Inafune: “Capcom should be doing things with the Mega Man franchise”

Friday, 6 September 2013 06:52 GMT By Brenna Hillier

Creator Keiji Inafune won’t mind at all if Capcom produces a new Mega Man game to rival his new project Mighty No. 9.

Speaking to Kotaku, Inafune said it’s be fine if a new Mega Man game released as Mighty No. 9 came to market.

“If the question is just, ‘Can they exist as two different franchises at the same time?’ then my answer is yes, of course,” he said. “Capcom should be doing things with the Mega Man franchise just like we are with this original game.

“Ultimately, it would be great for the fans because then they would be able to play even double the content that they otherwise could. So, in this perspective, yes, please, let both games exist.”

Inafune has said several times that he decided to pursue Mighty No. 9 because fans kept asking him for a game like Mega Man. He seems to have judged the demand well; at time of writing the Kickstarter has accumulated $1. million in pledges and is close to unlocking a making-of documentary stretch goal.