    Please stop spewing garbage on this website, this site already has too many opinionated pricks that think there version of the truth is absolute.

    @Dave Cook – fine Fucking article man, even though this is a way to promote the game, I’m sure the writer is proud of what he’s created and that’s why he tweeted those comments. And diversity and difference is something that people shouldn’t be quiet about.

    #50 6 months ago
  51. Gheritt White

    @TheWulf I’m fucking incensed right now. NOTHING fucks me off more than people who promote inequality or disrespect diversity. N#33 and #34 were jsust using the same offensive rehetioric as those people who genuinely do *appear* do have an issue with LGBTQ concerns.

    You know, maybe if you pulled that giant fucking stick outta your ass you’d recognise an ally when you see one.

    As it is, I don’t dislike your positing style because of who you are or where you’re from. I dislike your posting style because you Don’t. Fucking. Listen.

    #51 6 months ago
  52. Gheritt White

    @Gheritt White Great, now I’m so angry I forgot to spell-check. This is a bad day for posting.

    #52 6 months ago
  53. Legendaryboss

    If i didn’t love the Joker from Dark Knight, I would take offence to that. But i do, so i won’t.

    #53 6 months ago
  54. polygem

    #54 6 months ago
  55. Gheritt White

    Dunno why I’m waiting on a response from TheWulf. If there’s one thing we all know he doesn’t do, it’s engage in dialogue.

    #55 6 months ago
  56. dazedonthemoon

    @Gheritt White
    It was the way you responded to that Adam and eve guy that made you look just as bad, going tit for tat never works in someone’s favor.

    This isn’t an attack so don’t get mad, his comment pissed me off too and I’m sure you were just being reactionary.

    #56 6 months ago
  57. Gheritt White

    @dazedonthemoon I just feel that pro-choicers/pro-LGBTQers/pro-equal rights types are always on the back foot – it’s like the reactionary right-wingers have sole preserve over fiery rants, and IMHO they deserve a taste of their own medicine, even if it is served in the futile form of an online diatribe on a videogames website.

    I can’t blieve I;m even explaining myself, *I’m* the one who’s being pathetic now…

    #57 6 months ago
  58. dazedonthemoon

    @Gheritt White
    It’s not pathetic at all, it humanizes you to the people on here that only see a screename and comments. And theWulf loves to judge people but never respond or debate rationally. I dont think I’ve every seen him respond to someone.

    #58 6 months ago
  59. OrbitMonkey

    @Wulf, I could try to explain the joke to you. I could.

    But seriously whats the point eh? No sense of fun round here anymore.

    Its videogames, but all the kids want to sit around pretending their adults & lecturing each other.

    #59 6 months ago
  60. Darkfield

    @hitnrun So you’re blaming them for attempting to do better, is that so? Trust me there’s no one angrier than me with bioware for going from indie to corporate sellout, and then making the gem that was mass effect 1 and turn it into some shallow action game with zero RPG values outside the story content. But I feel just because the topic of homosexuality is sensitive to insecure heterosexuals everyone gang up against these articles and bash it for whatever reason they can find.

    TheWulf said it best. homosexuals are also human beings and are subjected to similar rights as everyone else and also they have feelings and they are entitled to hear the news that has interest to them as any other groups.

    People should stop thinking that they are the only people that matter because they are what they perceive to be natural. Not everything out there is propaganda, conspiracy, recruitment or whatever you all fear it to be. Being gay is not choice, it is not a force either. No one will ever force you or recruit you to be gay. You don’t have to be afraid of that.

    #60 6 months ago
  61. bobnice

    Oh God, not another one of these topics.

    #61 6 months ago
  62. YoungZer0

    @Dave Cook

    Like Ubisoft with the new FarCry, right? :)


    Just be honest and admit that you think gay people are lesser human beings. Saves you a lot of time. Being a despicable bigot is no crime.

    Neither is being gay btw. no matter what Putin is tellin’ ya.

    #62 6 months ago
  63. Gheritt White

    @YoungZer0 I was thinking the same thing…

    #63 6 months ago
  64. mr_krunchi

    @DaveCook, I appreciate the post. Many wonder why this is news and if it even should be. People in the comments tried to list off openly LGBTQ characters, yet, at tops, I saw about 5 characters. Does that seem like a lot of representation? To me: no, it doesn’t.

    Being part of the LGBTQ community, this is news. I have LGBTQ facebook friends sharing this story right now. It sparked something for me to recognize and critique it.

