Sony E3 2013: PS4 is $399, no changes to used games

Tuesday, 11 June 2013 01:31 GMT By Brenna Hillier

There will be no restrictions of any kind on used games on PlayStation 4. There will be no online authentication requirement. But you will need PlayStation Plus for multiplayer games.

In the wake of Sony’s E3 presentation, the PlayStation 4 still does not have a firm release date – but it does have a price, and that price is $399/£349/€399/AU$549 – significantly lower than the Xbox One’s $499.

Sony had clearly been listening to consumer opinion over Microsoft’s console, as SCE America president Jack Tretton was obviously very conscious of the import of his words when he announced that Sony will be making no changes to its used games or online authentication requirements with the PlayStation 4.

What that means is: you can buy and sell used games; gift games to friends; and play games offline to your heart’s content, at no extra cost.

Unfortunately, it does seem that Sony is, at last, introducing a fee for online play; just like Xbox Live, you’ll only be able to access online multiplayer if you have a subscription. On the bright side, this subscription is PlayStation Plus, which costs about $5 per month, and includes a significant amount of bonus content.

Current PlayStation Plus subscriptions will be automatically extended to the PlayStation 4, and when the console launches, DriveClub will be the first game added to the Instant Collection.

Games-wise, Sony hosted several new announcements. The Order: 1886 is a new, steampunk IP from Ready At Dawn and Sony Santa Monica. Final Fantasy Versus XII is now Final Fantasy 15 and is coming to both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. Kingdom Hearts 3 is coming to PlayStation 4. Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn is coming to PlayStation 4, as is The Elder Scrolls Online and multiple indies. Avalanche Studios’ Mad Max was formally unveiled at last. The Dark Sorcerer is a new property from Quantic Dream; it currently exists as a tech demo, and it’s not clear whether it’s being developed into a game or not.

Killzone: Shadow Fall, Knack and DriveClub were confirmed as PlayStation 4 launch titles. The PS4 will support a Gaikai-powered catalogue of games called Cloud Service which launches in 2014 in the US.

It was a solid conference; for a full, chronological report (Vita, PS3, PS4, games and closing announcements) please see below – and don’t forget to check out the articles in the side bar for trailers, screens, and more information where available.

Full Report

The conference began a few minutes late as the crowd took its seats; this happens every year and generally results in some decent firmware update jokes. When the show began, it did so with the usual Sony mood trailer, with quick snippets of many different current and upcoming games, lots of flashing lights and context-free buzz words.

SCE America president Jack Tretton then turned up, and thanked fans who lined up from noon on Friday to try and secure a place at the conference, as well as the millions of PlayStation fans whose passion has driven him throughout his career.

Commenting that 2013 has already been a really exciting year for PlayStation, Tretton said he was looking forward to sharing more news about the new platform, but that the 70 million PlayStation 3 and Vita fans need to be addressed first.


We kicked off with the Vita, with Tretton saying that Vita customers have purchased about ten games each, with nearly 60% of all purchases made through the PlayStation Store. He said the system now has a library of 120 dedicated games. This will only grow – “especially indie and smaller titles” – and 80 games will launch by the end of this year including Batman: Arkham Origins, Doki Doki Universe, Killzone Mercenary, Tearaway, and Destinies of Spirits.

Sony’s also remastering classics for Vita – God of War 1 and 2, Flower, Dead Nation, Final Fantasy X and X2.

The Walking Dead’s new episode, 400 Days, is coming in northern summer. It will release in a special bundle with the rest of the series on Vita.

The portable’s connectivity was highlighted next, thanks to its PlayStation 4 Remote Play feature and apps like Skype and Netflix.

PlayStation 3

Tretton then moved onto the PlayStation 3, saying that this year’s E3 line-up is as good or even better than past years’, despite the fact that the console’s successor is on the horizon.

The first game shown was The Last of Us, followed by Puppeteer; Rain; Beyond: Two Souls; and Gran Turismo 6. Sony really didn’t waste any time here; since we already know about these games, it just powered through with short clips reminding us they exist. The Beyond: Two Souls part was pretty interesting as it was new material from Jodie’s material career; hopefully we’ll get that bit in a trailer shortly after the show.

Fairly hilarious instructional video on
how to share games on the PlayStation 4.

The Last of Us is the highest-rated game on all platforms to date, Tretton added as the PS3 reel closed, noting that Naughty Dog has created two of the highest-rated franchises ever. Somehow or other this was seen as an appropriate jumping off point for a Batman: Arkham Origins trailer. Okay. The PlayStation 3 version will have exclusive content – Nightfall DLC, and a 1960′s TV show Batman skin.

Grand Theft Auto 5 was next; there will be an exclusive GTA5 PS3 bundle, which will go for $299, and Sony has produced a GTA5 branded headset. Interestingly, Tretton said more GTA5 news is coming in the next few weeks.

There will be over 300 PlayStation 3 releases by the end of the year, Tretton said, before moving on to next-gen.

PlayStation 4

SCE group president Andrew House took over at this point, talking up the “unparalleled power” of PS4, and finally showed off the product design.

The box was quickly escorted back offstage, and Sony went on to talk about the PlayStation 4′s role as a media centre and connected device in general.

Click to expand.

Sony Pictures and Entertainment division CEO Michael Lynton then turned up, his first appearance at a PlayStation event. Sony spent a few minutes discussing the various kinds of TV and movies you can view on existing and upcoming entertainment apps on the PlayStation Network – but then said that Sony Pictures will be producing PSN content specifically tailored to gamers, not just general entertainment.

Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited will be better than ever, House returned to say, with both services available from day one of the PlayStation 4′s lifetime, with access to the full catalogue of both services.

