Gran Turismo 6 page found on official site

Wednesday, 15th May 2013 03:44 GMT By Brenna Hillier

Just in case somebody, somewhere was not yet aware that Gran Turismo 6 is a thing, Sony’s added a product page for the unannounced but inevitable sequel.

The currently blank product page tells us absolutely nothing about the game, but does seem to confirm its existence.

Gran Turismo 6 is one of the most poorly guarded secrets in Sony’s history. We’ve been hearing promises of an update on the racer since August last year, and we’re expecting it to be announced at a 15th anniversary event in the UK on May 15, which is bare hours away now.

So it’s definitely real, but some questions remain – are we expecting it on PlayStation 3, or PlayStation 4? And could it turn up as early as this year, as suggested by one executive?

If so, it’ll have beaten its younger sibling in terms of development time; Gran Turismo 5 spent five years in the works before releasing in 2010, with Gran Turismo 6 going into production immediately afterwards. The project went silent, but “of course” Polyphony was working on it.

Although the general PR tactic is to not talk about unannounced games, Polyphony staff and leader Kazunori Yamauchi are quite chatty on the subject, and have even been spotted in the wild, shooting the breeze with fans.

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  1. tmac2011

    it’ll be on ps4, for sure why not have a big title like that releasing on the next gen. would be more sales

    #1 2 years ago
  2. KAP

    Your comment only tells me one thing, you haven’t a clue how the game industry work…

    It’ll be more profitable and make more sense on the PS3 then the next generation system buddy.

    It took 7 long years for PS3 to sell 78 million worldwide. Even if GT6 sold to a fraction of those numbers, it’ll be extremely profitable.

    PS4 version no matter how pretty it looks would not technically make much of a business sense.
    Unless they keep quiet a PS4 version a little later for a double dip senario.

    #2 2 years ago
  3. monkeygourmet


    And this may be where the 720 has an advantage over PS4 if it comes out with Backwards Compatibility out of the box.

    Being able to get a few next gen games then things like Last of Us and GT6, GTA 5 on the system without having to leave your PS3 / 360 plugged in would be a nice option.

    Also, what if you get heavily invested in something like Dust 514, COD on PS3… But you still want a PS4? You are going to have to leave your old machine plugged in…

    It’s not a deal breaker but it’s always nice to mop up a few games you missed last gen when you start the next…

    #3 2 years ago
  4. KAP

    This is where the GaiKai streaming service for PS4 comes into its own.
    As PS3 is built using the cell processor and PS4 a different beast entirely (PC based components), having PS4 versions of, lets say Last Of Us would be practically impossible to do as its two completely different architectures.

    It’s like saying “why can’t I port a PS3 exclusive title on to the 360, they both run in electricity right?”

    I’m not sure if you’ve watched the PS4 presentation bud but they’ll run the streaming service in phases so eventually every PS1, PS2, PSP, PSV and PS3 game will be playable via the PS4 in soon.

    Now THAT, would truly be a game changer. And all the milked CODs and Halos in the world would not help MS.

    #4 2 years ago
  5. dizzygear

    @4 Or they could have shoved a cell CPU in the PS4 for b/c to get around that problem.
    But of course that way they cant charge you gaikai or 1080p rereleases.

    #5 2 years ago
  6. raftos

    @5 They would charge you anyway. Putting the Cell CPU in the PS4 would only make the costs higher, and the consumers would have to pay a higher price because of it. If i already have a PS3 or 360, why should I pay more for a console that will run the same games?

    #6 2 years ago

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