PES 2014 bugs: Konami identifies “key issues”, prepping a patch now

Friday, 11th October 2013 10:51 GMT By Dave Cook

PES 2014′s online play has been plagued by bug issues linked to the game’s version 1.01 update. Developer Konami has stressed that it has now identified several key problems and is now working on a solution.

We reported on the problems when they first arose here. The most recent patch is required to ensure everyone is running the same game version, but while downloading the update players keep on getting a ‘Download File is Broken’ message, which halts the process.

CVG has posted an update from Konami on the matter, which reads, “The PES Team has identified key issues and is currently preparing a solution, with the support of Microsoft. As soon as a date can be fixed for distribution of a new update, Konami will update users through the press, the PES community, social channels and via the following URL.”

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  1. Thevox

    Konami releases promises only, not patches! FIFA released 1 week after and already has fixes adressed. Konami yet to fix bugs and incomplete content:

    PS3 version:

    -I have fixed 720p and installed game. HUGE BUG/SLOWDOWN on Royal London Stadium, the match is WAY more slugish than the rest of the stadiums, it lags everywhere! I can even see the timer going half speed from the normal speed. Its unplayable this way! Still havent tried every stadium to know if this is the only one, which makes me think that the stadiums performance is the reason why Konami removed the stadium editor

    -Coach mode bug in ML offline. Its disabled in this mode while the rest of the game modes have Coach mode working.

    -ML offline has no injuries, did a hole season without problems with my players. What a let down, Master league used to be the only advantage in game modes PES had over FIFA and its ruined now.

    -Bad collisions. Any touch between players makes one of them do a jump even with the slightest collision. The animation is so ridiculous and and takes so long that the COM always benefits from it.

    -Bad touches on the players with no rebound. You switch directions fast and some defender misses the ball and tackles u with a soft touch making you lose control of the player and he just STOPS! while the defender easily gets the ball. In most of the cases the referee does nothing.

    -annoying bug on the throws, sometimes after a dispute the game gives the throw to the wrong team

    -Master league offline still 90% left to complete! (no player development, no coach mode, no calendar days, crappy transfers system, no cutscenes, no training field with the players, no preview of the opposing team tactics, no staff choosing, no items shop, etc…).

    -slower loading of edited teams logos and kits

    -Anywhere in the pitch sometimes when u double press for a tackle the player only bends forward but he doesn’t stretch the the leg to clear the ball or he doesn’t responds even if u smash the button and the ball is in front of u.

    -slow moving arrow in game plan

    -Most of the time the game doesn’t show the players substitutions cutscene

    #1 1 year ago

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