PlayStation 3 is the number one device for streaming Netflix to the living room, House said, and Sony will soon add Redbox Instant to its lineup as well as Flixster. Sony is “working hard” to bring these services to PS4, he added.

Yoshida brings the games

Finally, it was time to talk about games, and Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida took the stage. “For the last five years, Worldwide Studios has been an integral part of the development of the PS4,” he said.

Worldwide Studios is the largest network of development studios in the world, he said, and this has enabled Sony to take on board feedback from game developers big and small in creating the new console.

Oh, you

“It’s like I have a second job as a pro customer service officer on Twitter,” Yoshida joked at one point. Follow him: @yosp

Sony Santa Monica’s new IP was the first game shown. The trailer showed a very steampunk world, with medieval costumes, guns, industrial revolution style architecture, and zeppelins.

A group of badasses in a carriage and pair went zooming through the streets of an Edwardian or Victorian-era city – it felt a bit Dishonored – but there was radio chatter, and what seemed to be a light railway on an elevated platform.

The badasses – Galahad, Raphael, and one other – began shooting with what looked like a chain gun and a plasma rifle.

It’s called The Order: 1886. No gameplay was shown; it was all cinematic.

Although it was introduced with a SCE Santa Monica logo, The Order is the product of Ready At Dawn, a studio which has previously only handled job work for Sony; presumably the team is working alongside the more experienced developer.

Next up was Knack, SCE Japan’s new property. Having dabbled in new IPs, Sony went back to sequels, showing two games we’re already quite familiar with – Infamous: Second Son and Killzone: Shadowfall.

Driveclub, Knack and Killzone: Shadow Fall will be launch titles for the PS4, Yoshida confirmed.

The next trailer was for The Dark Sorcerer, from Quantic Dream; Yoshida paused to reassure us that the footage shown was running in real-time on a PS4. You may remember the old man featured in the trailer from David Cage’s PS4 announcement appearance. We’re not sure if it’s a game or a tech demo yet. Consensus is gathering in the latter camp.

Indie, Indie, Indie

Supergiant Games – Transistor

Klei Entertainment – Don’t Starve

Mercenary Kings – Tribute Games

Octodad: The Dadliest Catch – Young Horses

Oddworld: New & Tasty – Just Add Water

Galaxy – 17bit Games

Outlast – Red Barrels Games

Secret Ponchos – Switchblade Monkeys Entertainment

Supergiant Games turned up to introduce the indie contingent, with a new trailer for the gorgeous Transistor. It was followed by Don’t Starve from Klei Entertainment; Mercenary Kings, from the team behind Scott Pilgrim vs The World; Octodad: The Dadliest Catch (here, Sony made a joke about historical accuracy and giant enemy crabs); Oddworld: New & Tasty; Galaxy, from Skulls of the Shogun developer 17bit; Red Barrels’ horror title Outlast; and Secret Ponchos from Switchblade Monkey Entertainment.

Heading back to triple-A, Sony mentioned that Diablo 3 will have exclusive PlayStation content including armour inspired by Journey.

Square Enix’s Tetsuya Nomura made an appearance via video conferencing to introduce a new trailer for – yes – Final Fantasy Versus 13. It’s coming to PlayStation 4, and it’s now called Final Fantasy 15. Well done, rumourmongers.

This being Square Enix, we were shown an exquisite rendered trailer focusing on Noctis’s relationship with his father, before moving on to what looked like gameplay footage. Noctis was shown hiding behind furniture and attacking enemies via leaps and what seemed to be a zip line. there were a lot of guns, Latin chanting, and a behemoth. Somebody started talking about a crystal. The world went all Escher, with Noctis running around on airborne bits of masonry. There was a lot of dramatic dialogue. It’s Final Fantasy.

Square Enix also brought a surprise – a trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3. That is a real thing. I think I broke a rib with the force of my disbelieving gasp.

Not content with blowing our minds twice already, Square Enix is also bringing Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn to PlayStation 4.

Next up was Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag which we’ve all already seen about a dozen times; the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 versions will have an exclusive playable character in Aveline, the protagonist of Assassin’s Creed 3: Liberation. Since Liberation and Assassin’s Creed 3 were contemporary, and Assassin’s Creed 4 takes place at least one generation earlier, one can only assume she’ll appear in an extra memory sequence of some kind.

Mad Max is real.

Ubisoft seems determined to make sure everybody everywhere sees its games, as it next showed Watch Dogs. I’ll be very disappointed if I found out the footage shown wasn’t live PlayStation 4 capture as it looked stunning – especially during the rainy external sequences. There will be an exclusive mission and costume in the PlayStation versions.

NBA 2K14 was up next, with Lebron James shown alongside his digital replica to show off how good next-gen graphics look. Everyone instantly forgot about this when Bethesda announced that The Elder Scrolls Online would be coming to PlayStation 4; one of its beta tests will have exclusive early access on the console.

Apparently not happy with ruining my keyboard, Sony made me spit-take on my monitor too, as Mad Max was finally confirmed, with a CG trailer. It is, indeed, an Avalanche Studios production – the Just Cause 2 developer has been very quiet since Mercenary Ops. It’s not clear if the title is an exclusive; Tretton said PlayStation fans will have access to exclusive content, suggesting it is not.

No restrictions on used PS4 games

Jack Tretton came back on stage and dropped two bombs: the PlayStation 4 will not impose any restrictions on used games. It will not require you to authenticate online. Tretton said the model Sony has used with PlayStation 3 has worked to date, so why change it?

Part of the crowd literally broke into a chant of “Sony, Sony, Sony” at this point.

On top of that, PlayStation Plus subscriptions will carry over to PlayStation 4. The service will now cover Vita, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 for the one subscription fee. DriveClub will be added to Instant Colection when the console launches. Don’t Starve, Outlast and The Secret Ponchos will also come to Instant Collection.

