Space Hulk released on PC & Mac, launch trailer inside

Friday, 16th August 2013 09:23 GMT By Dave Cook

Space Hulk developer Full Control has launched its adaptation on Warhammer’s classic board game on PC and Mac. We’ve also got the game’s launch trailer here.

You can buy Space Hulk on Steam for £22.99, as a two-pack for you and a mate at £39.99, and there’s even some Kraken Skin DLC at £1.59.

The 15-mission campaign offers up a strategic slog through waves of Genestealers in classic Space Hulk fashion. Fans of XCOM need apply.

Any takers?

Via RPS & PCGamesN.



  1. Cool P

    I am really interested in this game, but since there are no reviews out yet I will wait a little bit to see how this turns out.

    #1 1 year ago

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