    For all those that asked why this is news, have you tried to critique why stories like this are found important by users, primarily LGBTQ? I really hope you put thought into it and didn’t conclude “The gays want to bitch about everything.” My perspective: While the statement “If we have diversity, stories like this shouldn’t exist” sounds terrific in itself (I totally get where this is coming from and the thought process), reality is, we don’t have diversity, especially in the gaming industries. Generalizing the “diversity” statement blurs the real experience going around. We need information like this, and we should be respectful when it comes to talking about it.

    Personally, it feels like many people, obviously cisgendered straight-identified commenters here, have objectified LGBTQ gamers to just a sexual action and marriage agenda. Yet, that completely blindsides what many LGBTQ members, even gamers, go through and the experience that majority face. I’m not getting sentimental, but realistically, if a story like this is getting LGBTQ gamers to have positive conversations and feelings about this, then shouldn’t that be enough? If these stories don’t apply to you, it doesn’t mean you need to disregard them, as others find more light in them. Don’t try to speak for the LGBTQ gaming community and disregard its importance, especially if you don’t even identify with that community.

    #64 6 months ago
  65. OmegaSlayer


    #65 6 months ago
  66. Legendaryboss

    Reminds me of Far Cry 3′s Vaas message about insanity, Far Cry 4 will be next.

    #66 6 months ago
  67. salarta

    Homophobic people are dumbasses and assholes, and it’s kind of ironic that the body part you expect to be seen most often in anti-gay slurs also happens to include terms that are the most accurate to describe people that would use them.

    There, end of thread. I have now officially turned the homophobes in this thread into homosexuals. Enjoy your new homosexuality!

    #67 6 months ago
  68. unknown_gamer

    Best solution to save the world from the NWO agenda , FORBID Homosexuality from spreading

    #68 6 months ago
  69. polygem


    i´d prefer the NWA agenda


    hare krishna!

    #69 6 months ago
  70. polygem

    #70 6 months ago
  71. OmegaSlayer

    Every time I read a thread about homosexuality I can’t help but think that one day homosexuals will look at eterosexuals and say: “those pieces of shit like another gender, kick him”
    I see so much violence in these threads that it’s silly, the more violents being those who wants to defend LGBT rights.
    No right is going anywhere with insults and stuff like that, minds won’t change because people is labelled “inhuman”.
    I just see thrown shit and not integration, and that’s BORING and USELESS.

    #71 6 months ago
  72. Gheritt White

    @OmegaSlayer Unfortunately, I agree with you 100%. I say unfortunate only because I’m one of the chief perpetrators on this thread.

    What can I say? I got carried away with my own sense of righteous indignation.

    #72 6 months ago
  73. DarkElfa

    I can’t wait till we move the comment system to Disqus and have the ability to shove Wulf in a hole.

    #73 6 months ago
  74. Rafa_L

    Oh yes, of course, it’s always about promotion and controversy, it could never be to cater to a smaller demographic who will think this is awesome.

    It seems you are offended by this stuff, many rpg offer romantic options without diminishing the story or gameplay. Are you interested in the witcher 3? Do you take offense that a major distric in the city is the brothel district, that fucking girls is part of his journey?

    As you said, if the sexual orientation doesn’t matter to do a job, why are you sacrificing this character if you have a chance? Why do you care about his story and personal life if you only care about his performance?

    People blog about all kind of stuff, why should he refrain from sharing this? As any other news or commentary.

    I don’t think what he did is brag, but I do think it’s a bragging right, most devs don’t have the guts for any kind of diversity. And I haven’t read anywhere yet that being gay makes him a good or better character, just that his story builds who he is, as with all of us.

    dwarfs protagonists is more of a pressing issue to you, and if you would like to read news about a little person or dwarf as the protagonist (as would I), why dish out this kind of news, that matters to some people as a dwarf would mean to you.

    #74 6 months ago
  75. aussigamer

    @OrbitMonkey HAHAHA logged in to +1 this

    #75 6 months ago
  76. Tormenter

    As Erthazus said, at least we don’t have a dilemma now of who we leave to rot. (my particular wording).

    #76 6 months ago
  77. Tormenter

    Wulf… I like your posts, you obviously put time into them.. I don’t always agree but I find it a fascinating insight into how you think (I’m not a particularly good reader of human nature, its just that you put so much out there )

    However your comment abut the suicides.. as much as it’s a touchy subject and if I had an sense I’d leave it alone… but quite frankly given the rights they have today, the way non-gays are actually legislated in how they must act towards them (same as rascism) and the fact that it’s been this way so long now that you have a generation growing up who haven’t know anything else.. if they are still using prejudice as an excuse for them topping themselves then we can all safely ignore that and put it down to the fact that they certainly have other problems instead.

