Minecraft Xbox 360 could get PC texture packs, Microsoft’s lawyers investigating

Friday, 6th September 2013 10:26 GMT By Dave Cook

Minecraft Xbox 360 developer 4J Studios has confirmed that not all of the game’s ‘Mash Up’ texture packs will be game specific, and that – if legally able – current PC texture packs could be ported over to the console build.

In a tweet, the Dundee studio had this to say:

When asked by a fan if said texture packs would be game-specific, the studio replied:

Would you like to see PC texture packs make the jump to Minecraft Xbox 360? Let us know below.

Meanwhile the Mass Effect ‘Mash Up’ pack is available on Xbox Live now.

Via OXM.



  1. Silent Killer01

    would love to load texture pack from a usb thumb drive but I don’t see that ever happening because they wouldn’t make any money. All about the money

    #1 1 year ago

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