UPDATED: Gaikai site redesign reveals potential PS Now game prices

Monday, 10th March 2014 09:17 GMT By Dave Cook

PlayStation Now developers Gaikai has updated its official site, which now contains a UI concept for the service, along with some price-points for games such as Far Cry 3, Uncharted 3 and The Last of Us.

It follows Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter calling PlayStation Now “a joke.”

We’ve also got a full report on what PlayStation Now is and how it works here.

These are possibly place-holder RRPs, but here’s the concept image, as found in GaiKai’s history section.


As you can see; there are options to stream Far Cry 3 and Uncharted 3 in their entirety using PS Now in for $5.99 and $4.99 each, while The Last of Us is priced $49.99 to buy outright. They each say “Full Game” next to them.

Over on Gaikai’s About section, the company writes

“At Gaikai, we believe in solving difficult problems to create exceptional experiences. People said it was impossible to stream video games at high quality with low latency. We did it anyway. They said there was no way for a small company to build the world’s fastest interactive entertainment network. So we did that too. We even won a Guinness World Record for it.

“It isn’t easy. It requires custom hardware. Dozens of software systems. And a world-class team to put it all together. But you know what? It’s worth it. Because, when you find yourself playing a PlayStation game within seconds of pressing a button, without downloading or installing anything, on a device that was never designed to do that, it’s nothing short of magical.”

We’ve contacted Sony to see if these prices are in the right ballpark, and our local rep replied, “we don’t comment on rumour speculation. ”



  1. Fin

    You’ve misinterpreted the image.

    UC3 and FC3 prices are for PS Now, but there’s no Now symbol on Infinite or Last of Us, so presumably those’re the download prices.

    #1 10 months ago
  2. Dave Cook

    @Fin Yeah, I know. It says ‘Full Game.’

    #2 10 months ago
  3. nikk900

    I know you’re trying to plug another article, but putting in Patchers comments seemed a bit random and a bit harsh, still, made me chuckle.

    #3 10 months ago
  4. Dragon

    Price seems great… too great.
    Although will it be time based or unlimited? Well, everything will be cleared once the release date is closer.

    #4 10 months ago
  5. Fin

    @Dave Cook

    Article implies TLOU price is for PS Now.

    #5 10 months ago
  6. Dave Cook

    @Fin It is. You can stream full games via PS Now.

    #6 10 months ago
  7. Erthazus

    With the Gaikai shitty streaming where internet speed is important… This price is not worth it especially when you can buy yourself TLOU for 25$+ at some store. The game is almost one year already.

    #7 10 months ago
  8. Djoenz

    So not subscription based? Why would I pay for games I already paid for?

    Gamers can now play games the same way they stream TV, movies and music…instantly. Starting with PlayStation®3 and PlayStation®4, and expanding to PlayStation®Vita, BRAVIA TV’s and other Sony and non-Sony devices, PlayStation™Now will be available on the electronic devices gamers use most.
    I can dig this. You wouldn’t even need a console lol.

    It should be tested…a lot.

    #8 10 months ago
  9. X14EVR

    wow another shitty copy company xbox had this first
    who would pay for this crap anyway expecielly on ps4 where the quality of stream and the quality of games will be megashitty
    buy xbox = buy quality with games like ryse and forza and cod map packs first
    buy piss4 = buy waste of money with games like resogay and indie pc shit that real gamers dont want with streaming shit that wont work because sony dont have enough money unlike MS who could pull this off because they better company overall
    heard it here first this will fail like everthing the shitstation 3.1 does

    #9 10 months ago
  10. Dave Cook

    @Djoenz You can pay by game, subscribe and rent, it seems.

    #10 10 months ago
  11. Erthazus

    @Djoenz This is going to be interesting if they are going to make PS Now available on the PC. I’m not sure for that. Maybe not at launch.

    #11 10 months ago
  12. MFBB

    @Erthazus 4-5 € price for Gakai games in Europe would be amazing.

    My internet connection here in Germany is grea and my PSN connection aswell.
    Always get great speed.

    I would use Gakai for anything that dosnt require fast reactions like ego shooters/sport games.

    Strategy, RPG, Adventure etc could all work really well.

    Would also be quite cheap if the prices are real, renting a PS3 game for 7days costs me 3-8€.

    #12 10 months ago
  13. Erthazus

    @MFBB 4 and 5 euro’s is an awesome price for games but what games exactly? 2-5 year old games?
    There will be no publisher that is going to use this service for new games and price them for 4-5 euro’s. Not possible.

