E3 2014: Xbox press conference – Crackdown, Tomb Raider, Scalebound announced

Tuesday, 10th June 2014 06:50 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

Microsoft’s E3 2014 press conference was a games filled orgy for the senses as promised, with no mention of TV, apps or the like. Head onward for a full rundown of the happenings.


It’s all about the games today

Microsoft kicked off its E3 2014 press conferences with Microsoft boss Phil Spencer taking the stage.

“We share a common interest with Sony and Nintendo and our fellow developers – that interest is a passion for games,” said Spencer. “With two consoles released in the last year, this year is off to a great start.

“We have been humbled and amazed by tweets, comments, ideas. We are dedicating our entire briefing to games, and make Xbox One the best place to play games this generation.”

Spencer then announced the continuation of Microsoft’s DLC deal with Activision, which will see Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare content arrive on Xbox first. The Sledgehammer-developed shooter was then shown via a gameplay demonstration. You can pick up the new CoD offering on November 4.

Once the Advanced Warfare demo ended,  Turn 10 Studios boss Dan Greenawalt took the stage to announce the Nurburgring track would be releasing today for free for Forza 5 players. But that wasn’t all the Forza news for the day: Forza Horizon 2 creative director Ralph Fulton also came on stage to discuss the game’s dynamic weather  and the racer’s 1080p prowess.

According to Fulton, Forza Horizon 2  doesn’t contain  lobbies and players can form their own clubs with up to 1,000 players. The game releases on Xbox One September 30.

Once the racing bits were over, and new trailer for Evolve, the shooter from Left for Dead studio Turtle Rock Studios, was shown. While it was a fancy sight to behold, no new information was provided.

Ubisoft’s Vincent Pontbriand was also on hand to show a gameplay demo of Assassin’s Creed Unity, which allows players to create their own Brotherbood. The demonstration showing residents of 18th century Paris running through the streets in all out revolt. The game’s four-player co-op mode was also shown.

Assassin’s Creed Unity is in development for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. An exact date was not provided for release, but it is expected by the end of the year.


After the Unity demo, finished a new Dragon Age: Inquisition trailer was shown – and it was lovely. The big news out of the trailer? Inquisition will have “premiere content” first on Xbox. That’s all the information which was provided. The Bioware-developed title releases on October 7.

Xbox One exclusive Sunset Overdrive from Insomniac was shown via an informative and flashy trailer during the conference, with the firm’s Ted Price taking controller in hand to show a gameplay demo. In it, the game’s protagonist – you – was shown fighting a  massive, mutated beast; hoards of enemies; and riding the rails of a roller-coaster.

Eight player mode is also part of the plan,said Price, and you can try it out come release on October 28.

DLC for Dead Rising 3 was shown next, and it is available from today.  It allows you to dress up as your favorite Capcom characters and is titled:  ”Super Ultra Dead Rising 3 Arecade Remix Hyper Edition DX Plus Alpha”. No shit. I’m not lying. That is what it said.

Harmonix boss Alex Grillopolis was also on stage at the event to announce Xbox One exclusive Dance Central: Spotlight, a downloadable title only for Xbox One this September. It was outed by the ESRB earlier this morning.

Once Harmonix left the stage, Lionhead took the stage to announce the multiplayer beta for Fable Legends would be released this “holiday”.

Players can take on the role of the villain in the game, and orchestrate how and where to target players with various powers and tricks.

A video was also shown for Project Spark which featured Conker (hell yes), and a lovely platformer called Ori & the Blind Forest which is a new, Xbox One-exclusive from Moon Studios.

Bonnie Ross, general manager and studio head of 343 Industries, took the stage after the aforementioned trailers to discuss the new Halo, after showing a rehash of the Halo story.


November 11, the Master Chief Saga will be made available in the previously rumored Master Chief Collection. It has over 100 multiplayer maps all running on the original engines at 1080p and 60fps on dedicated servers. And a 4,000 gamerscore.

As previously reported The Halo: Master Chief Collection includes: Halo: Combat Evolved (Halo 1), Halo 2, Halo 3 and Halo 4 with all add-on content.

Halo 2 in the collection will also allow you to play the original game or the updated HD version and it will include all multiplayer included in the original.

Halo Nightfall, the original digital series, will be included in the collection which leads up to the release of Halo 5.

In December you will also be able to play the Halo 5: Guardians beta as a key is included in the collection.

