Beyond: Two Souls previews land, screenshots chronicle various events in Jodie’s life

Tuesday, 10 September 2013 16:00 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

Beyond: Two Souls previews went live today, and we’ve gathered a few of the Internet’s early thoughts on the Quantic Dream title for PS3. In conjunction, Sony has also released a batch of screenshots which we’e posted below.

Some of the screenshots will look familiar to you, but the majority are new, so we’ve left them in the mix.

Here’s a list of previews thus far:

Game Informer
God is a Geek

A demo for the game will be released next month on October 1 in North America and on October 2 in Europe, providing players with a “generous trial”.

The trial will include two scenarios in the game: one in which Jodie takes part in an Experiment at the Department of Paranormal Activities and Aiden makes his presence known; and the other features Jodie trying to outrun government agents, all the while with Aiden unleashing his powers.

Beyond: Two Souls stars Ellen Page and William Dafoe, and releases on PS3 exclusively worldwide on October 8.