Unfortunately, there was one downer; Sony mentioned that non-PlayStation Plus members will “have access to single-player games“. It looks like, as with Xbox Live for the past two generations, you’ll now need to subscribe in order to take advantage of the full network offering of Sony’s console. The executive did point out that the PlayStation Network is getting a ton of new features with PlayStation 4, such as game sharing, faster downloads, and native streaming.

To perk us back up from this bit of a downer downer, Tretton introduced the gameplay debut of Destiny, Bungie’s new shared-worlds shooter. It showed players easily meeting up to complete missions and participate in public events. Like an MMO, other players were spotted doing their own thing.

To our surprise, Sony announced something capitalising on its acquisition of Gaikai – Cloud Service. This service will give instant access to a large catalogue of games. No details were given, but the fact that Sony has something at all this early is impressive.

House closed the conference by saying that the PlayStation 4 will cost $399/£349/€399. He said Sony puts consumer trust first, which could be interpreted as a sly dig at Microsoft’s recent unpopularity. It went down a treat.


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    I wish they were finishing with this stuff… I’m tired as it is and I just want to see some PS4 news…

    #52 2 years ago
  53. themadjock

    Beyond: Two Souls looks great as well

    #53 2 years ago
  54. Dark

    plz no more ps3 stuff -_-

    #54 2 years ago
  55. CyberMarco

    Man, the beauty of Alfa Romeo…

    #55 2 years ago
  56. themadjock

    How much better can GT be on the same hardware?

    #56 2 years ago
  57. MadFingerz

    Tired of all this car games. I swear, if they even mention DriveClub, I’ll punch a kitten.

    #57 2 years ago
  58. themadjock

    Protect your pussy everyone

    #58 2 years ago
  59. CyberMarco

    Again bullshit exclusive DLC… -.-

    #59 2 years ago
  60. viralshag

    Man… PS3 and non-exclusives. Lets get this thing rolling.

    #60 2 years ago
  61. CyberMarco

    PS4 baby, here we go! :D

    #61 2 years ago
  62. TrickyAudio

    PS4 lets go

    #62 2 years ago
  63. salarta


    #63 2 years ago
  64. TrickyAudio


    #64 2 years ago
  65. CaptPierce

    The Last of Us? GT6?

    #65 2 years ago
  66. absolutezero

    Wow that actually looks quite nice.

    #66 2 years ago
  67. CyberMarco

    That’s one hell of a slick and sexy console!

    #67 2 years ago
  68. themadjock

    Nice tamesa san

    #68 2 years ago
  69. TrickyAudio

    Actually really nice…

    #69 2 years ago
  70. hitnrun

    Note to Sony: unless your physical console actually looks crazy, cut the Powerpoint 2.0 bullshit and just fucking show it to us.

    #70 2 years ago
  71. viralshag

    Hahaha… Wow, it’s like an Xbox One, only more… Edgy.

    #71 2 years ago
  72. Bill_E_Talent

    I like it.

    #72 2 years ago
  73. MadFingerz

    Blimey, look at how small it is compared to 1st gen PS3 and x1..I’m impressed.

    #73 2 years ago
  74. hitnrun

    That’s…actually not as bad as when you first look at it.

    At first glance it looks like a Betamax that escaped execution, but on an angle it’s pretty cool.

    <-Will allow to grace living room.

    #74 2 years ago
  75. ps3fanboy

    damn i just creamed my pants!……. its so sexy the ps4 :D

    #75 2 years ago
  76. viralshag


    #76 2 years ago
  77. salarta

    … Are they really doing this.

    Are they REALLY doing this?

    I hope they know not to spend much time talking up movies, music, etc.

    That said, the system looks great.

    #77 2 years ago
  78. CyberMarco

    Let’s hope this isn’t the end for Sony!

    See what I did there… :P

    #78 2 years ago
  79. Digital Bamboo

    Show the games, Sony. I’ve got 35 minutes until my next class. Please.

    #79 2 years ago
  80. YoungZer0

    @71: Exactly my thought. :P

    #80 2 years ago
  81. viralshag

    Come on then everyone… Lose your shit about TV.

    #81 2 years ago
  82. MadFingerz

    mooooooooan, stop talking about fucking TV! jeez, didn’t you learn anything with x1′s reveal? god…

    #82 2 years ago
  83. Clupula

    Okay, get to the games, kids.

    #83 2 years ago
  84. Clupula

    The PS4 kinda reminds me of the old-school PS2 design, except shinier.

    #84 2 years ago
  85. YoungZer0

    Let’s hope they talked about TV just to get the information out there.

    #85 2 years ago
  86. viralshag

    @80, to be honest I don’t know how people can say “oh it’s soooo sexy” but knock the One. They look the same other than a few edges cut at an angle and a blue stripe.

    #86 2 years ago
  87. salarta

    Excellent, they got through that relatively quickly. That was at risk of becoming an XBox One reenactment.

    #87 2 years ago
  88. CaptPierce

    Seriously guys? They talked about movies for like 4 minutes tops. Way better than the hour long shitshow Microsoft had.

    #88 2 years ago
  89. ps3fanboy

    2min about tv and stuff.. then its back to games AGAIN… sony take gaming serious, this is no tvbox.

    #89 2 years ago
  90. absolutezero

    Jesus Christ Fuck this I’m listening to PiL over this. Someone prod me awake when the games turn up.

    #90 2 years ago
  91. GwynbleiddiuM

    Most boring show EVAAAAAAR!

    #91 2 years ago
  92. MadFingerz

    Vampires in 3…2..oh wait, it’s werewolves.

    #92 2 years ago
  93. YoungZer0

    But is it really?