Everything you have seen today, according to Phil Spencer, will be playable this holiday season.

2015 and Beyond

In early 2015, you will be able to play Playdead’s Inside first on Xbox. It’s a 2.5D game, and looks a bit gloomy.

After the trailer, Chris Charla, director of ID@Xbox, took the stage to talk about the indie program and showed a video full of clips featuring various indie titles. A list will likely be provided by Microsoft after the presentation.

After this, a teaser for the new Tomb Raider game was shown. It’s called Rise of the Tomb Raider. There was no date provided.


After the new Tomb Raider tease, CD Projekt RED took the stage to show off the sexy Geralt using a crossbow.

Once the video demonstration was over, Ken Lobb, Microsoft Studios creative director came on stage to announce Xbox One exclusive Phantom Dust which was trademarked just last month.

It’s the remastered version of the original with new gameplay added. So excite!

Ubisoft Massive then took the stage to show off last year’s E3 reveal, Tom Clancy’s The Division, which is also in the works for not only Xbox One, but PS4 and PC as well. It’s out in 2015 sometime and extra content will come first to Xbox One.

Hideki Kamiya from Platinum Games came on stage to announce Xbox One exclusive Scalebound, where this guy fights monsters and rides a dragon. It looked rather badass.

And then, a new Crackdown. Instead of titled Crackdown 3, it’s just Crackdown. Spencer “promised” it was coming back, and delivered on said promise. He said the team is lead by Dave Jones who is one of the original creators.

Spencer then wrapped things up, and showed a new sizzle video of all the titles coming to Microsoft’s Xbox One.


For a full run-down of the rest of the conferences and ongoing reveals and demos in LA this week, use this exhaustive E3 coverage guide, including an insane schedule from Twitch.



  1. johnapocalypse

    This is one of the most exciting days of the year for me

    #1 7 months ago
  2. polygem

    oh man, i can´t fight this. excited again :D

    #2 7 months ago
  3. mistermogul

    The calm before the storm…

    I feel like a kid in a candy shop!

    #3 7 months ago
  4. DarkElfa

    Every time I see that guy’s face I want to punch it.

    #4 7 months ago
  5. fearmonkey

    I’d pay money to see them Announce Mattrick and have him walk on stage and then abruptly do a 180 and walk of stage to open their conference. it would be truly symbolic.

    #5 7 months ago
  6. CyberMarco

    I’m ready, got some soda and popcorns.

    let’s roll! :D

    #6 7 months ago
  7. salarta


    I wonder how many of these they’re actually considering whether they’re meant to be positive or negative statements.

    #7 7 months ago
  8. Oh no its Colt

    Half-Life 3 Confirmed for Microsoft Exclusive :D

    #8 7 months ago
  9. Legendaryboss

    They opened with Call of Duty game wise, different from closing with it.

    #9 7 months ago
  10. polygem

    these cod games start all the same these days right? it´s like saving a princess.

    #10 7 months ago
  11. Legendaryboss

    Still going…

    #11 7 months ago
  12. polygem

    >fast forward>>>>>

    #12 7 months ago
  13. polygem

    DEjA VU

    #13 7 months ago
  14. Erthazus

    New CoD is Crysis 2 clone lol.

    #14 7 months ago
  15. polygem

    this marketing gibberish is getting more and more embarrassing every year.

    #15 7 months ago
  16. CyberMarco

    *DLC first on Xbox… Such innovation, much wow!

    #16 7 months ago
  17. CyberMarco

    Assassin’s Creed: Power Ranger

    #17 7 months ago
  18. polygem


    #18 7 months ago
  19. polygem

    man i am severely getting out of touch with all this.

    #19 7 months ago
  20. Legendaryboss

    My god, Harmonix.

    #20 7 months ago
  21. CyberMarco

    Yeah, all this fuzz to announce DLC? lol lame presentation so far. Everything predictable. Only on Xbox.*

    *And PC where available.

    #21 7 months ago
  22. Erthazus

    Xbox One presentation is summ – DLC presentation.

    Nothing new but here you go Buy DLC PLZ!

    #22 7 months ago
  23. MegaGeek2

    I’m not watching the live stream, so if I’m mistaken I’ll own it, but this looks like one massive DLC announcement.

    Is Microsoft fucked? DLC is a controversial topic to begin with. Who gives a rats ass about timed DLC anyway? Especially for stale franchises like COD. I think MS is underestimating the intelligence of their customers. Anyone who’s baes their console purchase on timed DLC is a sheep.