    Prejudice against colour and sexual orientation hasn’t been a serious issue for anyone in YEARS.. and what is left is no worse that how anyone else gets treated, but it’s become a massive campaign and is perpetrated in perpetuity by those who gain a sense of self from standing loudly out from the crowd and being revered as victim.. and it makes me want to puke.. where were my rights when I was getting my head kicked in for wearing glasses? Where are the ugly and fat peoples rights?… THERE is prejudice right there, and that gets ignored.

    Fuck the gay campaigns and the race campaigns it ceased being an issue for anyone except them a LOOOOONG time ago

    #77 6 months ago
  78. polygem

    The Mario Bros have been openly gay since the 80s. Glad that the rest of the gaming world finally realises that same sex love is nothing to make a big deal of. It has always been just as natural as eating an apple. Overall i blame the church. They made eve look bad for eating apples too.

    #78 6 months ago
  79. Game Hunter

    @polygem Mario Bros are openly gay?hmmm,care to show some proof?

    #79 6 months ago
  80. Vice

    Nothing unexpected from gayware.
    But thanks for warning! Now I know whom to treat like shit and kill off the first chance I get.

    #80 6 months ago
  81. Tormenter


    Don’t be stupid.

    ‘Homophobes’ (There’s an agenda created word if I EVER saw one) are people.. they have EVERY right (as far as gay men go) to be repulsed by the very though of one big hairy guy sticking his dick up the anus of another big hair guy.. it a fucking disgusting thought.. and [b]I[/b] am repulsed by it.

    I might not be able to throw stones at them in the street anymore,…. but I certainly don’t have to like it.. People like you seem to have forgotten this somewhere along the line.. OUR ACTIONS ARE LEGISLATED.. but my thoughts are my own.

    #81 6 months ago
  82. Darkfield

    @Tormenter That is the most idiotic thing I ever seen. DUDE, nobody invited you to witness their love making sessions, there’s absolutely no reason for you to be repulsed by something you are never going to see. It is all in your head, it is your brain that generates these images and makes you wonder about that. And btw look up the word phobia in a bloody dictionary “An extremely strong dislike or fear of someone or something” now read what you wrote and you’ll realise that this is completely true. You’re a homophobe and there’s not a single agenda created thing about it.

    #82 6 months ago
  83. Tormenter


    Just knowing that what they do, makes me sick.

    And I have as much right to have that ‘narrowminded’ opinion as they have to do the act in the first place. which is the point I’m trying to make.. The fact of the matter is that I would never have felt it necessary to voice such a strong (or fucked up, depending on your gullibility) opinion in the first place had these lobby groups not pressured the politicians into legislating how I am able to act… Instead of us being equal, their ‘rights’ have come to supercede our as to who has the more right to freedom of speech. (and I include their ability to ‘marry’ in that… THAT WASN’T EQUALITY, that was the theft and bastardisation of a dear insitution close to the the heart of those it mattered to.. REAL EQUALITY would have been for them to have their own ceremony and their own name for it, with equal legal rights for both parties, not to take someone elses and ‘polute’ it with their own diametrically opposed views.) If the gay community are REALLY interested in EQUALITY then they’ll lobby as equally hard to have the laws removed.. but of course now that they have political push that won’t happpen…

    This issue is no longer about the individuals right, it ceased being that a long time ago, for the politico it has become a case of who can get votes by pandering to the ‘fringe’, and for the gay community it’s a case of continuing to shout and bemoan how they are being marginalised, when they clearly aren’t and haven’t been for sometime.

    The only ones being marginalised are those who are legislated against.

    I have, neither now or in the past, any reason to go around and purposely insult them to their face, but I also won’t be made to bow to their rights, to the detriment of my own….It SHOULD be a case of live and let live, but it’s not that at all, it’s become “let them do want they want and were not even entitled to an opinion.”

    So screw it, if I’m not allowed to have the freedom of thought and action of a free human being, then I see no reason to indulge in the ‘reasonableness’ that would be expected from one.

    #83 6 months ago
  84. polygem

    @Game Hunter (and Tormentor too)

    #84 6 months ago
  85. fearmonkey

    @polygem – Hey Poly, a nsfw would have been nice….lol

    #85 6 months ago
  86. Tormenter


    NSFW dude, regardless of the point you’re trying to make, you should have tagged it for others.

