Xbox One DRM check crashes live Killer Instinct tournament

Wednesday, 18th December 2013 09:16 GMT By Dave Cook

Xbox One’s license check facility crashed a live Killer Instinct tournament, and the results have been captured in a video. Watch it here.

Thanks to Team Spooky After Hours for the clip.

Around about the 06:30 mark, this Killer Instinct bout at the Defend the School tournament at Queens College, New York was brought to a halt when the Xbox One being used suddenly returned to the dashboard and asked the players, ‘Do you own this game or app?’

The message continued, “If you have a game disc, insert it now. If there is no disc, make sure you are signed into Xbox Live. If you don’t have rights for playing it, you’ll need to buy it at the Xbox Store.”

Put it this way, even pausing the game during tournament play counts as a loss for the offender, so you can imagine how annoyed this would have made both concentrating players – Rico Suave and DesDinova91 – as they were locked into the flow of battle. Worse still, the tourney was being streamed live on Twitch at the time.

The match wasn’t just part of a casual tourney either, it was a qualifying heat for New York City’s pro tournament Defend The North. When the DRM prompt kicked in, the players were not asked if they wanted to save their progress first, meaning that the battle had to be restarted.

What do you make of the above?

Thanks The Escapist and bugmenot.



  1. FabioPal

    I make a simple question out of this: Did the guy have the disc in the console?

    After this answer we can keep discussing ;)

    #1 1 year ago
  2. Dave Cook

    @1 There is no disc for Killer Instinct. It’s a digital release.

    #2 1 year ago
  3. melonbuster1

    So what.. it happens

    #3 1 year ago
  4. Ireland Michael

    Such a professional tournament should have been aware of the DRM restrictions in place for digital titles.

    With Microsoft hardware, being logged in has always been a mandatory requirement to play digital titles on a different machine than the one it was downloaded on, unless your transfer the licenses to the new machine, and this has been the case since as far back as the launch of the 360.

    The chances of this actually happening during a live tournament (especially one being STREAMED) are obscenely slim. That’s probably not going to stop people making redundant complaints about this in Microsoft’s direction though, instead of the event organisers, who should have been better prepared and are the only ones to blame here.

    Its easy to get on the Microsoft hate wagon, but the amount of misinformation most sites are going with when it comes to this story for the sake of click baiting is insulting to people’s intelligence. It borders on tabloid journalism.

    Kudos to you Dave for at least skirting around it.

    #4 1 year ago
  5. Dave Cook

    @4 No probs.

    Click-baiting go fuck itself, seriously. It’s funny when I get accused of it though, I can only laugh.

    #5 1 year ago
  6. Fin


    Being logged in has always been a requirement, but that check was when the game is booted. I’ve kicked out of a game after losing internet connection on 360 (the odd game would kick back to Main Menu when you reconnect), but never to dashboard.

    #6 1 year ago
  7. Ireland Michael

    @6 That’s because games can’t run in the background on the 360. They can on the Xbox One. It’s not “kicking you back to the dashboard”, it’s just loading it up because literally everything on the system is run from there. The game is still running in the background.

    There’s no pop-up menu on the Xbox One like there is on the 360, but that’s just down to shitty interface design, and that’s a different topic altogether.

    #7 1 year ago
  8. thruthman

    Oh how The worm has turned

    Sony doesnt even need to spend millions on marketing anymore, Micro(transaction)soft keeps driving the masses to the PS4

    thanks, no empty lobby(in multiplayer) for me.

    #8 1 year ago
  9. thruthman

    i guess Titanfall is preferable on the PC now.

    #9 1 year ago
  10. DeVitowned


    Microsoft Wins!

    #10 1 year ago
  11. Fin


    Err, I think if it goes back to the dashboard and prevents you from loading the game (as in the video), that’s pretty much kicking you to dashboard.

    #11 1 year ago
  12. Ireland Michael

    @9 Yeah, that online only disc based game that requires online to play is definitely going to be more preferably to play on another piece of hardware that will require you to be online to play it.

    @11 Only until you reconnect.

    #12 1 year ago
  13. jim65

    no wonder former Nokia CEO Stephen Elop, wants to
    sell the Xbone business if he were( i hope) chosen as CEO of Micro(transaction)soft.

    he knows want no one wants to admit, this time the Xbone is way out of its league

    #13 1 year ago
  14. jim65

    PS4 FTW

    merry christmas and a happy new year

    #14 1 year ago
  15. Ireland Michael

    @13 The duplicate accounts are kidding no one, mate.

    It wouldn’t be half as bad if your complaint was even a valid one.

    #15 1 year ago
  16. Fin


    I don’t understand what you’re saying.
    The Xbox One doesn’t have to kick you to the dashboard if you lose connection while playing a game. The 360 didn’t do this, the One does. That’s a change in policy, no?