    #23 7 months ago
  24. salarta

    This has been pretty meh so far, but we can at least say this year’s Microsoft presentation is better than last year’s presentation.

    #24 7 months ago
  25. Legendaryboss

    Ori was interesting, but the conference is meh and treading on cringeworthy with those my favourite game things.

    #25 7 months ago
  26. polygem

    sorry but dudebro

    #26 7 months ago
  27. Legendaryboss

    Halo Saga on Xbox One, predictable.

    #27 7 months ago
  28. polygem

    yea ori looked nice

    #28 7 months ago
  29. polygem

    dat halo 2 mp is sweet tho

    #29 7 months ago
  30. CyberMarco

    @salarta I find the 2013 E3 presentation better compared to this one, since most of what was announced was new, not like these DLC timed exclusives promotions.

    #30 7 months ago
  31. Mike W

    how much longer does MS has, because this conference is pretty bad so far, nothing new. Just DLC bullshit and Halo. :(

    #31 7 months ago
  32. Legendaryboss

    The resolution wars is incoming.

    #32 7 months ago
  33. polygem

    it all just lacks soul. i don´t like at all where they are going with halo.

    #33 7 months ago
  34. Kreion


    You say that, but did you see how many times they said ‘arena’ multiplayer? They never did that for Halo 4, maybe they noticed the shift in the fans?

    #34 7 months ago
  35. polygem

    finally. a true gamer. a nerd. thank god.

    #35 7 months ago
  36. polygem


    #36 7 months ago
  37. salarta

    @CyberMarco I consider this one better because they’re emphasizing the video game aspect of XBox One. I can see where you’re coming from, but I think this presentation is doing what’s most important for impressions of Microsoft and the XBox One, emphasizing the fact there’s a selection of video games on the system.

    #37 7 months ago
  38. Legendaryboss

    My theories about the Halo Saga, beta were correct for Xbox One. Timeframe as well.

    #38 7 months ago
  39. CyberMarco

    @salarta True, but nothing is ground breaking. Same old stuff…

    #39 7 months ago
  40. Clupula

    Salarta, might want to get started on your face.

    #40 7 months ago
  41. CyberMarco

    @CyberMarco And most part is 3rd party timed* exclusives. What’s the point?

    #41 7 months ago
  42. salarta

    I said I’d close the stream if “Tomb Raider” showed up on it, and I meant it. Not watching the stream for the next 5-10 minutes.

    The only positive I can say from what I saw before I caught it was a “Tomb Raider” game was that they’re pointing out trauma is an issue that people have to deal with. This stuff still isn’t appropriate for “Lara Croft” specifically, so I still won’t be supporting any of it.

    #42 7 months ago
  43. Legendaryboss

    Oh dear the cynics were almost spot on, glad I had low expectations.

    #43 7 months ago
  44. Hcw87

    This Witcher build looks like dogshit. Bad decision to show it.

    #44 7 months ago
  45. CyberMarco

    @salarta What did bother you regarding TR?

    #45 7 months ago
  46. polygem

    fuck this guy. poor bird. call peta.

    #46 7 months ago
  47. ManuOtaku

    Iam not happy they forgot the most important news of the evening, halo reach DLC as a timed exclusive

    Joking aside, interested in spark, ori and playdead game, halo Collection with all the content will be great for new gamers that never played halo before, and fans thay will want to keep playing the first games multiplayer aspect, after their closure.

    #47 7 months ago
  48. mistermogul

    Looks like some decent games in there. Halo still bores me to tears though!

    #48 7 months ago
  49. polygem

    mmm pretzel

    #49 7 months ago
  50. salarta

    @CyberMarco Mainly, the whole game not fitting Lara Croft or Tomb Raider in the slightest. The main draw of the actual Tomb Raider games was exploration and puzzles involving tombs, hence the name. Lara Croft, meanwhile, was always meant to be a tough, cool woman with a great deal of tenacity and a core of strength, someone that’s a complete equal to the typical men in the industry.

    Everything I saw and read of the “Tomb Raider” reboot was more about action and exploration without the tomb raider treasure hunter style element. And more importantly, it completely flipped around Lara Croft into the typical horror film survivor girl. Starts off as this scared girl in an adult body, gets forced into becoming something she didn’t want to become in order to survive.