    #93 2 years ago
  94. viralshag

    The Order looks interesting but I want to see some actual gameplay…

    #94 2 years ago
  95. themadjock

    Pussy’s will be pounded

    #95 2 years ago
  96. salarta

    @88: Forgive us, we have bad memories from XBox One.

    Anyway, The Order 1886 looks intriguing. Not quite “I’m dying to play it” territory, but still intriguing.

    #96 2 years ago
  97. YoungZer0

    Where do Helghans get all the money for developing their gear?

    #97 2 years ago
  98. viralshag

    KZ does look sexy.

    I hope they’re going to show more actual gameplay.

    #98 2 years ago
  99. MadFingerz

    Yup, a kitten will be punched.

    That KZ gun sounded so meh.

    Infamous is looking good.

    #99 2 years ago
  100. YoungZer0

    Damn, that inFamous trailer really got me excited.

    #100 2 years ago
  101. ps3fanboy

    all originality and exclusives games… this is amazing…sony deliver quality…

    #101 2 years ago
  102. CyberMarco

    @101 Please stop…

    #102 2 years ago
  103. Bill_E_Talent

    @102 +1

    #103 2 years ago
  104. viralshag

    @101, Killzone, GT, Infamous… Mind blowing originality.

    #104 2 years ago
  105. absolutezero

    aha ha ha ha oh God the Goblin aha ha ha can’t breathe

    Whats wrong with its face…. aaaaaaa

    #105 2 years ago
  106. viralshag

    Captain Picard is looking rough.

    That was cool.

    #106 2 years ago
  107. CyberMarco

    It’s hilarious! hahahaha

    #107 2 years ago
  108. YoungZer0

    @102: +2

    I think I missed the beginning. I’ve seen that old man before. Was it not David Cage who presented him, talking about emotion ‘n stuff?

    #108 2 years ago
  109. TrickyAudio

    Looks fit though. tbf

    #109 2 years ago
  110. absolutezero

    So slow. Sony please speed the fuck up. Its past 3 in the morning. I’m going to keel over soon.

    #110 2 years ago
  111. ps3fanboy

    that sorcery real time play was insane good looking! :D

    #111 2 years ago
  112. MadFingerz

    Dam Boyes…

    @108 Yes, it said by Quantic Dreams at the beggining.

    #112 2 years ago
  113. CaptPierce

    Haha I actually remember Greg Kasavin from the old Gamespot days. :P

    #113 2 years ago
  114. UnseenDX

    I am not impressed… Specially with the Xbox One Clone PS4 design.

    #114 2 years ago
  115. salarta

    Sony won, Transistor looks awesome.

    #115 2 years ago
  116. ps3fanboy

    aaaaaaaaaand more exclusive games, nearly over kill with goodies this sony show :D

    #116 2 years ago
  117. YoungZer0

    @112: Thanks.

    #117 2 years ago
  118. TrickyAudio

    Nice kick in the nuts to MS on the self publish side..

    #118 2 years ago
  119. CaptPierce

    Staaaaaahp. I love Sony too, but staahp.
    @118 +1

    #119 2 years ago
  120. viralshag

    I want to go to bed but I feel like I’m going to miss the good bits of this show… Right now this has been disappointing.

    #120 2 years ago
  121. TrickyAudio

    That was actually really well done

    #121 2 years ago
  122. Bill_E_Talent

    indie lovefest

    #122 2 years ago
  123. GwynbleiddiuM

    That was brilliant (Dark Sorcerer) =))

    #123 2 years ago
  124. CyberMarco

    oh my square… please!

    #124 2 years ago
  125. ps3fanboy

    sony put serious money on indie… i fear there will be no more indie games on the pc…. LOL.

    #125 2 years ago
  126. absolutezero

    Now that is the hysterical nonsense that I love.

    Versus looked fucking great. A huge mess of stupid Nomura bollocks but great none the less.

    #126 2 years ago
  127. CyberMarco

    damn you square enix, thanks a bunch!

    #127 2 years ago
  128. viralshag

    So is Vs actually FFXV?

    #128 2 years ago
  129. absolutezero


    #129 2 years ago
  130. ps3fanboy


    #130 2 years ago
  131. CyberMarco

    that’s it, Kingdom Hearts 3! yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!

    But on a side note, fuck you SE for pushing them on the PS4

    #131 2 years ago
  132. ps3fanboy


    #132 2 years ago
  133. YoungZer0

    Wow, the first Final Fantasy in years that I can actually care about. Nice one Square Enix.

    #133 2 years ago
  134. TrickyAudio

    Is Kingdom Hearts a big thing then? Literally never played it

    #134 2 years ago
  135. CyberMarco

    Man, Kingdom Hearts 3, I still can’t believe it! :P

    Well played Sony, well played.

    But still, I’ll have to wait so long… :’(

    #135 2 years ago
  136. salarta




    First of all, with how shitty Squeenix has been for the past decade, I sincerely did not think it would ever occur to them to just make Versus 13 into FF15. It seemed the perfect plan, but I never thought it would actually happen.

    Secondly… HOLY SHIT. It looks AMAZING. My fucking god, it looks like EVERYTHING Final Fantasy that’s been missing for ten years. It took ten years for it to finally happen. I’m seriously just floored. If it continues to be as awesome as it looks now, or better, then I don’t know if I’ll be able to stick to my conviction of not getting anything Squeenix until a proper Aya Brea game got made. I mean, I WANT to hold out, but FF15 looks like so much awesome that’s been long missing for the Final Fantasy franchise.

    #136 2 years ago
  137. themadjock

    Ass creed IV no thanks, 3 ruined it for me

    #137 2 years ago
  138. YoungZer0

    Did I catch that right? The new FF is still coming to the PS3?