    #13 10 months ago
  14. Fin

    @Dave Cook

    No, you’ve misunderstood.

    The Far Cry 3 price is to play with PS Now.
    The Uncharted 3 price is to play with PS Now.
    The Last of Us price is a full game download price.
    The Bioshock Infinite price is a full game download price.

    #14 10 months ago
  15. mongbatstar

    @Fin Possibly, possibly not. TLOU also appears on the Vita screen in the image. That would happen under normal circumstances; the Vita store only shows you Vita products.

    #15 10 months ago
  16. Michael Ireland

    “Stream games with low latency”

    Why would I want to do that when I could just play them with none?

    The prices seem fair, but not much better than the cost in store. It’s just an excuse to make people pay for something they’ll never actually own.

    #16 10 months ago
  17. Fin


    It has “Full Game PS3″ under TLOU, the same under UC3, but there’s a very visible PS Now icon under UC3. No such icon under TLOU.

    #17 10 months ago
  18. mongbatstar

    @Fin No wiggle room for ambiguity? Ok, let’s draw firm conclusions from a single promo image without context. Choo choo!

    TLOU and Bioshock: Infinite Vita ports confirmed!

    #18 10 months ago
  19. Fin


    It’s ok for there to be ambiguity, but not ok for an article discussing it not to acknowledge said ambiguity.

    #19 10 months ago
  20. Fin

    Eurogamer did it right:

    “The $49.99 price for The Last of Us in the image is presumably for a full game download, because there’s no PS Now icon and it’s, you know, the price of a full game.”

    #20 10 months ago
  21. Dave Cook

    @Fin No, I understand that. I think you’re making assumptions about what I *thought* the image meant.

    Where did I *not* say that TLOU was the full priced game?

    #21 10 months ago
  22. Erthazus

    What’s funny is that you get Far Cry 3 for 6$ that is a PS3 version but PS3 version is crap. For this price you can get Far Cry 3 at summer sales back in the day that is in 1080p/60 fps and on max graphics with HD textures.
    If you are promoting Gaikai service, quality of the image should be from a PC but with limitations because of streaming.

    No point in Gaikai.

    #22 10 months ago
  23. Erthazus

    @Erthazus I’m talking about Steam sales.

    Damn you, EDIT button. Where are you? =(

    #23 10 months ago
  24. Ninos

    @Erthazus, you never get tired of being an arse with those comments about fps, resolution… Your suposed superiority, just because you care about these tecnicall bullshit is just pointless for almost every gamer in the world.

    we just want to have fun playing games, like that’s why we don’t get a new TV just because of their specs like contrast, hrz, brightness.

    And 5€ to stream a game is just great, because i can be in the mood to play a title i’ve never had a chance to do. Is like Netflix, when i want to watch a new tv show. Simple, easy, user friendly, and the most important really cheap.

    #24 10 months ago
  25. Joe Musashi

    #16 ” It’s just an excuse to make people pay for something they’ll never actually own.”
    No, because, you know, you never own the software anyway. Never.

    This is another example of what game sales already are: paying to access content owned by others.

    And, far more significantly, it is the a next step towards what I’ve been saying will happen for a while: games as a service.

    Being a service, the aspect of ownership is completely bypassed anyway. So misappropriating speculative laws made in various parts of the world won’t even apply here.

    For anyone saying it’ll never happen, you should note that it already has.

    For further examples of games-as-a-service see Instant Games Collection on PlayStation Plus.


    #25 10 months ago

    @X14EVR I wonder how someone can fit an Xbox, Xbox 360 and an XBoxOne in their ass cause it seems like you are full of shit. Wait, if you are being compensated for your crazy comments then I get it but otherwise damnmmm… Fanboys are such a-holes.

    #26 10 months ago
  27. Erthazus

    @Ninos “just because you care about these tecnicall bullshit is just pointless for almost every gamer in the world.”

    Just because you have crappy TV or a monitor does not mean that your opinion is exclusive and no one cares. A lot of people care about god quality image and decent frames per second.

    If no one cared about resolution there would not be a lot of dumb hysteria over PS4/XO resolution and frames per second thing.

    #27 10 months ago
  28. Michael Ireland

    @Joe Musashi Except I will always be able to use the disc in my hand.

    The same can’t be said for digital downloads, especially when they’re tired to a single console. Streaming gaming is even stupider, because it’s not running natively on your machine.