    Is that a good premise for a game? For a female character? Sure, I can grant that. Is it good for Lara specifically? Nope. The real, proper Lara Croft was a badass icon, a character meant to be something to aspire to, not one to empathize with because you can imagine how it would feel to be in a survival situation.

    There are things about these games that I’ll grant are valuable. But the fact they’re being forced into something where they don’t belong, Lara Croft and Tomb Raider, completely undermines them. All of it, really. It turns Lara Croft and Tomb Raider into a soulless product to have random crap shoved into it whenever a dev wants to tell some story they personally like with whatever IP they have on hand, and it turns the important stories that need to be told into nothing more than a marketing schtick for some old IP that people lost respect for because of other past devs that royally screwed it up.

    #50 7 months ago
  51. Ge0force

    Sequels, sequels, sequels and even more sequels. Oh and there’s DLC coming first on Xbox One for all of them. Is this really where this generation is going? :(

    #51 7 months ago
  52. Game Hunter

    @salarta you don’t expect a recently graduated archaeologist to suddenly turn into the badass woman she was before the reboot,right?people have emotions and the new Lara Croft was great at showing her feelings and played completely natural.

    #52 7 months ago
  53. polygem

    nothing made my heart go faster. this box is not for me. not at all.

    #53 7 months ago
  54. Erthazus



    DLC DLC DLC DLC HALO, COD, … Something from Kamiya and Crackdown – no one gives a fuck. Good luck with that Microsoft.

    #54 7 months ago
  55. Clupula

    @Game Hunter Don’t bother arguing with Salarta. It’s all about his weird fetishes when it comes down to it. Just look him up on google to see some of his slash fiction and his waifu obsessions will make a lot more sense.

    #55 7 months ago
  56. CyberMarco

    @salarta I see, I get what you mean. Haven’t played the reboot of Tomb Raider yet, though it’s sitting in my Steam library in limbo.

    Anyhow, regarding Microsoft’s presentation, meh out of 10!

    We had the same exclusive timed* DLC, CoD, Halo, Killer Instict, Fable and the likes.

    New games Sunset Overdive and that Platinum game, 3rd party multiplatform and indies, the usual suspects.


    #56 7 months ago
  57. Legendaryboss

    Alright, who’s next?

    #57 7 months ago
  58. Game Hunter

    No love for 360?WHERE’S OUR 3 YEARS SUPPORT?

    #58 7 months ago
  59. kingsuperdustin

    This was kinda pathetic. It didn’t look like Microsoft put much heart into E3 this year. I wonder if they are still so worried about trying to catch the PS4 that they have given up on their original ideas for the console. Well, here’s to hoping that Nintendo and Sony don’t disappoint.

    #59 7 months ago
  60. Ge0force

    @Game Hunter True, but a Tomb Raider game without puzzles and exploration is a huge disappointment for the fans. The gameplay was nothing more than an Uncharted rip-off, but without the environment puzzels, the humor and the cinematic gameplay sequences. For me Uncharted was a better reboot for the genre than the real Tomb raider reboot.

    #60 7 months ago
  61. Dimaco

    Whoa that was underwhelming to say the least!

    #61 7 months ago
  62. fearmonkey

    At work and missed the conference, but read over what isa listed here. The only thing that was really exciting is the Master chief edition for Xbox One with all the games. Thats a must have if I ever get an Xbox One. Everything esle was expected and pretty much meh as far as reading about it. Maybe ill feel differently after watching the actual conference,

    #62 7 months ago
  63. Clupula

    I was unimpressed. Let’s see if Sony can fix that for me or if Nintendo can surprise me.

    #63 7 months ago
  64. dkpunk

    My god. That was seriously one of the best E3 presentations in years. Can’t believe all the games. Sony has a lot to live up to tonight. Phantom Dust remastered!

    #64 7 months ago
  65. Mike W

    Well that conference was a bit of a letdown. :(

    In my honest opinion MS dropped the ball again, they went entirely to heavy on this stupid ass DLC bullshit and they only showed few XBO exclusive games.

    Now we have to wait for Nintendo and Sony…..hopefully their showing is better than Microsofts’.

    #65 7 months ago
  66. kingsuperdustin

    Microsoft forfeits E3. Now the fight is between Sony and Nintendo.

