PlanetSide 2 PS4 & PC player transfer being explored in cross-play’s absence

Monday, 5th August 2013 11:08 GMT By Dave Cook

PlanetSide 2 may be hitting both PS4 and PC but developer Sony Online Entertainment has confirmed that while cross-play over both versions isn’t possible, it is now exploring the possibility of character transfers between the two.

Speaking with Eurogamer at SOE Live at the weekend, PlanetSide 2 creative director Matt Higby explained the decision.

He said, “Because of the update cadence, and the additional steps you have to go through to be able to release an update on the PlayStation network, we’re not going to be able to keep our servers in sync, so you won’t be able to just play with the same people.

“They might be a week behind in terms of patching, or a day behind or whatever it ends up being, and we can’t really have that. But we’re also talking about having character portability, so a PC character, you could transfer it to PlayStation 4, and then back. The character format’s the same on both, it’s just purely a matter of the server updates.”

Would you like to see cross-play enabled between both builds if SOE can crack it? Let us know below, and be sure to check out this PlanetSide 2 trailer for the shooter’s new continent Hossin.



  1. Lord Gremlin

    Hm. I don’t play much on PC and I’d be strongly against such transfer. You’d allow high-level players in your new PS4 games since day 1? Sony, are you mad?

    #1 1 year ago
  2. darkshale

    This would close the deal for me. I want to play on PS4 but not if I have to pay for all my guns again. As for having high level players personally I think it would be the best thing for the game. Its important to have experienced leaders making up your server pop. The game is just more fun when their are leaders who have done it before putting people in place. If even 20% of the players are people who play on both and half can point people in the right direction it will help PS2 overcome its complexities. With out the PS1 people around I don’t know if I would have stuck it out.

    #2 1 year ago
  3. TheWulf

    Well… that’s something, at least. Good for you, Sony!

    #3 1 year ago
  4. TheWulf


    That state of existence has been around since MMOs have been doing open betas. People joining on launch day only to see people running around who’ve been playing for weeks.

    #4 1 year ago

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