Titanfall Xbox 360 will run “above 30 frames per second,” says producer

Friday, 4th April 2014 16:48 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

Titanfall’s framrate on Xbox 360 has been confirmed to run “above 30 frames per second,”according to Bluepoint senior producer Daryl Allison.

Speaking on the official Titanfall website , Allison called Titanfall on the Xbox 360 a “true experience” with everything found in the Xbox One and PC versions included.

“The game looks great, sounds great, and above all it plays great,” wrote Allison. “There are of course some technical differences that are due to the technical limitations of the hardware – for example, the game runs above 30fps – but rest assured, the intense 6v6 wall-running, titan dropping action is all there.

“We wanted Xbox 360 gamers playing Titanfall at the same time as everyone else, but it needed more time. EA and Respawn made the right call and the extra time has paid off.”

Titanfall on Xbox 360 will release on April 8.



  1. Panthro

    Gosh 360 user’s are so lucky, a whole 30 frames per second!? Spoilt rotten!

    #1 9 months ago
  2. Hcw87

    PC is the best way to go for this (and any other multiplat) game.

    #2 9 months ago
  3. tenthousandgothsonacid

    I bet it doesn’t always run at >30 fps. I wonder what the res is…

    #3 9 months ago
  4. jmg24bad

    It feels like there was supposed to be a second part to that statement. “Hardware limitations. Runs above 30 fps ” the other half is supposed to be that the game runs at 360p

    #4 9 months ago
  5. Panthro


    360p is all you need for games graphics dont matter i have a 3000 pc and play all my games at at lowest settings and 360p because graphics dont change gameplay.

    #5 9 months ago
  6. digi-cat

    They should just hook it up to the MS cloud that they demonstrated yesterday, what that onstage demo proved is that anything and everything becomes 40 times better with clouds, 300fps/1337p here we come :P

    #6 9 months ago
  7. Xbone

    You know… 30fps could sound fine if there is a high res, but because they did not mention resolution, im bet its 720p.

    #7 9 months ago
  8. KineticCalvaria

    So 31 fps with frequent drops to 15?

    Awesome stuff! They really should have left this as next gen only. It’s BF3/BF4 360 version all over again, pointless money grabs.

    #8 9 months ago
  9. Mike W


    For this game maybe………for “all” multiplat games? that is debatable.

    #9 9 months ago
  10. Panthro

    @Mike W


    #10 9 months ago
  11. CPC_RedDawn

    Titanfall is a mess on PC.

    My PC is no slouch believe me (4770K @ 4.5GHz, 16GB 2400MHz RAM, R9 290) and the game runs fine completely maxed out 1080p its 60fps the whole time but with Vysnc on it has stutter issues (this is on both Nvidia and AMD cards) and if you turn off vsync which is best for multiplayer games as you get no mouse lag like you do with vsync on the game is still locked at 60fps and tears like crazy. I normally don’t mind tearing as the fps is so high on other games on my PC but in this game its a joke.

    Also there is a way for Nvidia users to unlock the fps but for us AMD users that trick does not work so we have to wait for respawn to fix it which apparently they are doing.

    #11 9 months ago
  12. Hcw87


    144hz is the way to go to avoid tearing.

    The downside is that you’ll never want to go back to 60hz monitors again.

    #12 9 months ago
  13. Arcnail

    Has there ever been a game of this hype to have not been shown so close to it’s release?

    Odds are it looks very close to the Xbone, but they just needed it to come out first there to sell systems.

    #13 9 months ago
  14. The_Red

    It’s really sad how Respawn’s Titanfall ended up. I was really hoping for the next game from makers of MW1 and MW2.

    - Sadly, the campaign was ditched.
    - Their publisher made an with MS about ditching PS3 and PS4 versions while calling the XB1 version exclusive (Falsely).
    - Then they released an unoptimized game on both Xbox One and PC.
    - Even the PC version looks dated and in parts ugly (visually).
    - Meanwhile, the XB1 version plays really unevenly.
    - Cloud features were touted left and right but in the end were nothing but buzz words.
    - They made strange choices like 792p res for console version.
    - Finally, there is a 360 version coming out MUCH later that runs “above 30″ but not near 60 (So it can be 31fps for all we know).
    - Said 360 version will be out in mere days and yet we haven’t seen a single screenshot or footage (Not even promotional stuff).


    #14 9 months ago
  15. The_Red

    @The_Red Goddamit, no EDIT button :(

    Forgot to mention that the real tragedy is how the actual gameplay is really good. I haven’t played the console ones but my time with the PC version of beta was a true blast (Dated visuals aside).

    This amazing gameplay deserved a better treatment than lackluster content (Limited maps and modes), unfair price (Full 60 for a small MP only game) and other things from previous post.

    #15 9 months ago
  16. OlderGamer

    The game is nothing to marvel at on XBO(I own it).

    Stupid shit like:

    “but rest assured, the intense 6v6 wall-running, titan dropping action is all there.”

    Is just that; stupid shit.

    Once in awhile you will want to wall run. But mostly you will just run at a wall or building and double jump Mario style till you reach the top. This game is NOT as vertical as the hype leads you to believe. Titans don’t even scale, they are always stuck on the ground. And most building are two to four stories tall. It is not as if you are scaling skyscrapers stage after stage. The need to jetpack, wall run and the like is very small.

    And I am sorry but 6V6 is not a reflection of some uber game balancing. The stages aren’t huge, but 6v6 means they often time feel empty. You can wonder around several minutes and not shoot at anyone. The AI is minimal, I thought they would be everywhere. They aren’t, here and there in small groups of three or four and they have set route of movement(they spawn and run to a location a short distance away and wait to be shot).

    The Titans themselves are an embarrassment. This is no Hawken. I like to play as a footie more then a Titan. It feels like I am playing some over grown robot fighter game from years gone by when I am in a Titan. They are slow and lumbering, they lack tactics. You most of the time just stand there in one spot and unload on each other. Numbers always win. You can dodge if it makes you feel better but it has very little effect because it is so slow that any half way decent player can follow your dodge with gun fire. Titan V Titan reminds me of playing the old Godzilla/Monster Wars games from PS2/GC/XB.

    Titanfall is a game that I wanted to like a lot more then I thought I would, if that makes sense. I knew the hype had to be over done, but when a local store offered the XBO TF bundle for 400usd and tossed a second controller for free, I bought it. I figured 400usd for what I got was 220usd off of what I would have paid for a system, a game, and a controller. Still wasn’t worth it.

    You guys do what you want, that is my rant, your millage may vary.

    #16 9 months ago
  17. OlderGamer

    One last thing is that many of my matches are less then 6v6. They often end up 4v5, 4v6, 5v6 or something of the sort. Leaving one team at a disadvantage. One of the perks for a 32v32 team game is that if one or two players leave your not screwed for the entire round.

    #17 9 months ago
  18. BorisAndXboxSittingInATree

    titanfall is a cinematic game and cinematics are best watched at 30fps (like a cinema) so this was probably a choice and not a limitation since xbox 360s are pretty powerful

    #18 9 months ago
  19. fengato

    @OlderGamer (specifically post 16) Nobody will probably see this comment as the article is old, though you’ve done an excellent job of describing how this game really plays. Boggles the mind that it would review so well, and be hailed as something fresh and exciting.

    #19 9 months ago

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