    #16 1 year ago
  17. bugmenot


    Right on PS4 FTW

    #17 1 year ago
  18. Dragon

    Its rather sad people want to waste their time creating multiple accounts just to be a salesman.

    #18 1 year ago
  19. joeljeilltss


    take it easy on scotch mate

    he´s legit

    dont hate just because he speaks the truth


    #19 1 year ago
  20. Ireland Michael

    @16 No, it isn’t.

    If you play a digital title on a machine other than the one you originally downloaded it on (unless you transfer the licenses over), and you get disconnected from the Internet, it locks you out of playing the game until you reconnect.

    In the case of 360 Arcade titles, it reverts them back to the trial version. Sometimes it will gives you a warning message to reconnect if you want to continue without losing progress. If I remember correctly, On Demand titles just bring up a warning message, and you only have the option to either reconnect or go back to the dashboard.

    In the case of the Xbox One, it just pops up the dashboard and won’t let you back into the game unless you reconnect. The game is still running in the background though.

    The limitations are essentially the same in both cases. They just convey it different.

    #20 1 year ago
  21. Fin


    Hmmm, I don’t recall it happening in the middle of a game before, but perhaps that’s just me being forgetful.

    #21 1 year ago
  22. FreeZZa

    I’m sorry but I don’t understand the hate here. It’s definitely not MS’s fault. When you disconnected from the internet while playing a digital game on the 360, you had 10 minutes to re-establish a connection. If you failed to do so, it would display a message that you can either buy it or exit to the dashboard. Now the kicks you to the dashboard. BUT. If you re-establish a web connection, you can pop right back into the game where you left off. It basically hasn’t changed too much.

    #22 1 year ago
  23. Ireland Michael

    @21 It definitely does, but only if the games license is registered to a different machine. Whoever was streaming this tournament was obviously using a downloaded version not native to that console.

    @22 “I’m sorry but I don’t understand the hate here.”

    There isn’t any. It’s just a duplicate account spamming up the comments with their fanboy spiel.

    “When you disconnected from the internet while playing a digital game on the 360, you had 10 minutes to re-establish a connection.”

    I could have sworn it was instantaneous. If the game was originally bought on that machine (or the licenses transferred to a new one) you won’t ever be kicked out.

    #23 1 year ago
  24. freahima


    Seeing ignorence is what makes me not sad but concerned, because sadness isnt productive just pathetic. and i would assume, not being narrow minded that its all a diversion.

    isn´t playing Candy Crush a waste of time(a diversion in my opinion)
    or angry birds
    OR FORZA 5 with its Micro(soft)transaction, forcing you to grind miserably at release day.

    chose your word wisely next time i did

    PS4 FTW
    happy greetings from the ever growing Playstation nation

    #24 1 year ago
  25. Arnvidr

    Eh, I don’t know who is to blame here, but this DRM has been taken too far if it kicks you out of a game WHILE YOU’RE PLAYING IT. It matters not if the policy is new or not. I guess it’s nothing new that those who implement DRM have no ideas about reasonable course of action. Any idea how a similar situation would work on PS4?

    #25 1 year ago
  26. absolutezero

    All the FGC tournaments use PS3s

    #26 1 year ago
  27. Mineral4r7s

    The only one making sense here is #25. Everyone else is already so brainwashed they don’t notice the bullshit before their eyes and what’s worse they even defend it!

    #27 1 year ago
  28. absolutezero

    Its more that a few of us are used to the ramshackle nature of the FGC and them blowing stuff out of proportion when they fuck something up.

    It happens quite alot, its endearing. The guy in the video says it himself “I don’t Xbox, someone tell me what to do.”

    Oh and theres one psychotic fanboy making multiple accounts to talk bollocks.

    #28 1 year ago
  29. bugmenot


    #29 1 year ago
  30. joeljeilltss


    your´re saying it wrong its:


    #30 1 year ago
  31. jim65


    The duplicate accounts are kidding no one, friend

    but still you´re making valid points with your posts through your other accounts.

    about the former Nokia CEO Stephen Elop, plans to sell XBoNE business
    should he get the CEO spot in Micro(transaction)soft.

    Xbone messed up, big time

    merry christmas

    #31 1 year ago
  32. Panthro


    But wow, commentator is such a dick, he is so annoying.

    “What happen? What happen?” SHUT THE FUCK UP

    #32 1 year ago
  33. Ireland Michael

    absolute, he think we’re a duplicate account. Hahaha. Holy crap, now I’ve seen it all.