    #138 2 years ago
  139. absolutezero

    Play the HD upgrade of at least the first game. The second is nonsense and muddies the waters far too much of what was a really simply nice series featuring the best of Disney smooshed into Final Fantasy characters.

    If you have no real interest in either companies then just give it a miss. Its a big deal to the people that played Kingdom Hearts. Its been a long time.

    #139 2 years ago
  140. CyberMarco

    @138 I think not! :(

    #140 2 years ago
  141. ps3fanboy

    Ass creed they actually show ingame on ps4.. on xbone they only showed cgi…..

    #141 2 years ago
  142. viralshag

    Is it my video feed that is choppy and freezing or the game?

    Oh it seems to be the game.

    Oh dear… I hope for Sony that was the games fault haha.

    #142 2 years ago
  143. absolutezero

    GG Ubi.

    You had one job.

    #143 2 years ago
  144. YoungZer0

    @142: Nope, seems to freeze whenever they switch back to showing the hall.

    Anyway, the gameplay looks heavily scripted.

    #144 2 years ago
  145. themadjock

    The game is in development, next gen bugs

    #145 2 years ago
  146. TrickyAudio

    Well that proves its all in game :D

    #146 2 years ago
  147. Bill_E_Talent

    UBI go HOME!

    #147 2 years ago
  148. DSB

    Leave it to Ubisoft to make your console look like a piece of junk :P

    @143 LOL

    #148 2 years ago
  149. absolutezero

    Can we have Squeenix back please? This guy is creepy as fuck.

    #149 2 years ago
  150. viralshag

    This is great, it’s like Ubi gets a second show. Imo, this is a waste of PS4 time.

    #150 2 years ago
  151. CyberMarco

    Watch_dogs looks decent…

    #151 2 years ago
  152. Brenna Hillier

    @134 it’s a big thing because they only produce a core entry at really long intervals. KH2 was on PS2. It’s been a while.

    #152 2 years ago
  153. ps3fanboy

    so far sony have destroyed microsofts xbone totally….

    #153 2 years ago
  154. TrickyAudio

    Watch Dogs looks the tits.

    #154 2 years ago
  155. woe

    ps3fanboy You do know KH3 isnt exclusive?

    #155 2 years ago
  156. G1GAHURTZ

    Well… That was embarrassing…

    #156 2 years ago
  157. viralshag

    @153, now you’re just lying to yourself… This has been rather disappointing. Nothing really new.

    I would take the compact game filled approach from MS than this long drawn out third party fest going on. All I want to know is a price which they’re holding until the end to keep people tuned in.

    #157 2 years ago
  158. DSB

    I like the non-lethal shooting.

    #158 2 years ago
  159. hitnrun

    Try casually pulling out a handheld device while being arrested at gunpoint in Chicago.

    Put me in your will.

    #159 2 years ago
  160. CyberMarco


    You wish!

    #160 2 years ago
  161. YoungZer0

    I liked that takedown. Just kicked him in the back and shot him in the head.

    #161 2 years ago
  162. absolutezero

    Yeah this is just a bit of a waste. eh. God I love it when console companies willy wave with multi-plat titles.

    At least I get to see what the game I’ll be buying for the PC look like.

    #162 2 years ago
  163. Bill_E_Talent

    @150 Completely agree with you. UBI GO HOME!

    #163 2 years ago
  164. UnseenDX

    Wow this conference is super boring and uninspired. Sony is done!

    #164 2 years ago
  165. DSB

    Lebron James went to Uncanny Valley U

    #165 2 years ago
  166. absolutezero


    #166 2 years ago
  167. TrickyAudio

    You’re a wizard, Sony

    #167 2 years ago
  168. ps3fanboy

    elder scrolls online on PS4, GAME OVER XBOTS!

    #168 2 years ago
  169. absolutezero

    They picked the perfect symbol for an MMO anyway.

    #169 2 years ago
  170. UnseenDX

    I think the PS4 has a built in Freezer….It can freeze really well

    #170 2 years ago
  171. YoungZer0

    Mad Max! :D

    #171 2 years ago
  172. viralshag

    @168, coming to PS4 first, I don’t think it’s exclusive. Nice try though.

    #172 2 years ago
  173. ps3fanboy

    MADMAX!!!!!!!!! ON PS4!!!!!!

    #173 2 years ago
  174. TrickyAudio

    Haha quality

    #174 2 years ago
  175. Clupula

    The beginning the conference started very slow, but FFXV and KH3 (which I don’t see anything that says it isn’t exclusive) more than made up for it.

    #175 2 years ago
  176. TrickyAudio

    I’m almost there. Give me the price…..

    #176 2 years ago
  177. G1GAHURTZ

    Lol! Trenton is wearing lipstick.

    #177 2 years ago
  178. absolutezero


    #178 2 years ago
  179. TrickyAudio

    OK. Im buying it

    #179 2 years ago
  180. CyberMarco

    Yeah, did I mention Kingdom Hearts 3 is coming to PS4.

    I’m so excited I lost my sleepiness!

    Man, no DRM, SUCK THIS! yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaah!


    #180 2 years ago
  181. ps3fanboy

    dead blow there!!!!!!!!! no restriction on used games!!!! good bye xbone!1

    #181 2 years ago
  182. absolutezero

    Thats been the biggest round of applause for the entire day.

    #182 2 years ago
  183. Bill_E_Talent


    #183 2 years ago
  184. MadFingerz

    Ouch…MS nuts must be hurting right now.

    #184 2 years ago
  185. CyberMarco



    Oh MAN!!!!!

    #185 2 years ago
  186. ps3fanboy


    #186 2 years ago
  187. CyberMarco

    SONY 10 out of fucking 10!

    #187 2 years ago
  188. DSB

    Sony wins.

