Epic teases new game that will “push next generation graphics,” plus more Unreal Engine 4 titles

Thursday, 24 April 2014 10:49 GMT By Dave Cook

Epic Games has bounced back from a period of relative quiet with a string of new Fortnite reveals, and its VR title Couch Knights. However, studio co-founder Tim Sweeney has teased another “high end” game that will “push next generation graphics.”

infiltrator artwork -epic games

Speaking with Edge, Sweeney said of the game, “It’s going to push next generation graphics as you’d always expect Epic to do.”

“There’s a lot [of Unreal Engine 4 games] on the way and a large number of them haven’t been announced,” he went on. “You’ll see lots of triple-A stuff coming out over time.”

As for the nature of said games, Sweeney suggested that they may not be triple-a experiences as we know them, saying “The industry’s changing. This generation it seems like there are about a third of the number of triple-A titles in development across the industry as there was last time around – and each one seems to have about three times the budget of the previous generation. I think we’re heading towards a future where triple-A is the minority.”

But what’s the big new Epic game? The smart money’s on a title based on the company’s Infiltrator and Samaritan tech demos, as suggested by this batch of GDC presentation slides.

What do you think?

Via OXM.