    #33 1 year ago
  34. Arnvidr

    I noticed this comment at the Escapist link:
    “Don’t know why everyone is whining so much about Microsoft & DRM anymore, the Xbox One has pretty much the same DRM as 360, PS3 and PS4.
    360 & One Secondary consoles need 24-hour check in to play.
    PS3 & PS4 Secondary consoles need to be always online.”
    Anyone else with experience here? Because this goes against my own memories of the PS3, I could play one of my digital games (from my EU account) on a friend’s console (in the US) without problems. And sure, I had to log in to be able to install the thing, but we finished the game without being logged into my account. Sure, my friend’s account probably logged in automatically, but the game was tied to my account, so I see no reason why that should work any better than being completely offline.

    #34 1 year ago
  35. Ireland Michael

    @34 He’s wrong on both accounts. See my above posts.

    The PS3 and PS4 allow you to download and play digital games on a maximum of two registered devices at a time. You can be offline at any time, and no check in is ever required. Any account on either machine can access the software.

    Xbox 360 and Xbox One allow you to play offline only on the console the digital titles were originally downloaded to. All accounts on that machine can access the games you’ve downloaded, even offline. You *can* download and play your games on an unlimited number of consoles, but only if you’re online with your gamertag on them. Other users on those consoles will only be able to access those games when the original owner is also logged in and connected to Live as well.

    As you can see, both have their upsides and downsides, and different degrees of freedom.

    #35 1 year ago
  36. bradk825

    Hsve you checked physical connections?
    Have you restarted your modem?

    Sorry, reverted to my tech support days for a second there.

    #36 1 year ago
  37. kisame

    this is very misleading but this is how things have always worked on XBL or PSN so yeah just to point it out this have nothing to do with the DRM on disc that peoples so much cried this summer

    peace out

    #37 1 year ago
  38. Jonabob87

    You guys keep talking about the game’s license, but Killer Instinct doesn’t require a license to download. It’s not like when you get a freebie and it takes you through the purchase steps but just has the price changed to 0.

    Killer Instinct can be downloaded onto any Xbox One console and played by anyone on any gamertag, online or offline. This message is a mistake, a product of the Xbone’s unpolished user interface.

    Digital games on Xbox One work just fine played offline, I tested this myself with my digital copy of Dead Rising 3. The wording regarding Xbox Live in the error is likely related to downloading and playing your games on a friend’s console, which you must be online to do.

    #38 1 year ago
  39. kisame

    thruthman, jim65 and who knows how many other acc this guy have genius really nice trolling

    #39 1 year ago
  40. zoopdeloop

    some people here make the Ps userbase look real bad.
    from personal experience i always thought most of the xbox community was like that and a bit worse, but seems like psfanboys are jumping in to claim the douche crown

    #40 1 year ago
  41. Legendaryboss

    This comment section is confusing but to the topic at hand i simply do not have the energy to go through another DRM discussion. I thought we were past this.

    #41 1 year ago
  42. joelsnat


    Me too, but Micro(transaction)soft keeps bringing it up, it´s like advertising for their system,associating the XBONE with DRM word

    i pray the former Nokia CEO Stephen Elop, becomes the new CEO of
    Micro(transaction)soft and sells the damm XBONE business, keep
    Bill Gates Legacy intact.

    #42 1 year ago
  43. joeljeilltss

    Here’s some words to sum up
    The XBONE

    1.DRM( of the three next gen console, XBONE has been caught(livestream) with its pants down. Will henceforth be instantly associated with the Word DRM

    2. Edward Snowden aka Son of Liberty( exposed the secret innerworkings of the XBONE)

    3. NSA( is ever watching and listening at XBONELive, measures may have been taken, but NSA Will protect USA by any means necessary) shows( its a mediabox foremost, graphics have been sacrificed, see eurogamer, boogie2988)

    5, BONE( enough said)

    A merry christmas and a happy new year to you
    From fast growing Playstation nation

    #43 1 year ago
  44. Ireland Michael

    Can someone please ban this tool already?

    #44 1 year ago
  45. Dragon

    This is just ridiculous. I hope banning takes place asap since Steph is on holiday.

    #45 1 year ago
  46. The_Red

    Isn’t KI a free-to-play game? If so, what would DRM want?

    #46 1 year ago
  47. Ireland Michael

    @46 Licences apply to everything digital on Xbox Live, from downloaded digital game to arcade titles to DLC. Even a “free” game like Killer Instinct.

    #47 1 year ago
  48. Dave Cook

    @All it’s just me in today, no Steph, Pat or Sam. What’s the issue, who do I ban and why?

    #48 1 year ago
  49. Hcw87

    The guy with 7-8 accounts.

    Read through the comments from the top and you’ll see why. It’s not the only thread he and his imaginary friends have been posting in.