    Yeah, I can see you’re a lot more reasonable than me.

    #86 6 months ago
  87. polygem

    depends on were you´re working ladies.


    ok, sorry…

    #87 6 months ago
  88. Rafa_L


    Clearly you don’t know what you are talking about. The visibility of gay people today is very different from what it was even ten years ago, there are gay and black people living perfectly normal lives. But to say that prejudice isn’t a serious issue anymore is insane, there are still plenty of hate crimes and discrimination. And even if we discard violence, gay people and black people have to deal with a lot of stuff way different then “everybody else”. Reading your second post I wonder if you ever had someone talk about you like that or how you would treat a gay person in the workplace. You say that being gay isn’t a issue but you are proving yourself wrong with your attitude.

    There is prejudice with people with glasses and fat people, and ugly, etc, but there are lots of campaigns against bullying, and you always had your rights, but only rights doesn’t fix everything, it all depends on society in the end. Gay people might be getting their rights by now, but they’ll still have to deal with your kind of person. I’m sorry you got bullied, but you should use that experience to try to understand what these groups of people go through, not try to deny them.

    #88 6 months ago
  89. Tormenter


    And I call bullshit on that.

    ANY prejudice or crap they ‘have’ to go through is certainly no worse now than the hassle other people have to put up with everyday.. people are shit, that’s the way it goes. They don’t need an excuse to be nasty to someone, and its certainly not confined to gays and colours.

    The REALLY gross thing about it all though, is the fucking martyrdom.. ‘Oh woe is me for I am undone.”.. Fuck that..

    There are people having to put up with FAR worse conditions than MAYBE some namecalling, (even I’ve ended up in hospital for wearing glasses, how many of those how many gays and colours (do I really have to constantly write out ‘ethnic minority’?) can say they’ve faced that kind of abuse, hmm?) and they don’t have an entirely lobby subverting the rights of humanity on their behalf.

    So the sooner they all just shut up about their being marginalised the quicker we can all get on with trying to live together, without some twat shouting that they have to have special concessions from the entire fucking planet in order that they feel ok about their proclivities.

    #89 6 months ago
  90. Rafa_L

    @Tormenter I think you are mixing things up… yeah, people can be shit and they’ll find any reason to bully, that is not ok, and I’m sorry if your school, parents or law enforcement didn’t make justice to what happened to you.

    But you are coming off as an angry person with a lot of baggage, it seems you are angry that your issues didn’t get the attention you think it should. It doesn’t make it right to make sure that other abuses go unnoticed. You should use that energy to help people understand what you went through and help stop that, instead of dishing others afflictions (that you obviously have no understating of).

    Maybe you are just an angry person who wants to see others suffer, even your username is tormenter.

    Empathy would make the world a better place, people fighting for more than just what affects themselves, maybe if you tried it, you could someday see people doing the same for you.

    #90 6 months ago
  91. Tormenter


    Nope.. I obviously have anger baggage.. but no more than anyone else coming though this life.. ok, maybe a wee bit more. :/ But it’s not that that ‘clouds my opinion’.

    The fact remains that.. “That’s life” and I’m not really looking for justice from an outside source and I’m not so naive that I think I would get it anyway.. but that NOT the point I was making.

    The fact is EVERYONE has shit to deal with and it’s not always their fault… You can’t have a section of society constantly standing up and saying that they deserve special treatment for it…..and I’ll go EVEN FURTHER on the matter..

    I’ll state categorically that 90% of the moaning minnies out there have never actually experienced any of the ‘so-called’ prejudice they moan about and CERTAINLY not recently, and that it’s become a BADGE to these people to wave their rainbow flag, because these same people people would never let them away with it (whereas you or I would probably ignore a round of namecalling in the street and accept people are just asses.)..and the fact that as it’s all just random insults based purely the fact that someone acts differently, it wouldn’t matter if the were black, gay, fat, ugly, ginger or specky.. the element of so called normality doesn’t need an excuse and certainly don’t care what form the insult takes.

    So, no.. I won’t accept that my and the rest of humanity’s rights have to be subjugated to protect these delicate little flowers.. and certainly not without giving the big fat finger to what is just a big ‘club moan’.

    I WON’T stand for HONEST assault or prejudice.. but all this bullshit fakery and ‘vocational victimry’ can kiss my big pink ass.

    #91 6 months ago

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