New DriveClub gameplay unleashes super cars on the Canadian countryside

Friday, 16th May 2014 12:54 GMT By Dave Owen

We’re finally starting to get a good luck at PS4-exclusive racer DriveClub, and new gameplay footage puts you behind the wheel of a Pagani Huayra in a tight race across the lush scenery of rural Canada.

The footage comes from a beta version of the game, and is displaying at 1080p and running at 30fps. We get a good look at the cockpit-view, as well as a shorter glimpse how it’ll look if you prefer to drive from a third-person perspective. Either way, it’s looking pretty.

DriveClub was a high profile absentee from the PS4 launch as its release was pushed back into 2014. You can read our interview with game director Paul Rustchynsky about why that decision needed to be made. The game is now due later this year.



  1. nostramo

    Yea, definitely 30 fps.

    #1 7 months ago
  2. Dog4life

    If it’s not boring like the gran turismo series, i’m in

    #2 7 months ago
  3. mistermogul

    Looks pretty decent to me!

    I’m glad Sony are getting an alternative to GT.

    #3 7 months ago
  4. Hcw87

    Sounds and graphics are really good, but i dislike the fact that they refuse to show collisions/damage. It’s like whoever played did his best to not hit the other cars. Lets hope it’s not as terribad as Gran Turismo where you can just slide along walls on tight corners and where collisions feel like the cars are made of rubber.

    Fast racing games also requires 60fps in my book.

    #4 7 months ago
  5. jeuxvideo4life

    I need a racing game for my ps4 asap.

    #5 7 months ago
  6. kingy

    It looks good and it looks fun but it so should be 60 fps

    #6 7 months ago
  7. fearmonkey

    That video is so compressed, looks terrible. Couldn’t they release a better video than that?

    #7 7 months ago
  8. Hcw87


    #8 7 months ago
  9. Doppleganger

    I can’t believe they let a 12 year old boy drive a Pagani!

    #9 7 months ago

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