Capcom “continuing to evaluate” bringing Monster Hunter 4 west

Thursday, 26 September 2013 13:27 GMT By Dave Owen

Monster Hunter 4 has been tremendously successful in Japan, shifting over 2 million copies since it launched there on September 14. Despite this there is no confirmed western release. Capcom has now acknowledged a fan campaign to being Monster Hunter 4 to western territories, but is still making no promises.

Fans have taken to Facebook and Twitter with the #BRINGMH4TOTHEWEST campaign. Capcom has responded with a message on its Monster Hunter Facebook page.

“Hey hunters! We’ve seen many of you ask for us to #BRINGMH4TOTHEWEST. We’re excited to see the fan base growing and you all showing your passion, keep it coming! We are continuing to evaluate new Monster Hunter titles for the west, and will share any new information with you here on Facebook as soon as we have it.”

It’s a non-committal answer that may upset fans of the series. However, it also suggests that they’re open to the possibility of bringing Monster Hunter 4 west. Perhaps if fans can shout loud enough, they’ll make it happen.

Thanks, ONM.