Far Cry The Wild Expedition dated, includes Far Cry 1-3 and Blood Dragon

Thursday, 9th January 2014 16:41 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

Far Cry The Wild Expedition has been dated and priced by Ubisoft . The compilation celebrates the 10-year Anniversary of the Far Cry franchise, and the North American version will be released as The Far Cry Compilation; however, it does not contain Far Cry 1.

The European compilation includes: Far Cry Classic, Far Cry 2, Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. It will be released in the UK on February 14 for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 for £29.99.

The Far Cry Compilation for North America contains Far Cry 2, Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon for $39.99 and will be released exclusively on PS3 February 11.

In addition, Far Cry Classic will be available on February 12 as a standalone downloadable title for the Xbox Live and PSN for £7.99.

Box art is below, and looks the same on all formats barring the hardware logos.



  1. Max Payne

    First Far Cry is still amazing graphically and gameplay wise.

    #1 12 months ago
  2. hives

    Price in euros, 29? 39? Why there’s never euro pricing :<

    #2 12 months ago
  3. xino

    Far Crys….all takes place in the same islands:/

    #3 12 months ago
  4. KineticCalvaria

    @3, even though no.2 is in Africa and Blood Dragon is Sci-Fi.

    @2, Probably €39…

    #4 12 months ago
  5. Telepathic.Geometry

    What’s the difference between Far Cry 1 and Far Cry Classic?

    #5 12 months ago
  6. Digital Bamboo

    ^ I believe there is no difference. They are the same game, i.e. Far Cry, though it seems people are unsure what to call it.

    Anyhow, the NA compilation is a joke. No original Far Cry? Are you kidding me? That would be like Nintendo releasing Super Mario All-Stars, and failing to include the original Super Mario Bros.

    Far Cry > Far Cry 2
    By a mile.

    #6 12 months ago
  7. Tormenter


    That’s probably the reason they didn’t include it then, because it’s quality would badly show up the rest of the franchise.

    It’s quite funny though.. Yanks getting the short shrift this timearound.

    #7 12 months ago

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