    #188 2 years ago
  189. TrickyAudio

    Sony just won E3, dudes

    #189 2 years ago
  190. hitnrun

    Ahahahaha he’s holding those pauses waaayyyy too long.

    #190 2 years ago
  191. absolutezero

    ha ha ha Tretton is loving this shit.

    #191 2 years ago
  192. CaptPierce

    Call it boring, but it not overly flashy to me, tossing out random celebrity after random celeb or half assed jokes.. I like how dedicated it is to the PlayStation brand, from the PS3 to PS4. Been loving all their announcements so far. And they just dropped the goddamn megaton about used games and online play!

    Call it “boring” if you want, call me a damn fanboy, and I love but they truly know gamers. And that’s why I love this brand. That’s my word. :)

    #192 2 years ago
  193. CyberMarco

    Yo G1GANOOB and company, what do you have to say now?

    #193 2 years ago
  194. themadjock

    Luv u Sony, thanks for listening, now under £400 please

    #194 2 years ago
  195. silverstorm

    PS4 it is

    #195 2 years ago
  196. YoungZer0

    Incredible that you can so much applause for basically saying “We aren’t changing a thing.”

    #196 2 years ago
  197. NeutralBlade

    No restrictions!!! Sorry Xbone, I won’t ever be buying you unless you reverse all your bs. lol

    #197 2 years ago
  198. absolutezero

    I just want to pat his little head.

    #198 2 years ago
  199. ps3fanboy

    G1GANOOB, will have to kiss my butt now!! HAHAHAHA!

    #199 2 years ago
  200. CyberMarco

    I’m so excited I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep.

    Fuck me SONY, PS+ carries on PS4!!! :D :D :D

    #200 2 years ago
  201. salarta

    Sony just DESTROYED Microsoft this conference. Just up and down, every which way.

    #201 2 years ago
  202. themadjock

    Psn+ onto PS4…… Fantastic

    #202 2 years ago
  203. G1GAHURTZ

    Uh oh!

    #203 2 years ago
  204. absolutezero

    oh hooooooooooo Plus for online multi!!!

    #204 2 years ago
  205. GwynbleiddiuM

    Someone take away the Flamethrower from Tretton lol

    #205 2 years ago
  206. absolutezero

    Free PS4 games at launch? Preddy good.

    Outlast for free? oooooooooooooooo

    #206 2 years ago
  207. themadjock

    Driveclub for free,,, megaton

    #207 2 years ago
  208. G1GAHURTZ

    Gotta pay for PS4 online gaming.

    Not a problem for me, but how will the fanboys react?

    #208 2 years ago
  209. TrickyAudio

    PS4 multiplayer is now part of Plus…makes sense though

    #209 2 years ago
  210. CyberMarco

    Excuse my term, but SONY gangb***d Microsoft right there!!!

    #210 2 years ago
  211. hitnrun

    @175: There has never been a Big 3 presentation where they announced something *wasn’t* exclusive.

    The fact that they didn’t announce it means that they’ll be on the Xbone day-and-date.

    #211 2 years ago
  212. themadjock

    Not so boring now eh

    #212 2 years ago
  213. viralshag

    @193, like I have always said, for me it’s about the games which this show has sorely been lacking in and right now there’s no new reasons to make me want a PS4.

    MS has had a much stronger show this year than Sony, IMO. Now I just need to know the price.

    #213 2 years ago
  214. G1GAHURTZ

    Sweet. Been waiting for Destiny stuff…

    #214 2 years ago
  215. CyberMarco

    You xbox guys are so funny… :P

    #215 2 years ago
  216. themadjock

    It’s getting light in the UK

    #216 2 years ago
  217. absolutezero

    Whats the price Sony.

    I’m very tired. Its almost 4. I don’t care about Halo mrk 2.

    #217 2 years ago
  218. Clupula

    Sony cock-slapped Microsoft on the used games/online thing.

    #218 2 years ago
  219. DSB

    I’m no kind of Sony fanboy, I had both xboxes, but it seems to me like Sony began to wake up once their network got pwned by those suburban kids.

    The smart decisions keep coming. Now all they have to do is nail the price.

    #219 2 years ago
  220. viralshag

    Haha, awesome more game freezing… At least you can play used games and pay for MP!

    #220 2 years ago
  221. CyberMarco

    Also Kingdom Hearts 3!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Can’t believe it! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

    #221 2 years ago
  222. absolutezero

    Ok this looks pretty ace actually.

    Is the robo AI Kevin Spacey? It sounds like someone doing an impersonation of this :

    #222 2 years ago
  223. DSB

    Is that Peter Dinklage? Fucking awesome.

    #223 2 years ago
  224. CyberMarco

    Destiny reminds me a bit of Borderlands.

    The sun is making its way in the sky here btw.

    #224 2 years ago
  225. Clupula

    @211 – So, your proof is an assumption. Wonderful. You haven’t proved dick.

    #225 2 years ago
  226. viralshag

    So far they have made all gameplay demos boring as hell.

    #226 2 years ago
  227. absolutezero

    Its taken long enough for the seed planted long ago by Warhammer Online but its finally taken root.

    If thats procedural? Ace.

    #227 2 years ago
  228. CyberMarco

    So what’s the case with Destiny, is it an MMO? Does it need a sub?

    #228 2 years ago
  229. G1GAHURTZ

    Destiny (eventually) looks hype!

    Another game on the day one list for me!

    #229 2 years ago
  230. CyberMarco

    399$ suck it!

    #230 2 years ago
  231. NeutralBlade

    $400?! It’s over Xbone!!!!

    I better shush. I’m starting to sound like a fanboy. But you can’t blame me for being happy about the latest announcements. lol

    #231 2 years ago
  232. G1GAHURTZ


    #232 2 years ago
  233. CyberMarco

    Oh maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!

