Jane Jensen’s Moebius nearing completion, new trailer, screens & comic released

Tuesday, 26th November 2013 08:27 GMT By Dave Cook

Jane Jensen’s Kickstarter-funded adventure title Moebius is nearing completion, and to celebrate, developer Pinkerton Road has released a new trailer and other visual goodies for you to enjoy.

It follows the announcement of Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Father 20th Anniversary Edition. It’s a revamped version of Jensen’s celebrated classic. Get the details through the link.

Now, Pinkerton Road has sent us a Moebius trailer. Here it is:

There also a digital prequel comic called Moebius: Empire Rising that starts in South Africa in 1987. It introduces players to protagonist Malachi Rector, who is able to deduce things about an object or person quickly and with accuracy. As such, he appraised antiques for a living, but becomes trapped in a government conspiracy after agreeing to a strange contract.

Moebius will launch on PC, Mac, and Linux early 2014, and according to the mailer we received, is nearing completion now.

We’ve got some fresh screens below as well. What do you think?



  1. TheWulf

    I’ve loved what I’ve played of it thus far, honestly. Being part of the Kickstarter, I’ve had access to the beta builds — but don’t worry, I know better than to spoil. Suffice it to say, the lead character is adorable and it’s got some genuinely interesting gameplay mechanics that I’d love to see other detective-style adventure games pick up on.

    So all in all? This is one Kickstarter I’m very, very happy to have backed. I love Jensen’s writing and her ability to weave a good mystery, I appreciate her ability to write a genuinely likeable protagonist, too. I’ve often lamented writing in video games, but Moebius is one of the good eggs.

    Reminds me of the ’90s, to be honest, where we had some talented amateur writers getting into gaming and doing their own thing (rather than having their plot and finer details dictated to them by marketing).

    Good times.

    #1 1 year ago

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