    #66 7 months ago
  67. POOhead

    Horizon 2 and witcher 3 were the only decent one,most of the trailers for games were so fucking boring, biggest fail was tomb raider, you know its gunna be exactly the same as the last one, lara has a shit day until she grows balls, thought that stupid shit was pointed out on the last game

    #67 7 months ago
  68. Game Hunter

    I mean come on why not releasing a standalone Halo 2 anniversary for 360?just that and I can finally complete my Halo collection.

    #68 7 months ago
  69. salarta

    @Game Hunter I expect a badass archaeologist to have struggles that don’t hinge upon her being a stereotypical horror film survivor girl in the beginning if that’s not what she was created to be.

    I even have a wonderful example of how wrong all of this is: Uncharted 3. Everyone praises the hell out of that franchise, yet Uncharted 3 never requires you to see Nathan Drake as this terrified little boy that’s forced against his will to become something he doesn’t want to be. Nathan Drake CHOOSES to pursue the treasure, he CHOOSES to join Sully in the life he ends up living, EVERYTHING that defines Nathan Drake in Uncharted is built on a base where he chose to become who he is and fully embraced it.

    “Lara Croft” in “Tomb Raider?” She didn’t ask to end up on an island full of danger. She got forced into a survival situation against her will. Nathan Drake is more of the badass Lara Croft used to be that the modern “Lara” is. And that’s sad as hell to me because if the character hadn’t been screwed over with the inappropriate angle of the reboot, if it was handled right, we could say today that Nathan Drake has his origins in Lara Croft, a FEMALE treasure hunter.

    But no. We had to have her changed into a horror film survivor girl, and lose all perspective whatsoever on who this character actually was. Now it’s just “she was always nothing more than a pair of tits bouncing around in tiny shorts.” Twenty years where, despite several games screwing up on her representation, we still understood that Lara was supposed to be a badass icon of female power… gone. All because some people would rather shove horror film tropes onto what used to be the second best, most powerful female protagonist in the entire video game industry short of Samus Aran.

    Everyone can celebrate the hell out of what they’ve turned Lara Croft into, but I won’t. I’ll celebrate when we get her back, sans the obsession with her sexuality. Until that happens, I’m not buying anything with this pseudo-Lara in it.

    #69 7 months ago
  70. kingy

    Well done Microsoft good E3

    #70 7 months ago
  71. Erthazus

    @dkpunk LOL. Phantom Dust remastered. 5 people care.

    Sony yeah… Need a lot to do…. Ahahahahahahha. They can basically show Uncharted 4 demo and go away. They won. Even if it will come out in 2020 really because Microsoft showed nothing. Really they showed what people expected to see on Ubi press conferences or EA.

    Jesus. Phantom Dust. Oh I need to buy a console for that and throw my PC or PS4 or 360/PS3 consoles really… to play in 720p.

    #71 7 months ago
  72. Clupula

    Weren’t you supposed to be ripping off your face, right about now?

    #72 7 months ago
  73. Triggerhappy

    Too little, too late, MS. All of the interesting stuff is available elsewhere, and for me the most interesting thing, Master Chief Collection, is a re-hash of some older games… Not that impressed here, i was REALLY wanting MS to give me a reason to buy their new machine.

    #73 7 months ago
  74. kingsuperdustin

    No 360 love. No Xbox original programming, no new system features, zero Kinect support, not even an new groundbreaking IP. What was Microsoft trying to accomplish or prove? They were bad and they should feel bad.

    #74 7 months ago
  75. super3001

    such win

    sony got nothing on this

    #75 7 months ago
  76. ddtd

    I thought it was a pretty good conference.

    The Fable Legends gameplay trailer was really cool. I’m digging the villain’s dungeon master-like game play options.

    The Crackdown announcement was awesome, especially since Dave Jones is involved!

    Phantom Dust! Nice! BTW, it’s not an HD Remaster, but a reboot. New IP from Platinum looks cool.

    And I’m sorry, but that Dead Rising 3 DLC looks fucking hilarious.

    I also thought it was smart to focus a lot on what’s coming out soon, rather than two years down the line. Yeah, they maybe could have hyped up some “vertical slices” of games that are in the infancy of development, but more likely than not you’ll get a Watch_Dogs situation where the game will never line up to the first footage shown.

    #76 7 months ago
  77. kisame

    best conference ever done by them

    #77 7 months ago
  78. kingsuperdustin

    @ddtd You do prove a good point with them sticking with stuff that will be out relatively soon.