    I’m seriously considering day 1 now!

    #233 2 years ago
  234. themadjock


    #234 2 years ago
  235. DSB

    399 dollars. Game over.

    399 euros though? Fuck off.

    #235 2 years ago
  236. absolutezero


    Continue grasping viral.

    #236 2 years ago
  237. MadFingerz


    #237 2 years ago
  238. CaptPierce

    $400 bucks? That’s it, take my money. Take my car. My wife while you’re at it.

    #238 2 years ago
  239. CyberMarco

    gangbang baby, no seriously… poor xbots!

    #239 2 years ago
  240. viralshag

    @236, please stop acting like a fanboy. Everyone was thinking this was a poor show until the last 30 mins or so.

    Price is great though, still need to see more from their games.

    #240 2 years ago
  241. G1GAHURTZ


    Can’t see Sony losing this gen as things stand.

    They definitely won E3, that’s for sure.

    Not on the games front, but MS is in trouble in more ways than one.

    #241 2 years ago
  242. DSB

    Microsoft have made a console aimed at publishers, Sony have made a console aimed at customers.

    #242 2 years ago
  243. absolutezero

    Im going to pull myself towards my bed now.

    Fucking E3.

    #243 2 years ago
  244. manamana

    @242 wise words, DSB.

    #244 2 years ago
  245. YoungZer0

    How come europeans have to pay more?

    #245 2 years ago
  246. CyberMarco

    All aboard the SONY train folks!

    #246 2 years ago
  247. MadFingerz

    399 is a great price point, even in euros. I paid 599 for my fatty PS3…

    Anyway, wished we had seen more, namely Deep Down and whatever ND is working on for PS4. But there’s still GDC and TGS this year.

    #247 2 years ago
  248. SplatteredHouse

    and, exhale! :D

    #248 2 years ago
  249. manamana

    Will subscribe to Plus ASAP :-D

    #249 2 years ago
  250. Armitage Shanks

    But wont publishers still have a system in place that if you buy one of their games pre owned you will have to pay an unlock fee to play it? I thought that was what Microsoft were saying since the backlash,assume publishers will do the same on PS4,Sony can just throw their hands up and say it’s not their decision at the end of the day,great show though,some awesome looking games right there.

    #250 2 years ago
  251. CyberMarco

    #251 2 years ago
  252. HauntaVirus

    wow, they rocked it!

    #252 2 years ago
  253. NeutralBlade

    @250 Sony made their official statement, on the biggest stage of them all. It’s unlikely they will go back on it, or allow publishers to setup a similar pay wall as “featured” on the Xbone.

    #253 2 years ago
  254. Joe Musashi

    Sony be trollin’


    #254 2 years ago
  255. stretch215

    Ps4 first it is then. Great show! Edit: what am I talking about? There are months until launch. But I’m heavily leaning ps4 at launch.

    #255 2 years ago
  256. daytripper

    @254 Brilliant :)

    Gotta say they finally had the balls to step up with this system. It was dour at times but I think they have nailed it overall

    #256 2 years ago
  257. Kabby

    Tretton’s trolling was pretty good.

    #257 2 years ago
  258. salarta

    @250: There’s a difference between a console that has systems built into it that could be used as DRM (XBox One), and a console that leaves it to the publishers to burn up their own money, time, resources and consumer good will to institute such policies (Sony).

    #258 2 years ago
  259. CyberMarco

    @254 Nice find, hahahaha!

    #259 2 years ago
  260. machy

    i gve them 10/10 .. per-order = check

    #260 2 years ago
  261. SplatteredHouse

    @254: Outstanding technique on display there in the demonstration, for what some still consider to be an arduous, complex, and even testing maneuver.

    #261 2 years ago
  262. OlderGamer

    Really nailed it, they did. Won Sony has.

    #262 2 years ago
  263. GwynbleiddiuM

    So many good things from Sony’s conf, although it was pretty boring in the beginning. $399 is great price and being a great consumer friendly device on top of that.

    PS Plus sub for MP is the only thing I can take an issue with, But all in all I’m not disappointed over it.

    #263 2 years ago
  264. manamana

    They injected the hottest Mojo into us gamerhearts! Fanboy or not, this is a great time for us all!

    #264 2 years ago
  265. hypeb147

    Sony listened to the fans and they will reap the benefits come the holiday season. I’m definitely buying a ps4.

    #265 2 years ago
  266. Joe_Gamer

    Sony just kicked M$ right in the dick, a joy that the rest of us can only dream about.

    Pre-order confirmed

    #266 2 years ago
  267. Cobra951

    Excellent, excellent news. This is exactly what I was hoping for. Things have never been this black and white in this industry before. I may just have to buy a PS4 at launch or soon after. Voting with my dollars has never felt more important on the gaming front than now.

    #267 2 years ago
  268. Puggy

    I still can’t believe Microsoft dropped the ball on it so badly… I mean wasn’t it obvious, that this is the way to go if you want to please the crowd and thus make them buy your product?

    Telling them they always have to be online, after all the bad feedback all games got, that had this feature… I can’t see why anyone would think it is a great idea for a console to use the same system.

    Well, maybe some people at Microsoft just recently bought a big stock of Sony shares and want to make some money. ;P
    At least that would be a reason I could understand…

    #268 2 years ago
  269. Ireland Michael

    @268 Because Microsoft still thinks it can brute force change on people without any thought for actually fostering good will and communication with customers.


    See: Windows 8.

    #269 2 years ago
  270. CyberMarco

    Probably the new Xbone will burn in aids-fire or something!


    *Courtesy of ps3fanboy.

    #270 2 years ago
  271. Beta

    OMFG! Between this and KH3 I want one now! ;D

    #271 2 years ago
  272. mistermogul

    Well done Sony I am now your customer, not Microsofts. Woot!

