Broken Age: Part One will be released to Kickstarter backers next week

Friday, 10th January 2014 19:49 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

Broken Age: Part One will be released to Kickstarter backers next week as promised on Tuesday, January 14, Double Fine confirmed to Joystiq. In July, the firm’s boss Tim Schafer said Broken Age’s design had become too ambitious despite its record-setting amount of crowdfunding, so it would be released in two parts with the first half available through Steam Early Access. Sales from the first half of Broken Age and other Double Fine games are intended to sustain production of the second half.



  1. AsianGameing

    don’t they said this game going come out 2013 O_o , what happen ?

    #1 12 months ago
  2. onlineatron

    sure i have no idea what it takes to make a game but holy crap this whole situation is bizarre. why release to backers only? why not put it out like a telltale game, episodically, to all?

    #2 12 months ago
  3. onlineatron

    and what the heck is up with them hiring elijah wood, jack black, etc etc if additional funding was required?

    #3 12 months ago
  4. dymax


    The game will be up on Steam Early Access for anyone who wishes to buy it, if you backed the game on Kickstarter you will receive a key in an email. This is only the first half of the game (like 3-6 hours), the second half will be patched into the game for free in about six months or so. The professional voice actors are all friends of Schafer’s so I’m sure they didn’t cost too much, most of them are doing minor rolls. Elijah Wood actually approached Tim about doing voice for the game because he was a fan of past adventure games that Tim was worked on.

    #4 12 months ago
  5. seniorsausages6969

    Oh man Kicjstarter does it again! I’m really starting to be more wary of backing anymore projects moving forward.

    #5 12 months ago
  6. onlineatron

    @4 ah okay cool

    #6 12 months ago

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