Flappy Bird clones being rejected by Apple & Google as creators speak out

Monday, 17 February 2014 11:01 GMT By Dave Cook

Flappy Bird clones are now being rejected on the iOS App Store and Google Play following a wave of developers trying to cash-in or pay tribute to Dong Nguyen’s controversial game.

Last week; we reported that game creators were making their own takes on Flappy Bird in Flappy Jam, an event that saw teams purposely cloning the title as a way of offering moral support to Nguyen, who had earlier pulled the game from sale.

Now; Apple and Google have taken a harder stance on Flappy Bird clones following the saga, as several developers have found themselves stone-walled during the submission process.

Eurogamer has rounded up some Tweets from denied creators, after Apple blocked them for trying to, “leverage a popular app.” Google on the other hand is marking clone submissions as “spam.”

It seems a bit ‘rich’ given there are tons of less-profiled clones making their way through the submission processes of both stores without any resistance. Flappy Dragon developer Ken Carpenter agreed on Twitter, stating:

Carpenter’s clone also failed to pass Google submission suggesting that the party is over for the Flappy Jam initiative.

He added that Gooogle rejected his clone off the bat:

A quick tour of Twitter reveals that Carpenter is not alone in this, as other developers have spoken out regarding their clone’s denial.

What do you make of the matter?