    #78 7 months ago
  79. Game Hunter

    The conference is finished?seriously, the most lackluster conference in years.even worse than last year.sorry Phil,but game focus my ass!so they officially announced that even this Gen Microsoft will put its focus on Xbox services instead of exclusives,just like last gen.

    #79 7 months ago
  80. Erthazus

    Sony hve two options to win this clusterfuck of DLC’s. Show Uncharted 4 demo or announce that Demon’s souls 2 is exclusive and I will say that Sony E3 sucks so bad

    but compared to Microsoft it’s a winner.

    Really. Microsoft showed just a bunch of trailers for multiplatform titles. LOL

    #80 7 months ago
  81. salarta

    @super3001 Not really. It’s definitely much better than the conference they had last year, but the stuff that’s actually linked to Microsoft itself wasn’t “blow you out of the water” interesting. Sony could easily trump this.

    This year’s Microsoft conference did reach the most important element, though: it emphasized the games.

    #81 7 months ago
  82. marporte

    I wasn’t too excited. Phantom Dust promises something great but even the original Xbox Audience neglected the first game even though it was pretty spiffy. I just hope the same thing doesn’t happen again with this new PD. As far as Platinum projects go I am more interested in Bayonetta 2. All I can say is at the very least MS is moving in a much better direction with their E3 presentations because they pretty much let Titanfall do most of the work last year and like I said then it was not an exclusive franchise and now we got Dead Rising being produced on PC so it will probably come to PS4 as well. At least Halo, Crackdown, Phantom Dust and Forza are first party.

    #82 7 months ago
  83. Dimaco

    Hahah no single word about kinect… so much for a central feature! LOL

    #83 7 months ago
  84. mr_krunchi

    AHHHH I’m so excited for Phantom Dust! Wasn’t expecting that :D

    #84 7 months ago
  85. tmac2011

    man they changed their tune lol no talk about tv

    #85 7 months ago
  86. harr0w

    MS conference barely exceptable

    #86 7 months ago
  87. JB

    Any new games this year, or just sequels and collections of previous games again?

    #87 7 months ago
  88. Opalauge


    DR3 was funded by MS. It will definetly never come to PS4.


    Good show. Nothing really surprising, but a bunch of promising exclusives.

    #88 7 months ago
  89. Kreion

    @Game Hunter
    Go and die in a fire. I literally can’t be bothered to deal with people as ignorant as you.

    #89 7 months ago
  90. salarta

    @Kreion Conference opinions: worthy of death!

    #90 7 months ago
  91. dkpunk

    Barely except what?

    #91 7 months ago
  92. zoopdeloop

    although a pretty boring and generic game Dead Rising 3 was published by MS and nothing more. This whole “they’re funding it”false saying has been said to many times already…Ninja Gaiden,Mass Effect etc.

    #92 7 months ago
  93. Opalauge


    Nope! MS and Capcom Vancouver started a partnership in the middle of the development and MS provided financial and technical support to convert it from it’s former PC-build to an XBO exclusive.

    #93 7 months ago
  94. tracyis300

    I don’t get why allot of people are butt hurt over there conference? I thought it was pretty good and striate to the point on what everyone wanted to see? They showed off allot of new games (even though some were sequels but there still new) and saying that DLC is coming to the Xbox first!
    I’m sure Sony is going to do the same thing at the end of a game presentation too!
    Gosh i hope Nintendo shows off a true Zelda game so that i would have a reason to get a Wii-U

    #94 7 months ago
  95. thesnowman

    I thought they had a decent conference without being spectacular. Decent line up for 2014, with Sunset overdrive, Forza Horizon 2 and halo MC Collection being first party exclusives alongside the 3rd party stuff.

    #95 7 months ago
  96. dazedonthemoon

    Y’all are all some negative fucks. Grim as all get out. Microsoft had a pretty damn good conference. Timed DLC has always been M$’s shtick, nothing surprising about games getting DLC first on Xbox.

    #96 7 months ago
  97. Game Hunter

    Ok I was too harsh on this.good conference overall,let’s say B-,but the lack of support 360 made me furious. I expected something mindblowing.Scalebound came close to that.btw,somebody said I should burn myself in fire.unfortunately for you sir,Devil Never Burns!*laughs diabolically *

    #97 7 months ago
  98. Kreion

    @Game Hunter
    Good. The 360 shouldn’t be on their radar at this point, the more games that go on that the less likely people are to buy a One. Also it makes it possible for games to be worse because they are being released on both One and 360.

    #98 7 months ago

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