    #272 2 years ago
  273. orakaa

    I can’t believe how easy Microsoft made it for Sony.
    After all the shitty announces, restrictions and bad press, Sony JUST had to come and say “we won’t do that, everything remains the same” to win the game.

    And they did. Most of their highlights were stating things that are ALREADY in place on current gen (no blocked games, etc.).
    The only exception is multiplayer, for which you have to subscribe to PS Plus now. That sucks, but honestly, I don’t play multiplayer, so I will probably not bother subscribing, and compared to all restrictions for Xbox One, this is a no-brainer.

    I’m laughing at the fanboys who were RAGING, saying that “Sony will do the same, blab la bla”. Oh how butthurt they must be, right Gigahurt? (sorry but after all your comments over those last months, I couldn’t resist) :D

    #273 2 years ago
  274. polygem

    great show. thing is still on preorder.

    #274 2 years ago
  275. silkvg247

    I will get a ps4 and might even sub to ps plus, since you get a lot of freebies and discounts and it’s what, 5 quid.

    I wonder at what point MS will do a U turn on their ridiculous restrictions to desperately try to survive..

    #275 2 years ago
  276. polygem

    the thing about ps+ is that if you have a ps3, vita and a ps4 it will be so much free content you might drown in your freebie backlog :)

    #276 2 years ago
  277. CyberMarco


    Tell me about. I’m giving up on my trophy hunting just to be able to play at least once most of the games offered with PS+.

    Let alone the huge backlog that I have on Steam. The sales and indie bundles don’t help either…

    #277 2 years ago
  278. laughing-gravy

    I’ve never, ever said this on a gaming forum before but FUCK YEAH! It has rekindled my faith in big business. Coming from a cynical old fart like me that’s saying something. Much better looking games, no restrictions and £80 pounds cheaper than X1 it’s a no brainer.

    #278 2 years ago
  279. Hcw87

    Just curious, what was better looking? I saw nothing impressive graphical wise, except The Division from Ubisoft’s conference.

    #279 2 years ago
  280. Edo

    @254 Best video game commercial of all time.

    #280 2 years ago
  281. Irani

    oh man Sony is Shiiiit :)

    #281 2 years ago
  282. Hcw87

    You’re as bad as ps3fanboy.

    #282 2 years ago
  283. laughing-gravy

    @279 What was better looking, are you serious?! Pretty much everything was. And that Dark sorcerer demo blew anything MSoft showed out of the water. Are you honestly saying that it didn’t look better than the crap that MSoft showed, you need glasses. The new KZSF footage was way better than Titanfall with it’s low res, flat textures. Stop living in denial.

    #283 2 years ago
  284. Hcw87

    The Dark Sorcerer stuff was a tech demo from Quantic Dream. Not a game.

    Killzone didn’t look better than Destiny/Titanfall, and as a shooter overall, Killzone is just bad.

    Why no real gameplay-footage of Driveclub? Infamous?

    #284 2 years ago
  285. laughing-gravy

    @284 You’re being an idiot. The demos on Drive club and Infamous were all in engine footage so yes they will look like that in game. Check out the screen shots. Killzone did look better than Titanfall With it’s basic textures, poor animation and lighting. The Dark sorcerer footage was also game engine footage. Get you’re head out of the sand.

    #285 2 years ago
  286. Hcw87

    And you’re a puny fanboy. Enough said.

    #286 2 years ago
  287. TheBlackHole


    Dude, the PS4 footage looked nice, but seriously, you’re making trolls look bad with that kind of nonsensical fanboyism.

    Game footage looked pretty comparable on both systems, no doubt.

    #287 2 years ago
  288. laughing-gravy

    Oh I’m not puny, trust me on that. I can only say what I see in front of my eyes and Sony had a much better E3 than MSoft. No restrictions on games and £80 cheaper than X1 make it an obvious choice over MSofts anti consumer bull shit.

    #288 2 years ago
  289. laughing-gravy

    @ 287 Compare screen shots between the two systems, PS4 looks much better. Sheesh Msoft fanboys are the most deluded bunch of halfwits I’ve ever come across.

    #289 2 years ago
  290. GwynbleiddiuM

    @282 No, no, no no no no no no, NO! He’s the Microsoft approved version of backup, with much poorer language skills. Comparing him to ps3fanboy is actually an insult to ps3fanboy because let’s face it Irani and backup are way much more worse!

    #290 2 years ago
  291. ps3fanboy

    xbox one go home… ps4 won!


    #291 2 years ago
  292. squijee

    PS4 wasn’t that impressive but Xbox one was a complete failure that’s why Sony won E3. Sony is doing what most gamers want them to do. It listened to its fans and that’s why it will win next gen.

    #292 2 years ago
  293. CaptPierce

    “What’s beef? Not having to shut down your game when you go to sleep.
    Beef is when Sony makes their console cheap.
    When the PS Eye can’t see you.
    Used games, you can try them too!”

    - The Notorious B.I.G., to some extent anyway.

    #293 2 years ago

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  • Bungie “always” looking at Exotic changes for Destiny updates

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  • Stealth Inc. 2 coming to PSN, apparently

    Stealth Inc. 2: A Game of Clones will soon be available on PlayStation platforms, if a trophy list is to be believed. Stealth Inc. 2 initially launched as a Wii U exclusive, disappointing fans of Curve Studios’ tough action game. We’ve heard nothing to contradict this, but Exophase, a generally reliable source, has dug up […]

  • Runescape developer has an “undisclosed MMO” in the works

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  • Destiny PvP rewards system to be addressed

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  • HTC, Valve partner for Vive VR headset

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  • If you’re attending PAX East, stop and have a look at Necropolis

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