    Twenty years down the line, when Gakai has already shut down because nobody wanted to use it and consoles are considered “old fashioned” because everyone will be able to do everything they need to on a portable device, I’ll still be able to pop Suikoden 2 into a second hand machine and play it to my hearts content.

    My point wasn’t even about straight up ownership. It was about accessibility.

    #28 10 months ago
  29. Joe Musashi

    Historically, the terms of videogame sales have never ever provided ownership. Only access.

    The assumption that holding it in your hand equates to ownership is just that: assumption.


    #29 10 months ago
  30. MrSec84

    @X14EVR [QUOTE] wow another shitty copy company xbox had this first[/QUOTE]

    No Xbox didn’t have this first, Microsoft hasn’t got a service capable of streaming video game content on demand to anyone with an internet connection.
    Microsoft can’t host all Xbox games, handle the processing so it can be received to any device they choose, you’re talking BS.

    [QUOTE]who would pay for this crap anyway expecielly on ps4 where the quality of stream and the quality of games will be megashitty[/QUOTE]

    The mountains of people that have a PC, Tablet, any number of devices, kids with parents that have a Bravia TV, that wants to play the many quality games Sony & their 2nd & 3rd party publishers, many of which you likely play on your XBox 360 (assuming you have one).
    Gaikai was the best streaming service handling PC titles like Witcher 2, the quality of the stream depends entirely on bandwidth from Sony’s end & the internet.
    As far as servers go Sony can build whatever they like & stream anything, this is a true game changer because it’s not only about the current content, but all future content, this is very much going to be a multi billion dollar profit machine every year for Sony.

    [QUOTE]buy xbox = buy quality with games like ryse and forza and cod map packs first[/QUOTE]

    You really just wrote that?
    Ryse by many accounts is more boring than a calculator & Forza is a microtransaction filled copy of it’s former self that looks like a slightly clearer Forza 4, what a joke.
    As for Cod Map packs first, only while Xbox One sales of COD games are within striking distance of PS4′s, but they’re pulling away, there’s nothing stopping Sony from pulling the “we have better software sales of all COD games” card & Activision will have to sit up & take notice, hell they can still make exclusive content for the PS4 version of the game & just cut down the map pack DLC coming to Xbox One because of Microsoft’s failed console experiment.

    [QUOTE]buy piss4 = buy waste of money with games like resogay and indie pc shit[/QUOTE]

    You seriously put an awesome game & the industry if developers that will bring real innovation to gaming in negative light.
    You’re joking here, the indie content already available on PS4 trumps that junk you listed above by miles.

    [QUOTE]that real gamers dont want with streaming shit that wont work because sony dont have enough money unlike MS who could pull this off because they better company overall
    heard it here first this will fail like everthing the shitstation 3.1 does[/QUOTE]

    Real gamers want quality, this is a platform that can deliver anything & the rubbish you spouted about Sony not having the money to support it is laughable.
    Sony actually sees gaming content as a core focus, this is a platform for them to deliver that to anyone around the world.
    The service will grow with demand.
    Having PS3 motherboards means they can just upload a digital database of all content available on the platform & anyone with hardware capable of receiving a connection can play it.
    The content doesn’t stop at PS3, but any games Sony has in their library, from any device.

    Those games trump the tiny library of mediocre titles & rehashed games Microsoft has out out.

    Seriously this is coming from someone that saw the the Original Xbox as a spiritual successor to one of the most amazing consoles of all time (that being the Dreamcast), Microsoft lacks any interest in developing their 1st party or bringing quality they had with that platform to the games industry.

    Now all they do is try to money hat their way around, but they’re going to lose the only positive in the way of games content, which came from 3rd party & having the majority of the best versions of those games.

    Microsoft has never been about creating quality 1st party studios, that’s always been Sony & Nintendo’s strength, their 1st party studios are juggernauts.
    Halo, Forza & Fable are the only 1st party games worth a mention & those have been rinsed dry to the point where they’re shadows of their former selves, at least Nintendo can reinvent their games & Sony’s 1st party can invent great new IPs, Microsoft as I said has to rely on other developers outside of their ownership.

    With software sales failing them, their install base falling far behind the competition they will hold no weight, even their money won’t be enough to turn the tide, because costs to money hat 2nd party exclusives will be too much against the massive gap Sony’s creating with their much larger install base.

