Year Walk makes the jump to PC and Mac, trailer inside

Monday, 17th February 2014 15:11 GMT By Sherif Saed

Year Walk developer Simogo has announced that it is brining its atmospheric puzzler to PC and Mac next month.

The PC and Mac versions will be out on Steam March 6 and will feature new locations, new puzzles, updated art and Steam achievements. Those who played the game on iOS will be happy to know that the contents of the companion app will be available directly in this version of the game.

Year Walk is an atmospheric puzzler set in 19th-century Sweden that was released on iOS last year, and its developer, Simogo, was labelled a developer to watch by Apple.

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  1. Mr_Bumpo

    Nice, wasn’t able to play the ios version.

    #1 10 months ago
  2. TheWulf

    Well then. Seems like everything’s making its way to the PC. I feel sad for those who’re locked into exclusivity deals as a first party who can’t do this. Reason being is that I can’t imagine that, say, LittleBigPlanet on the PC wouldn’t outsell the PS3 version. Just as Minecraft has outsold it.

    I just think that that kind of peculiarity has more of an audience on the PC, so I feel sad for developers who aren’t seeing as much success as they deserve. Maybe Sony will ‘let them go’ eventually, and things will change.

    This is why I’m not a fan of exclusivity either way. I’m sure stuff like Rust and DayZ would sell like hotcakes on the consoles, even more than they do on the PC. So this goes both ways.

    #2 10 months ago

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