    #49 1 year ago
  50. Nephilimator

    @48 Dave, you are supposed to ban joel because he is making fun of the XBONE and it is hurting everybodies feelings because they bought XBONE and feel bad because people are making fun of ‘their’ console. Please help dad!

    #50 1 year ago
  51. Ireland Michael

    @48 There’s one guy using like half a dozen alt accounts in this thread.

    #51 1 year ago
  52. Dave Cook

    The IP address match. Joel is duping like fuck. Banning him and his alts now.

    #52 1 year ago
  53. Ireland Michael

    Thought so.

    Thanks Dave.

    #53 1 year ago
  54. Cobra951

    Seeing there is only one informed voice in here today (two, if we count Dave), I guess I should add my own. The DRM on the 360 works exactly as Ireland Michael described. And it is the best possible scheme which still actually offers copy protection. The console which holds the license for a game never needs to check online for ownership. That ownership is already established in a local license file. But if the game is downloaded on a different console, the owner must log into the purchasing account in order to use it without encumbrance. He must stay logged in for the game to continue functioning fully. I’m not surprised it also works this way on the XB1.

    I’m the first to complain loudly about abuses, but this is not one of them. Tempest in a teapot.

    #54 1 year ago
  55. Dave Cook

    @51 yes, and I’m really busy man. I can’t be watching what’s happening in here and running a site single-handedly, can I? ;)

    No problem man, good shout from you all. Keep flagging ‘em.

    #55 1 year ago
  56. Ireland Michael

    @54 Whoo! I’m a voice of reason!

    Don’t hear that every day! Hahahahaha.

    @55 I know. It wasn’t a criticism. You asked, so I was letting you know.

    You’re doing great.

    #56 1 year ago
  57. FreeZZa

    @23: You have 10 minutes on the 360. If you’re not on the console you bought the game on, I forgot to mention that. I personally didn’t experience it but the guys over at Rooster Teeth tried it.

    @Dave: Thanks for cleaning up this mess.

    #57 1 year ago
  58. Arnvidr

    @54 It might be a tempest in a teapot, but it still doesn’t work in a sensible way. By all means, check on startup if you absolutely have to, but never throw people out of their game for such a reason.

    #58 1 year ago
  59. sebastien rivas


    Effectively it is easy to go on the hate bandwagon, although can you really point the finger at anyone whether informed or misinformed.
    DRM seems to be the ultimate today’s layer of protection but the fact remains that slim or gross, DRM has never been welcome for various reasons and as we can see, it needs to be perfected because there is nothing more awful as a gamer to be broken off in its suspension of disbelief. ok in that case above, it would throw the gamer and competitor off focus.

    p.s: Gee talking about focus, I don’t know how those fighters don’t go blind with seizure, it goes so fast for so long, really strenuous at many levels.

    #59 1 year ago
  60. halofan1

    Here’s some words to sum up
    The XBONE

    1.DRM( of the three next gen console, XBONE has been caught(livestream) with its pants down. Will henceforth be instantly associated with the Word DRM

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    5, BONE( enough said)

    A merry christmas and a happy new year to you
    From fast growing Playstation nation

    #60 1 year ago
  61. Armitage Shanks

    @60 seriously,what are you? 5 years old? take this juvenile fanboy shit someplace else already.

    #61 1 year ago
  62. Hcw87

    I think an IP ban is in order.

    Takes literally 10 seconds to make a new account here.

    #62 1 year ago
  63. Dave Cook

    @62 I blocked his IP address the first time, bow he’s back registering alts using with a new IP. Each username has so it’s clearly the same guy.

    Not much I can do if he keeps masking his IP.

    #63 1 year ago
  64. Gigabomber

    So a brand new console has launch problems? very surprised here. Early adopters fail.

    #64 1 year ago
  65. dontbescaredhomie92

    Awful game anyway, definitely not sour about not getting the full unlock with 107k and 5+ years live, definitely not…

    #65 1 year ago
  66. MisterCOOK1

    Buyers Beware:
    The XBONE

    1.DRM( of the two next gen console, XBONE has been caught(livestream) with its pants down. Will now be instantly associated with the DRM

    2. Edward Snowden aka Son of Liberty( exposed the terrible secret innerworkings of the XBONE)

    3. NSA( is ever watching and listening at XBONELive, measures taken are futile, NSA Will protect USA by any means necessary)

    4.Soap opera( its a mediabox foremost, graphics have been sacrificed, see eurogamer, boogie2988)

    5, BONE( enough said)

    A merry christmas and a happy new year to you
    From Playstation world

    #66 1 year ago
  67. Dave Cook

    @66 Well, you’re banned again. I can do this as long as you like mate.

    #67 1 year ago

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