    PS Now is a great concept & can easily provide more weight to Sony’s negotiations to get exclusive content on their platforms in the future.

    MS doesn’t have a similar platform to Gaikai, they don’t have Sony’s exclusives & pretty soon they’ll lose 3rd party support, which leaves them in a precarious position within the console games industry.
    It’s no wonder that rumors have been rife about Microsoft leaving the console space.

    A 3rd party box that can’t play games anywhere near as good as the competition isn’t going to have much appeal.
    The living room entertainment system, without appealing exclusives has no selling point.
    People can use their PC, PS4, PS3, 360, Wii U & Tablets to use streaming services, they have a TV remote, home audio system that can do switching between devices so there’s no need to spend hundreds on a system that offers them nothing but some initially novel gesture control that only works 60% of the time, which eventually that novelty wears off, until you’re left with a box that doesn’t play the quality 1st party of Sony or Nintendo, gets terrible ports of 3rd party, doesn’t have the killer 2nd party even to cater to it’s tinier install base.

    This is how things are likely to be, you banked on the wrong box, should have seen this coming considering what Sony bought to PS3 throughout it’s life, which is how Sony managed to sell a more expensive machine that got inferior multiplats, now that every positive is in Sony’s court they’re capitalizing on it.

    Even online multiplayer has drastically improved, to the point where the majority that thought PSN was worse than XBL on 360 doesn’t care anymore about the differences.
    Sure you’ll get the odd Xbot claiming XBL is so much better, but when people can get a fine experience on PS4 & get free quality games every month for the platform, with their subscription fee they don’t care about such minor differences, especially when the better versions of multiplats with noticeable differences are on PS4.

    Anyway PS Now has a lot of potential, you’re narrow minded view & lack of foresight for something that has a lot to offer is the trouble with fanboys, your trolling of anything positive is a joke.

    #30 10 months ago
  31. MrSec84

    @Erthazus [QUOTE]What’s funny is that you get Far Cry 3 for 6$ that is a PS3 version but PS3 version is crap.[/QUOTE]

    Well it’s the same basic game.

    [QUOTE]For this price you can get Far Cry 3 at summer sales back in the day that is in 1080p/60 fps and on max graphics with HD textures.[/QUOTE]

    But you can’t just run that on anything, you need the hardware.

    [QUOTE]If you are promoting Gaikai service, quality of the image should be from a PC but with limitations because of streaming.[/QUOTE]

    Do you realize what of making a sever farm, with the hardware to run the multiplats at the level you’re talking would cost?
    We’re talking about over a grand to run every stream, PS3 hardware is considerably cheaper.
    If you wanted to optimize for that PC to get more copies on the platform that would take recoding & why not just recode those games for PS4′s hardware to run PS3 games directly?
    Because again it’s about cost.

    [QUOTE]No point in Gaikai.[/QUOTE]

    Of course there’s a point to it, there’s a major point to it, but you can’t see that because you don’t want the PS3 experience, that you can take anywhere with you.

    I agree that it would be better if Sony could at least get the PS3 IQ level at 1080p 60FPS+, but that would mean extra cost per game, basically making it a less economical service for Sony to put out.

    The very point of this service is that people can play Playstation games anywhere provided they have an authorized device & an internet connection.

    The very people that this will be marketed to won’t have any experience with PC level IQ at 1080p 60FPS or above those settings, so I guess you could say ignorance is bliss.
    This doesn’t mean that Sony couldn’t improve the content’s level of experience in the future, but this is the initial platform Sony’s talking about launching.

    As a company Sony has been quick to change, to please their audience, I suspect PS Now will be a similar thing.
    Maybe they’ll have a entry level & other levels of say a premium experience that eventually does boast better quality of output in these games, but such a thing would cost more, so there has to be a compromise in the beginning.

    Anyway this is initially about getting PS3 games to stream to a variety of places, that’s right now, I wouldn’t write off the possibility of things improving in the future.
    At first it would just be about getting a taster of content out in the wild, then increasing that library, until it’s as large as possible, maybe even encompassing the full Playstation 1, 2, 3, 4, Vita, PSP, etc library.
    Such a thing would have a huge selling point, if the price is right.

    Right now we’ll just have to wait & see where Sony goes with this.

    #31 10 months ago
  32. OlderGamer

    I admire the work and time you spent putting all of that together Mr.Sec84

    I don’t agree with a few of the points, but hey your entitled.

    #32 10 months ago

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